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7 Best Work from Home Jobs for the Disabled!

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By Anis

March 7, 2018

best work at home jobs for the disabled

Disabled people have a hard time finding a job to support themselves

Depending on how severe their disability is

It's almost impossible to find good paying traditional job for a disabled person.

With that said, there are some great work from home jobs for the disabled

If you want to make money from home

I'm sure you will love these work from home jobs that can be completed from the comfort of your house.

Before we get into the article

I'd like like to mention some basic requirements you need to meet to be able to make money from home.

Work from Home Basic Requirements

If you want to be able to make money from home

Then you must have these basic requirements

  • have basic computer skills
  •  Hard Work & Self Descipline
  • Speak & Write in English Comfortably

These are pretty much the skills you need to make money online working from home.

If you can surt the net, send messages online, write documents

Then you're fine.

Just remember working from home is something that requires patience and self descipline

You're your own boss, so you need to be desciplined and hard working.

With that said, let's jump to the best work at home jobs for the disabled!

Legit Work at Home Jobs for the Disabled

best work at home jobs for the disabled

# 1 Start Your Own Blog

Blogging is one of the best and most reliable ways to earn a living from home

If you're disabled and need a reliable way to make full time income from the comfort of your sofa

Then you must start a blog right now

With a blog you can earn as much money as you want

The sky is the limit

Because with a blog you have the whole internet to target

You will be getting visitors from all around the world

As you can imagine there is a lot of potential


While blogging is a powerful and profitable way to make money from home

It's not an instant way to earn

You will need to do a lot of things right

But don't worry

I've put together for you a simple step by step guide to start a successfull blog

On this guide, I show you how to start blog and how to make it make you money!

Here are 5 ways to make money with a blog or a website

If you have a disability and want a work you can do part time and still make you good money.

Then blogging is something you must get into!

Blogging is a Very Profitable Way to Work from Home and Build a Full Time Home Business!

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 #2 Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is another great and very reliable way to earn a living as a disabled person.

Basically what affiliate marketing means

is when you sell other people products online

You will earn commissions everytime someone buys a product using your affiliate link

As an affiliate marketer you can build a full time home based business

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is something I personally do and earn a full time income from.

On this website I promote a lot of products

When people search on Google they find my posts

When they read my posts then find products I recommend

Whenever they buy my recommended products I earn commissions.

That's called Affiliate marketing

If you to get into affiliate marketing 

I recommend you to build a blog or an affiliate website

If you want to learn affiliate marketing the proper way

check out

My #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training for Newbies

#3 Get Paid to Write for other People

Another powerful and very profitable method to earn money online as a disabled

make money writing

Is by writing articles for other people

You can earn up to $100 per article

You can even write about things you like and still get paid for it

There are many sites that will pay you to write

Some of the best that I recommend include:

2 Quick tips to Make Money Writing:

Here are 5 Amazing Ways to Make Money Writing

#4 Work from Home Jobs for Blind Individuals

If you're a person with visual impairment and want to devolop business skills 

There is a great company called Project Starfish

This is basically a training platform for blind people

Project Starfish trains blind individuals for the virtual work skills that are high in demand like:

  • Social media
  • Online Marketing

This company will also help you make business connections

#5 Get Paid to Test Websites

If a website has a bad design or hard to navigate 

It may make the visitors leave and never return

That's why webmasters need feedback about their sites

Websites are willing to pay you to give them honest feedback about their sites

How can you find webmasters looking for honest feedback?

Don't worry you don't have to go contact every website you come across

Here are some amazing sites that connect you with websites that need feedback!

  • UserTesting
  • Enroll
  • UserZoom

Here are other great sites that pay you to test sites

#6 Find Work from Home Jobs for the Disabled on

indeed work from home job listings

Source: is a very popular employment search engine for job listings

You can use their search engine and find any type of job you're looking for

You can try looking for work from home jobs for disabled people there

Here's a link to the latest work at home jobs for the disabled on

#7 Online Surveys & Rebates Sites

Online surveys are another way handicapped people can earn money online

However you need to know that surveys are just a way to earn extra cash

You're not going to earn a full time income from this

If you want to earn some extra cash when you feel bored

Then surveys are for you

Here are some of the best surveys to earn extra cash

Another great way to save money and earn some easy extra cash

surveys for the disabled

is to get paid to do online shopping

If you do a lot of online shopping you can save some bucks

Instead of shopping directly from Amazon for example

You can still shop from Amazon but using these rebate sites

These rebate sites will make money when you shop using their affiliate links

So they will send you a percentage of their commission

That's a win win situation and an easy way for a physically disabled person to earn extra cash shopping online.

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed this post about the best work from home jobs for the disabled people.

These 7 work from home jobs are amazing and can make you a lot of money

However I recommend you to pick up one way and stick to it

You definitely don't want to try every single one

If you need help picking up one 

I recommend the first one

Start your own blog, it's an amazing way to earn passive income

With this Legitimate Training you will definitely build a successful blog!

Do you know any other work from home jobs for the disabled

That you want to share with us?

Just drop comments below!

If you have found this post useful

Please share it with your friends!

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  • Good day I honestly think that you have thought the through, I love the fact that you thought of the blind too.

    I have friend that are blind and I read your post to her and she is beyond happy and said that I should tell you that she said thank you.

    I have never seen her this happy. And yes I agree the disabled has a real hard time to find jobs all across the world.

    I really enjoyed this article.

    It will stay with me for a very long time.

  • Good post, Anis. I, too am not disabled but I found it interesting how many areas of internet marketing and blogging can be applied to those who are.

    With the number of searches, (billions every year), on the internet today, pretty much anybody can earn a full time living from home. The search numbers are staggering and the annual Internet sales blow my mind.

    And, yes, even the blind can do this at home. Technology has come a long way with motion sensing and voice to text programs for the blind and, it’s only going to get better.

    I also have to agree that surveys are probably not the way one wants to go if they want to make a substantial amount of cash. I tried surveys for two years and probably only made a little more than a hundred dollars.

    I found that I got rejected for a whole lot more than I was accepted for and, they don’t pay all that well. 50 cents for 30 minutes of work just doesn’t cut it.

    I will stick to the blog and affiliate side of things for now and your #1 training is going to get me there.

    All the best,

  • I have had the privilege of employing a disabled person and this was a great experience for me as well as him.
    He was very interested in Real Estate and fitted in well with other members of our team and did a very credible job, so I was excited to see this site that offers so much opportunity.One has to be careful not to patronize disabled people but just offer them equal opportunity.
    Great site I wish you much success with it

  • I’m not disabled, but I decided to read your post because I thought I might find some suggestions that apply to non-disabled people as well. Honestly, these suggestions are good for anybody that is looking to work from home. Some are better than others; for instance I’ve found survey sites to be largely scams, or at best completely dishonest in their promises. I enjoy writing though, so I’ll be checking out those links you shared. Thanks for the information!

    • Hi Josh, thanks for dropping by, I know there are a lot of scams in the surveys industry, however there are may good surveys that can make you extra cash like Swagbucks

      With that said surveys won’t make you  a full time income like I said in the article

      Best regards


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