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Videos for Affiliate Marketing: How to Use Them

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November 19, 2022

video for affiliate marketing


Video content has, time and again, proven successful for marketing material. Video content has taken place recently and has effectively increased engagement. Companies today are investing more and more in content marketing; most of this content is video driven.

The attention span of an average customer is low today; therefore, it becomes imperative to ensure that you are driving your user’s attention to your brand- catchy video content is the key to this. It helps engage with the target audience, increase viewership, and helps in catering to customers with more value.

Because of the advent of social media and YouTube, the audience wants to read only a short page of text- they are more likely to consume morsels of information from videos and reels. Video content is a great way for information and product details.

This is also true for affiliate marketing. Video content is the most optimal option out there for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when a company compensates the marketers who drive leads to their business and product. Affiliate marketers use video content on their social media platforms to drive engagement. These affiliate marketers make creative videos and constantly try to drive more engagement and viewership from their follower base leading their followers to the website of the product they are marketing.

The modern-day concept of affiliate marketing constantly revolves around visual content. These marketers have a talent for creating trending reels and video editing skills. They use some online video editor tools to make these videos in line with the social media status of trends.

This comprehensive guide talks about using video content effectively for affiliate marketing. Let's check these ways out in detail-

Ways to Use Video Content for Affiliate Marketing

video for affiliate marketing


Listed below are some of the most used and proven effective ways of using video content for affiliate marketing. Let us jump in to know more.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube has a viewership of over 1 billion people in a month. This makes it a no-brainer choice for developing and promoting your content on this platform. It is the most searched search engine after Google. It provides a huge array of audience pools, and if you use it innovatively, then affiliate marketing with YouTube can become highly profitable for your business.

Affiliate marketing with YouTube involves creating, editing, and uploading brand videos on YouTube. You can link the affiliate platform in the description of your YouTube video for your viewers to see. You can link your blog in the YouTube description video as well.

Here are some things you need to consider for making a well-planned strategy for your YouTube affiliate marketing.

  • Types of Marketing Videos

You can create and upload a wide range of marketing videos on your YouTube channel. These marketing videos include product description videos, unboxing videos, user guides, tutorials, etc. Depending upon what suits your brand and content, you should make this informed choice. You need to make sure that the tone you choose for making these videos should be in line with the brand you are supporting.

If your YouTube channel is aimed at providing unbiased reviews of the product, then make the tone neutral and provide your honest opinion. 

  • Delivering Maximum Outputs

Once you have determined which marketing video is suitable for your brand, plan a strategy aiming to deliver maximum impact. For this, your content should be particular and aimed at being useful for the audience. The more utility your content poses, the more impactful it will be.

Your prime focus should be on delivering maximum output for your audience. This will, in turn, create a base of loyal viewers who will keep coming back to your YouTube channel to gain more insights into the products, brands, and services you endorse.

Make vlogs, review videos, and edit them with an easy video editor for starters. Remember that your unbiased and pure opinion will deliver the maximum impact for your audience.

  • Sticking To Your Niche

One of the best ways to establish credibility and authority is by clearly defining the niche. This will be helpful to you to target the right audience and will be useful for your audience to find the correct and accurate resources in the industry.

Consumers looking for a specific topic will come to your channel, which will help create an authoritative source for your channel. You will be deemed an industry expert, and the links you provide will be considered authoritative in nature.

  • The Science of Keyword Search

One of the more essential aspects of drawing your target audience to your channel is the smart use of keywords- these keywords will help you to drive organic traffic to your videos. Research your niche well and then use the right tactics for keywords. This will provide your result at the top or higher on the search engine result page. Once your video has a higher YouTube ranking, it will help you pour organic traffic in bulk.

  • Adding Affiliate Links

Once your video is created and edited, you will need to upload it to your YouTube channel. While doing so, make sure to add the affiliate links to your YouTube video description. One of the strategic points is to include the link to your video. Another place to add these links strategically is to the community tab.

This spot will also be useful to redirect your audience to the website or blog you are targeting in the video. Most importantly, be open about your affiliate links with your audience, enhancing their trust in you.

  • Promoting your Videos

Promoting these videos will not stop on YouTube. You will need to promote your video on different social media channels, blog posts, emails, newsletters, groups, and communities to make sure you can gain traction. Bring out the best use of these sources to gain maximum viewership from a relevant audience. Here are some of the most commonly used media channels for promoting your videos.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Therefore, Instagram has a wide audience and is at par with the video content on YouTube. This channel ensures the prominence of video content and is suitable for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

The way to approach video content for Instagram differs from the video giant YouTube. Instagram gains maximum viewership from reels which are Instagram’s short video feature. You can upload short content on Instagram in video format, but if it is in sync with the trends and is relevant to your brand, you will undoubtedly gain viewership and engagement.

You can leverage Instagram reels and IGTV features to ensure your affiliate marketing is noticed. Here are some things you can look over for a successful Instagram marketing strategy.

  • Adding Created Videos on Your Instagram Channel

Instagram is one of the best platforms to upload video content. You can add the videos created for YouTube channels and make them more Instagram-friendly. Try cutting the length and using an online video editor for bringing relevance to your video editing skills. Take care of these few things to ensure growth and potential for your affiliate websites and blogs.

  • Promoting the Product

Instagram poses many features that you can use to promote a product for affiliate websites and blogs. You can post a contest, host a giveaway, use the Instagram reels and IGTV feature, or even image content to promote your product. You need to ensure engagement by providing honest opinions about the brand and staying relevant to the trends that Instagram audiences like to witness.

  • Adding a Link for the Affiliated Product

Finally, the most important thing is to add the link for all the affiliated products in your bio. Any product you market with a reel, contest, image, or other feature should have a link in the bio. This link should take you back to the website or the blog you are reviewing for your audience. This will ensure the honesty and authority of your content in your audience.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

amazon affiliate marketing


Amazon has started affiliate marketing with its program, which motivated the affiliate marketers to use some of their products and provide reviews for the same. This, however, requires that you follow specific prerequisites. 

  • Use Amazon Videos for Your Affiliate Marketing

Ideally, you cannot use videos uploaded by amazon for their product reviews. But if you are signed up for Amazon Associates Program, you will have the right to use their official product images and videos.

So, if your brand enhancement requires using Amazon video content, sign up for the program, get approved for it, and make the best use of it.

  • Product Utility Videos on Various Channels

With Amazon, it is also necessary that your product utility videos are showcased not only on amazon but also on other social media channels. Using various modes of telecasting the product utility videos will ensure that it reaches a larger audience base that will reach the website and blogs.

  • Adding Affiliate Links to Your Media Channels

The most important thing to notice is adding these affiliate links to your media channels. You will need to curate the content according to different media channels and add links separately to each media channel you use to put out your product or review video.

This will ensure that every person interested in the product uses your affiliate link to make the buy, bringing you your commission.


video for affiliate marketing


Listed above are some ways you can use video content in various ways and on various platforms for affiliate marketing. Video marketing is currently trending and the need of the moment and will gain you effective viewership and traction. Make sure you curate content that suits each media channel and is independent of each other.

Try increasing the utility of the videos for your audience by providing them with your utmost honest review as they consider it when they are looking to buy a product. Finally, hone your video editing skills with an online video editor and ensure a modern video that touches the pulse of the target audience. Make sure you research properly to determine how you should go about making a solid affiliate marketing strategy for your business using video content. It will help you develop an authentic connection with your audience, which will eventually contribute to improving the overall conversion rates in the long run.

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