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Your Freedom Mentor is a Scam! Lots of Red Flags!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 13, 2018

is your freedom mentor a scam

is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam? Yes it is!

I highly recommend you to read this full review to learn how this scam works (so you never fall for scams again!)

You will also discover legit ways to earn revenue online!

Without any further ado let's get started!

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What is Your Freedom Mentor?

Your Freedom Mentor is a new get rich quick scheme that says you will start making money with their "ready made for your website" that is already generating traffic and sales.

This product is presented by a lady named Meaghan Harper

This lady is not even a real person, the real owner of Your Freedom Mentor is hidden.

Scammers hide their identities as they use fake names and stock photos instead so they don't dirty up their names and also to avoid any legal actions.

Meaghan Harper photo that you see on the Your Freedom Mentor site is just a fake stock photo.

meaghan Harper your freedom mentor owner

How Your Freedom Mentor Scam Works

The bad news is Your Freedom Mentor is not going to make you a cent.

On their site they say that nobody makes money using their system, I'm going to show where they say that later in this review.

Your Freedom Mentor is a scam get rich quick scheme which is exactly the same as some old scams I have exposed on my site like:

If you click and read some of the above reviews, you will see how these make money online scams work and hopefully when you see a similar one in the future you will avoid it.

I have even written a post on How to Avoid Online Scams.

Your Freedom Mentor operates exactly like the scams I review all the time on my blog.

Here's how Your Freedom Mentor Scam Works in a few words:

  • They sell you an incomplete Weak training for a small fee.
  • They make sure they get your email address.
  • They start sending you more upsells to buy in order to make more money.
  • They keep making money off you until you know they are just making you buy some random make money products that don't work.

 Your Freedom Mentor - The Costs

Scam artists and scammers know how to play with your mind and make you hear what you like.

They know how to use the exact words to touch you emotionally and sell you whatever they want.

Scammers unfortunately make millions of dollars online by just lying and stealing innocent people's hard earned cash!

That's the sad truth, but you're smart since you're doing your research instead of blindly falling for Your Freedom Mentor scam.

This scam is going to be extremely expensive because they are not selling you just one product, but they want to make you believe that you need to buy more and more products in order to really make money.

People lose tons and tons of scams because of scammers similar to Your Freedom Mentor.

I recommend to not give your email address and your credit card to this bogus site, it's only going to give you problems!

 Your Freedom Mentor is a Scam! Here's the Proof!

I did not call out Your Freedom a Scam just for the sake of it.

Here are the reasons why this is a definitive scam:

  • Your Freedom Mentor is a Renamed old scam
  • Their Testimonials have been Paid!
  • No One Makes Money at Your Freedom Mentor
  • Even the Owner is Fake

 Your Freedom Mentor is a Renamed Scam

When I was watching the Your Freedom Mentor video I was wondering inside my head where I watched this video.

I knew I watched that video before and after a few seconds I remember that I wrote a review about a scam named 7 Figure Profit Code.

If you read that review you will be surprised to see the same website and same people that are in Your Freedom Mentor.

7 Figure Profit Code was a bad scam that made people lose lots of money but eventually this scam got exposed.

Unfortunately it's back again with a new name which is Your Freedom Mentor.

Their Testimonials Have been Paid!

Your Freedom Mentor video starts with some testimonials claiming that they made quite a lot of money thanks to this system.

However, it's all BS, those people praising Your Freedom Mentor have been paid to do so.

That's nothing new to me because I have exposed endless of scams that pay people to do fake testimonial videos for them.

There is a website called Fiverr.com where scammers go shopping for scam fake testimonial actors.

With that said, here is the proof that Your Freedom Mentor Testimonials are fake paid actors!

this is a your freedom mentors testimonials
paid actor on fiverr

SOURCE: https://www.fiverr.com/tamerak

$4000 per week
your freedom mentor fake fiverr actor

No One Makes Money at Your Freedom Mentor!

All you have to do is go to yourfreedommentor.com website.

Scroll right to the bottom of the page.

You should find this paragraph.

your freedom mentor disclaimer

They literally say that they typical purchaser does not make any money!

Even the Owner is Fake!

As I said earlier in this review, even the owner of Your Freedom Mentor is fake.

I personally would never buy a product where you can't even see the owner moving.

Your Freedom Mentor is fake and chances are after it scams enough people it will disappear and probably comeback with another name!

Regardless how many times this scam gets exposed you willl never know who is the real owner because it's hidden.

The Right Way to Start a Money Making Site!

Some reality check here

No one can give you a website that is already making money that's not real.

The obvious truth is you need to do the work upront in order to collect the cash.

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Any Comments or Thoughts on Your Freedom Mentor? Drop Your Comments Below!

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