Is $500 Cash Club a Scam? Honest Review

500 Cash website

$500 Cash Club says you will start earning immediately but the question is, is it a scam or legit? Can You Really Trust it? Read this review before you buy.

What is $500 Cash Club Exactly?

I’m going to get straight to the point here, $500 Cash Club is your typical get rich quick scheme that guarantees you $500 if you watch the whole video presentation which is full of hype.

500 Cash Club

We have seen this scam before in another program called the 21 Step Millionaire Coach which is very similar to $500 Cash Club in terms of hype and fake claims.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice is the fact these newest scams are complaining about the scams out there just to fool you into thinking they are the real deal.

$500 Cash Club has the same design of Facebook Bonanza and Home Cash Codewhich are some link posting scams, however, $500 Cash Club is essentially a sale funnel to a Company Called MOBE.

What is MOBE?

MOBE is an Online Business opportunity where you can make money by promoting high ticket products, it also comes with training, support and more.

I don’t think MOBE is a scam (although some do call it a scam) since a lot of affiliate marketers are making quite a lot of money with MOBE because they have a lot of experience under their belts.

If you are a newbie you want to COMPLETELY stay away from MOBE, because it’s simply not for newbies that want to make their first buck online

Secondly, as I said before it’s a high ticket program meaning if you want to make the most commissions you have to spend $30,000 on their highest membership.

You have to buy the products that you want to promote and they cost a lot of money.

In a few words, if you are an experienced internet marketer and you a have a large email list, MOBE is for you and you will definitely make tons of money.

If you are a newbie, it’s not for you and don’t be fooled by $500 Cash Club they just want you to buy it so they earn their big commissions.

That’s a mistake, unfortunately, some people have made and learned this the hard way.

A person complaining about Mobe

I must say MOBE does offer a lot of educational value but a lot of their affiliates are shady and very unethical at promoting the program.

Is $500 Cash Club a Scam?

$500 Cash Club is a complete scam because they don’t live up to their promises, all of their claims are BS plus you will have to pay $97 to get introduced to MOBE where you have to spend tons of money.

There are definitely other scam signs that I’m going to break down below.

1) The News Video

Work from Home News videos are overused by scammers, I honestly don’t know why would they use them since they don’t even pronounce the name of their bogus programs.

The news video is seen on other scams like Cash from Home and the Daily Web Biz

2) Fake Facebook Comments

You have probably noticed that the comments are fake, when you click on them you are told to watch the video.

I have seen the same comments in many other scams

They just want to fool you into thinking that people are enjoying this $500 Cash scam.

3) Fake Endorsements & Scarcity

Never believe sites that say they have been featured in Forbes or CNN until you Google that ( website name + CNN or Forbes) also don’t believe the limited positions thing they just want to rush you to spend $97.

I can go and talk about every single scam sign of $500 Cash Club, you know that’s enough.

Final Thoughts & Recommendation

$500 Cash Club is a scam that is essentially hyping things up and promising the world, the $500 money back guarantee is complete BS because we all know that if you get to the point of asking for that guarantee you would have spent tons of money, that’s also the case with 21 Step Millionaire Coach.

My sincere advice to you never believe in these shiny objects and never spend money on something you have no idea about.

If you are a newbie  then check out

My #1 Recommended Training for Newbies

it’s honest and straightforward training to learn how to start an honest online business through hard work and patience and not hype.

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Anis Chity

Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt, but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate he managed to earn a 4 monthly figure at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home, you can learn more about him here.

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Tim - a couple of years ago

Do you know of a way to get a Refund? After I signed up it took me to a company called digital altitude. Same principles as mobe

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    I’m afraid that it’s hard to get a refund, but you can keep contacting them.

Diane - a couple of years ago

God Bless You for sharing your information. I almost got duped with the scam. As I was filling the information for the payment I had the strong feeling to google the site if it was legit. Among other negative reviews that came back about the 500 Cash Club reading your review made me feel so happy I didn’t push that payment button. Thanks so much for your review on the subject. Saved me the $97. Aloha from Hawaii

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Glad to hear you did not fall for it Diane!

Phil - a couple of years ago

Thanks for the info. My name is Phil. I am retired and looking for an income at home. Legit of course. Can u recommend a few that pay good? Thanks for letting me know about 500 club. Awaiting your advise. God bless. Phil

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Hi, Phil! Thanks for visiting, I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate it’s a great training for newbies to start a profitable online business or you can check out these paid surveys for some little extra cash for free.

Amanda Kaufman - a couple of years ago

Thanks for taking the time to inform people who -if they took their time to watch the 500 Cash Club video- are people that fit the profile that MOBE is intentionally trying to target; people who “work hard, don’t make enough, hate their job/their boss, unhappy with life”.
Hopefully, your review will save some of those people that obviously, are already at a point of desperation and cannot afford the loss of any of their income.

Thanks again, and by the way, if you ever want/need need an editor——to review & edit—if necessary—things like grammar, layout, etc., before you finalize and post——I’d be happy to help, at no cost! 😉

-Amanda Lynn

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Hi, Amanda thanks for stopping by I might take you up on that offer 🙂
    Thanks again

Laporisha haynes - a couple of years ago

Hello there is is this real I really want to put my money in this I really want to make some cash and be happy with my life

    Anis Chity - a couple of years ago

    Hi, Laporisha, if you are newbie I recommend you try these Free 10 Affiliate Marketing Lessons (No Credit Card) for newbies if you like the training, you can upgrade the first month will cost you $19, $49 thereafter.

    You don’t have to spend five figures on a system you have no idea about!

    Another thing, hope you understand that you have to invest your time as well not only your money, this seems obvious but people think otherwise.


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