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Is 60 Minute Profit Plan a Scam? Warning Review!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 18, 2018

60 minute profit plan

So you came across 60 Minute Profit Plan, you watched the video presentation and got so excited? Maybe a little bird told you to read some reviews before you swipe your credit card?

If that's the case, then you're in luck! Because today you're going to read a very honest review that is going to tell you the truth! Is 60 Minute Profit Plan a BS scam

Just read this honest review to find out, you might be shocked by the truth!

60 Minute Profit Plan Quick Review

Name: 60 Minute Profit Plan

Website: 60minuteprofitplan.com

Price: $37 + hidden costs

Owner: Britanny Francis

Recommended? NO

60 minute profit plan

What is the 60 Minute Profit Plan?

The 60 Minute Profit Plan is supposed to be a money loophole system that has made this person Britanny Francis make over $30,000 per month, so Britanny is able to live financially free because of her system.

The funny part though is she is going to sell you this incredible system for only $37. 

60 Minute Profit Plan is sold on Clickbank so after you buy it and realize it's full of BS you will be able to get a refund which is pretty much the only good news about this program.

The 60 Minute Profit Plan is no different than the recent scams I have reviewed which are the Secret Society of Millionaires, Top Tier Side Income and Money Sucking Website System

tHow Does 60 Minute Profit Plan Work?

The 60 Minute Profit Plan has no real training that is going to make you earn $30,000 per month they are just trying to sell you some basic info for $37, they also want you to grab the upsells they offer which make this product pretty expensive.

The 60 Minute Plan wants to teach how to make money with different methods like Taking surveys, doing some website testing, email marketing and completing tasks on Fiverr.

 While those are some legit websites to make money with, there is absolutely no way to earn $30,000 per month in the next few months.

Each method requires massive focused hard work, experience and a lot of time to get used to and start making some money.

Maybe with Surveys and website testing you can earn some quick money but it's going to be a few bucks not $30,000 a month!

Is 60 Minute Profit Plan a Scam?

You won't be able to earn $30,000 a month using this system, because it does not offer any training that is going to allow you to earn that amount of money.

$30,000 per month is a lot of money, in a real world it takes years to reach that kind of income, not a few hours or months like Britanny Francis claims, no one can guarantee you or promise you to earn a specific amount of money.

So the short answer is 60 Minute Profit Plan is a scam, they are going to waste your time and money, they even have fake testimonials that were bought from Fiverr, so how can you trust and buy this fake system?

60 minute profit plan free money loophole scam
Paid actor on Fiverr
fake testimonial
fiverr paid actor

Those people that said they made great success with the 60 Minute Profit Plan are just paid actors that cost only $5 to $40 on Fiverr.com, next time you come across a website that promises the moon and has people saying good things about it, keep in mind those people might be fake paid actors.

Britanny francis

Since I mentioned the word fake, I just realized that even the owner of this system (Britanny Francis) is fake, in fact you can't even see her moving in the video presentation, all she shows is a picture.

britanny francis stock photo

If you do an image google search of her picture, you will find lots of websites using it, this means that the picture is a fake stock photo and Britanny Francis is a staged name!

Can You Earn Money with 60 Minute Profit Plan?

If your goal is to make money online, I'm not happy to say that the 60 Minute Profit Plan is not the way to go, they have no training or support that is going to allow you to work from home, they are just selling you a bag full of air.

In a few words you won't make a dime with this system let alone $30,000 a month!

Final Recommendation

The 60 Minute Profit Plan is a program that I don't recommend you to buy, because if you purchase it you will be wasting both time and money, there is no such thing as easy and quick money.

Programs like the 60 Minute Profit Plan like to target newbies and make them spend money so they earn easy commissions, newbies unfortunately they easily trust these get rich quick schemes because they have never made money online or because they are desperately looking for extra income.

60 Minute Profit Plan uses psychological tricks to get you excited about their program, they really know how to talk so it's hard for beginners to spot their scamming.

With that said I'd like to introduce you to a legit way to earn money online

How to Start Making Money Online!

If you want to start earning money from home, one thing you need to keep in mind is you need to find something that is legitimate and that works.

60 Minute Profit Plan promises you $30,000 in a few hours, that's too good to be true and if you keep trusting such programs you will never earn a dime online

If you are looking for a legit opportunity to work from home, I recommend you to check out My Favourite Work from Home Training, it's free to join, they will give you 10 free lessons to test the training absolutely free, I recommend you to check it out, give it a try and see if it's for you 🙂

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  • Hi there Anis,

    I saw the photos showing the paid actors, who are pretty much the ones in the 60 minute profit plan scam program and I really got heartbroken.

    You mean people could be this deceitful? I had high hopes with the program but I think I am going with you recommendation instead.

    Thanks a bunch for exposing this scam.

  • Thanks for this in-depth guide about 60 minute profit plan. It seems today anyone will put together basic information on how you can make money online, then try to resell it for thousands of dollars.

    I’m glad you mentioned in this review that it takes a lot of hard work and time to get good results and see money coming from your efforts.

    Too many scams out there try to tell people the opposite, then they start losing a lot of money.

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