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is 7 Figure Freedom Formula a Scam? Full Review!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 18, 2018

7 Figure Freedom formula reviews

7 figure Freedom Formula

7 Figure Freedom Formula looks like the classic scam with that sales video and testimonials but is it really a scam or a legit opportunity?

Find out the truth in this honest review!

7 Figure Freedom Formula Quick Review

Name: 7 Figure Freedom Formula

Website: 7FigureFreedomFormula.com

Type: High Ticket Online Business Opportunity

Owners: Bill & Michelle Pescosolido

Verdict: Legit


This system is legit, the owners are successful and they really enjoy that lifestyle they talked about so much in the video

The same thing for the testimonials, they are successful as well

But I believe there are some extremely important things you should consider before buying 7 Figure Freedom Formula

I will go over them in the rest of this review make sure you read every word of it to avoid hard lessons!

What is 7 Figure Freedom Formula Exactly?

After having a closer look at this system I realized it’s yet another MOBE Affiliate (more on that in a second) promoting MOBE under a different name in this case 7 Figure freedom Formula.
7 Figure Freedom Formula logo

There are a lot of MOBE Affiliates that create different products with different names that they use to promote MOBE.

I had the chance to review some of those products

Some products are just lying and hyping things up to sell you MOBE while some are honest and don’t make huge claims and fake promises that they can’t keep

With that said I’m happy to say that the 7 Figure Freedom Formula is one of those honest MOBE sales funnels that don’t make any ridiculous claims or anything.

However, there is still a problem that I really hate about all those MOBE sales funnels

They Never Mention the Real Cost

Literally, all those MOBE products never mention the costs involved to be all in

lucky you I am going to mention everything here and how much you really need to expect to invest in the 7 Figure Freedom Formula.

First of all, I mentioned MOBE quite a lot of times

Since this system is all about it makes sense to shed some light on it

What is MOBE?

MOBE (aka MTTB and My Online Business Empire) is basically a community and training created by Matt Lloyd where you learn how to make money online selling high ticket products

There are a lot of people that call it a scam because of the high price involved and not so good support team and other reasons


But in my opinion, it’s not a scam because you can make money and they have some great training that actually works if you put in the hard work of course

The only downside of MOBE is the fact you need to have deep pockets in order to make money with this system, everything inside the program is highly priced and literally costs a leg and an arm.

You can learn more about MOBE here

How Much Does the 7 Figure Freedom Formula Cost?

To get started you will have to pay $1 only then just $48

7 figure freedom formula pricing

But That’s Literally Just to Have a Look At the training of the 7 Figure Freedom Formula

Because what you have to pay is quite a lot and might put a big hole in your bank account

The minimum you need to invest in the 7 Figure Freedom Formula is a couple of thousand dollars apart from the money that you need to buy traffic to get leads

They also have add-on products you can buy but they are not mandatory

But to be all in and make the big commissions stated in the 7 Figure Freedom Formula You Will Have to Invest Over $60,000

You will basically have your own personal own coach who will upsell you these products whenever you are ready and have completed the requested courses in the 21 step training.

To make the high ticket commissions you will have to buy and license high ticket products which you can resell

The 5 Products You Need to Buy in Order to Resell

MOBE Core Training

As I said before the minimum you have to invest in the 7 Figure Freedom Formula and MOBE is $2,000

Here’s a breakdown of all the products pricing that you have to buy one by one as you go through the 21 steps MOBE training

  • Silver Masterclass: $1997 + $27/month
  • Gold Masterclass: $5000
  • Titanium Mastermind: $9,997 + $200/month
  • Platinum Mastermind: $16,667 + $300/month
  • Diamond Mastermind: $30,000 + $300/month

There is some extra training that you can buy (optional)

  • Online Sales Machine: (Ebook) $10
  • 10k in 10 days:  $197
  • 10k in 10 days by Shakir Hussain $1997
  • 10,000 leads in 100 days: $1997
  • Achieving Life Balance: $47
  • Instant Online Business Resale Licence Rights: $1997
  • 6 Figure Business Machine $1,947

All this extra training makes me wonder why it’s not included in your 21 step training where you will spend thousands of dollars

This makes me think MOBE wants to get as much money as possible from people.

Honestly, I don’t know why they have such high prices I believe starting an online business should not be that expensive.

Is 7 Figure Freedom Formula a Scam?

7 Figure Freedom Formula is no way a scam, however, I am totally against how they hide mentioning the prices involved with their system

You need to invest MASSIVELY in this program

In my opinion, it’s not worth it especially if you are someone just starting out you definitely don’t want to risk your money for a system where you have no guarantees of success

As I newbie I’d join Wealthy Affiliate, they are free to try, the price is very affordable, the training is top notch and works great.

7 Figure Freedom Formula & MOBE Concerns

As I said before 7 Figure Freedom Formula is not a scam, however, there are some concerns and bad things about it that I am going to share with you here.

1) Most MOBE Members Wasted Thousands & Earn Less than $100/Month

Just under the 7 Figure Freedom Formula video you will see this earnings disclosure

earnings disclosure


Income DiscLosure statement MOBE

As you can see the MAJORITY of the MOBE affiliates earn less than $100 per month

That’s really shocking when you consider the thousands of dollars those people have invested into the program

But that does not mean the system is bad or doesn’t work

As you can see in the screenshot there are some people making up to $25,00 per month!

What does that mean?

It means that people that have a big budget and experience are making a solid income

newbies, on the other hand, wasted tons of money

A person complaining about Mobe

If you are a newbie don’t even try you will be empty handed with big losses

Check out this Great Training for Newbies Instead

MOBE & 7 Figure Freedom Formula Complaints

There are quite a lot of people complaining about MOBE and that’s quite concerning

a member of Mobe complaining

You can read more about the negative reviews on these two resources

What I liked about 7 Figure Freedom Formula
  • The training works
  • Legit Opportunity
  • The testimonials are real so are the owners
  • You can really make $10,000 per sale
  • Great incentives for the affiliates
  • They have great events that connect the members to learn from each other
What I Did Not Like
  • Very Expensive: You need to invest 6 figures before you make money!
  • Not for newbies (Recommend training for newbies here)
  • Most members make less than $100/ month
  • Lots of complaints and wasted money

Who is 7 Figure Freedom Formula For?

This system is perfect for

  • People with a lot of internet marketing experience
  •  with a large budget
  •  that have a large email list

7 Figure Freedom Formula is NOT for

  • Total newbies that have never made a dime online
  • Those on a tight budget

Final Review

7 Figure Freedom Formula is NOT a scam it’s great if you have large amounts of money ready to invest and experience in the internet marketing world

As a newbie in the internet marketing world, I wouldn’t risk investing +$60,000 in a system where the majority of people make $100 per month!

Recommended & Perfect Training for Newbies

If you have never made a dollar online I have a great program for you that will finally make you money from your passion

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate which is Free to Try (No Credit Card)

As a free member, you will get

  • 10 free affiliate lessons
  • 2 websites
  • 7 Days of premium features
  • Support

If you like WA after having a look completely free you can join the premium membership which will unlock all the training that includes

  • Live weekly classes
  • Step by Step training
  • Live chat
  • Support
  • Mentoring
  • Websites & Hosting
  • & much more!

The first month of Wealthy Affiliate will cost you $19 then $49/month (only $30/month if paid annually) NO UPSELLS

And that’s all you need to become successful if you mix it with hard work.

Join WA Absolutely Free (No Credit Card) and see if it’s for you without wasting thousands of dollars.

Have you tried 7 Figure Freedom Formula before?

Have anything to say?

Please share with us your experiences, questions, and comments below!


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  • Hello, Anis, thanks for the comprehensive review of 7 figure Freedom Formula. I like how you diligently present gathered facts and how it opens rather full view of this company.
    Overall I do not understand why somebody would like to join when you need to pay from your pocket this amount of money?
    Overall, this company seems artificial. They do not teach how to survive in online world which constantly changes. Maybe now these tools can work but later they can be out of fashion and not effective.
    Thanks for information. I do not have so much money to invest and I do not want to do it. Without your review would be more complicated not to take bait from 7-figure Freedom Formula.
    All the best, Nemira.

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