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12 Day Millionaire Review – SCAM Warning!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 16, 2018

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12 day Millionaire VSL12 Day Millionaire Review

12 Day Millionaire is a program that everyone is talking about

This program promises to make you rich within a few days

People are very excited about that, but at the same time they are pretty skeptical about investing their money in this program

That’s why today I decided to put together an honest 12 Day Millionaire review

This review is going to help you decide if this training is going to actually help you make your dream happen or it’s just empty talks.

What Is 12 Day Millionaire?

Name: 12 Day Millionaire

Website: 12daymillionaire.com

Price: $37 or $27 plus upsells

Owner: Josh (stage name)

12 Day Millionaire is a program that claims you are going to be a millionaire within a short period of time.

But honestly, this is nothing but a dangerous scam that is going to steal all your hard earned money.

12 Day Millionaire comes with huge red flags that I am going to shed some light on in this review.

Keep reading this honest review to learn about the 12 Day Millionaire red flags!

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12 Day Millionaire – What You’re Buying

If you buy the 12 Day Millionaire products, you will be buying into lots of headaches and confusion basically.

You will have to spend a little cost which is $37 or $27 if you grab the discount, trust me that’s just a price to get you through the door.

Consider it like a teaser of the training!

Regarding the training, it’s just some general information about how to earn money online

which won’t earn you even a cent let alone becoming a millionaire in 12 days.

12 Day Millionaire is Trying to Become a Millionaire Off You!

The thing is 12 Day Millionaire is just trying to sell a bunch of products and training tools relating to the work from home niche.

This program was basically created to make newbies invest their money in tools that won’t make them money.

Imagine thousands of newbies spending money and the owners of the 12 Day Millionaire collecting all that cash.

Guess who is going to become a millionaire? Yes, the people behind 12 Day Millionaire.

Because they don’t offer you a Solid Work from Home Training but just a bunch of expensive products so they earn easy commissions from you!

Is 12 Day Millionaire a Scam?

I am 400% sure that the 12 Day Millionaire is a scam

This is just a rehashed scam from different other scams like

The thing is it does not make sense to become a millionaire in 12 days

The 12 Days Millionaire says that you will become a millionaire after paying $37 which is a joke.

To prove that this is a scam here are some HUGE 12 Day Millionaire red flags

my #1 recommendation

12 Day Millionaire Red Flags

Yes, it’s obvious that when you see other people talking good about the program you want to buy,

you become more excited and ready to buy it hoping you become another success story

The Fake Testimonials

But the thing is those people you saw talking good about the 12 Day Millionaire are fake testimonials

fake fiverr testimonial

This is a scam actor, trust me, it’s one of the most popular fake actors I have ever seen

I see his face literally in every scam I review

I know a scam called the Easy Marketers Club and another one called Earn 3k Today if you click on those reviews you will see this scammer face again.

If you visit Fiverr you will find his testimonials gigs that he sells to scammers like the 12 Days Millionaire

Here’s a screenshot of one of his Fiverr gigs

A Fiverr testimonial gig

Who is Behind the 12 Day Millionaire?

So the person voicing the sales video calls himself Josh

But other than the voice can you see Josh face?

Then how can you believe what Josh promises?

Well, I am pretty sure the person voicing the 12 day Millionaire is a fake actor hired from Fiverr as well.

So Many Upsells!

The $37 or the $27 that you spend when joining 12 Day Millionaire is not a big deal

But that’s not their goal

Their goal is to offer you more and more products to buy so they guarantee a fat paycheck for them

I know not everyone will be fooled by their scam, but there are newbies that will probably fall for this.

so be very careful, this can cost some serious amount of money if you do what they ask from you!

The Work is Done for You

Another nasty lie in the 12 Day Millionaire sales video

The person in the video said that all you have to do is log in to your 12 Day Millionaire account and count how much money you are generating

That’s a really a nasty lie and you can prove them wrong by simply clicking on their earning disclaimer found at the bottom of their website.

12 Day Millionaire Cashflow Websites?

The 12 Day Millionaire video talks a lot about some pre-made cash flow websites.

These websites are making you money while you’re watching the video

How ridiculous is that?

Can anyone explain to me how can a website generate money in a few minutes?

You can definitely make money with a website but it’s impossible to start earning money in a few minutes or few days.

A website requires patience, lots of dedication and hard work in order to pay off.

The 12 Day Millionaire claims are just unbelievable

The sites that Josh talks about cannot even be found, let’s pretend they exist

There are many people interested in the 12 Day Millionaire

How can you offer them money making websites?

Of course, the copied websites won’t work as Google punishes them!

Also, there is no talk about how you can pull traffic to your site or how you will make money

It’s all sweet talk and promises and at the end of the day, nothing is actually delivered.

Pros & Cons
  • There is NOTHING good about this program
  • Fake testimonies
  • Full of lies and big income claims
  • The owners are unknown and don’t make face as real people
  • It’s expensive
  • Full of hidden costs
  • Fake earning screenshots
  • 12 Day Millionaire is a scam

 12 Day Millionaire – Final Words

There is absolutely no reason to give the 12 Day Millionaire a try

Everything screams scam scam scam!!

From the sales page, the fake testimonials, the empty promises

There is nothing good and nothing beneficial about this system.

The millionaire cashflow websites are just a joke and something that has nothing to do with the reality

You are free to buy any program you want, but don’t tell me I did not warn you against the 12 Day Millionaire!

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  • I’ve never heard of this scam but I thank you for revealing what is behind this. It saves time in trying to consider it offered in future.
    The most annoying thing about these offers is the bait of low fees and further costs when one has taken the bait.
    The title of the scam is also a flag, becoming a millionaire in 12 days, how ridiculous.
    Thanks for a thorough review, keep it up.

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