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Affiliate Marketing For CBD Oil (10 Best Affiliate Programs!) (2020)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

October 28, 2020

Affiliate Marketing For CBD Oil (10 Best Affiliate Programs!)

Hello there! Welcome to my "Affiliate Marketing For CBD Oil" article!

Currently, the CBD industry has been making headlines all over the world, especially in the U.S. and Canada. With that, it is time to take the opportunity to enter the CBD niche.

In this article, we will be talking about affiliate marketing for CBD Oil. MOre specifically, how we can earn money through promoting CBD oil and other products.

Furthermore, I have listed 10 CBD best affiliate programs in which you can try out!

With that being said, let's get started!

What is CBD Oil?


CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is a cannabis compound that brings about a lot of medical benefits without making people feel "stoned".

Furthermore, it does not contain any psychoactive effects such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Here are some of the benefits it can give us:

  • Healing the skin
  • Reducing the risk of diabetes
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Anti-seizure properties
  • Anti-flammatory properties
  • Pain relief
  • Improving brain health

CBD is great since it can be added to various products like food, beauty products, as well as health products.

One of them is CBD Oil. It is made from extracting CBD from the plant and then diluting it with an oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil. It can be used in many ways too. 

It can help reduce pain, anxiety, reduce acne, diabetes prevention and many more!

#1 Joy Organics

Joy Organics CBD Oil

Joy Organics is a family-owned business that aims to provide excellent and the best CBD products to everyone. It is well known for its pharmaceutical grade CBD products that have zero THC.

What makes being an affiliate partner with them is the fact that it has a wide range of products. These include skincare products, CBD Oils, and of course, CBD products for your pets.

Although their product selection is not that huge compared to other CBD businesses, they compensate it with the high quality of the products.

Affiliate Program

First things first, to become an affiliate, you must have an account on Post Affiliate Pro.

Once you are an affiliate marketer of Joy Organics, you will be earning a 25% commission on each successful sale you make! It has a 60-day cookie duration.

Apart from that, the program will allow you to create special discount codes for your referrals. To improve your promotion, the program will provide you with high converting banners.

Joy Organics pay their affiliate twice a month. Furthermore, PPC affiliates are not accepted in the program.

#2 Cannaffi

Cannaffi CBD Oil

Cannaffi is an affiliate network that focuses on hemp products. Furthermore, it is a cause-oriented performance ad network with a goal to help build a network of and market for hemp, cannabis and CBD products.

Additionally, it aims to spread awareness and to educate the public about the benefits of these products via its affiliate network.

Affiliate Program

Its affiliate program primarily offers an e-commerce merchant affiliate program. Furthermore, you will only be given hemp and cannabis affiliate programs.

The thing with Cannaffi is that it is the one that will connect you to different affiliat programs about these certain products.

So, by signing up, you will have more opportunities to grow your affiliate business.

#3 CBD Pure

CBD Pure CBD Oil

CBD Pure is a company that aims to boost a person's health regimen. With its product, a quality tested hemp oil made with non-GMO organic standards, CBD Pure has garnered the approval of the public.

Furthermore, because of that, it will be easier for affiliate to ensure the clients that the products are safe to use.

CBD Pure has a limited selection of products, though. One of them is a soft-gel capsule (750 mg) and CBD oil in 3 different strengths (100 mg, 300 mg, and 600 mg).

Affiliate Program

The CBD Pure affiliate program offers the following benefits to its affiliate marketers.

  • 40% commission on all retail sales you make
  • 90-day cookie life
  • Monthly payment
  • Conversion optimization
  • Banner and retargeting ads

#4 Vape Bright

Vape Bright CBD Oil

Vape Bright is unique compared to the others in this list because it combines vaping and CBD products. In fact, it pioneered the CBD vape market.

The company sells a highly potent CBD vape pens. Furthermore, these pens do not contain propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. That it means it is safer to use.

Being an affiliate for Vape Bright might be easier especially now that the vape market is widely getting known day by day.

Affiliate Program

  • 25% commission on each sale you make
  • 60-day cookie life
  • Monthly payment
  • Direct website and coupon tracking
  • Lifetime commission on your customers

#5 Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

As you can see in the picture above, you will immediately know that Hemp Bombs has a wide selection of hemp products.

It has almost everything. CBD gummies, pain relievers, oils, shots and even CBD vape juice!

Affiliate Program

The Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program has a unique system. First, its payment system is tiered. The better you are at gaining sales and creating a network of affiliates, the more pay you can receive.

The program will keep on rewarding you with a 5% commission on each sales from your referred affiliates.

Another thing worth noting is the different sign up process. The first thing that will happen is that they will check your website and see whether it has good traffic.

If they are satisfied, then you will start to earn 20% commission on each sale you make.

But if your website is still new, you will not be earning more than 10% commission. With that being said, it is Hemp Bombs who wil determine your commission rate depending on your website.

Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program benefits:

  • 20% commission rate (can be changed)
  • 5% commission on each referred affiliate
  • Weekly payment
  • 30-day cookie life
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#6 Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD CBD Oil

In the CBD community, Diamond CBD is one of the popular brands. Its social media presence is widely known. Furthermore, Diamond CBD products are made from the purest 100% natural CBD hemp extracts.

Apart from that, it has a wide selection of products, including CBD vape. So as an affiliate, you will have a lot of options to promote!

Affiliate Program

  • 18% commission rate on each sale
  • 30-day cookie life
  • 24/7 access in checking stats

#7 Anavii Market

Anavii Market CBD Oil

Anavii Market is the only online CBD marketplace to exist today. It sells differnt kinds of hemp-derived CBD brands with high quality.

Furthermore, the marketplace always aim to educate everyone about CBD through its blog, advocacy efforts, customer success team and many more.

Anavii Market ensures that the brands they are selling are safe and in quality. They do this through a third-party lab testing and reviewing brands' values and practices.

  • 15% and above commission rate
  • 30 days and above cookie life

#8 Buy CBD Cigarettes

Buy CBD Cigarettes

Buy CBD Cigarettes specializes in CBD-based cigarettes. The company itself manufactures the cigarettes they are selling.

Furthermore, the products are made from high-quality hemp! These products do not contain any additive or unnecessary additives. So you are safe!

Affiliate Program

  • 20% Commission on new customers
  • 10% Commission on recurring orders from referrals
  • 5% commission on subscription orders

#9 PuraHemp

Pura Hemp CBD Oil

Pura Hemp is the world's leading innovator of hemp pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals. Furthermore, it aims to make people's health and well being improve through its hemp-based products.

All of their products are high-quality and medical grade and this is ensured and backed by doctors.

Apart from this, Pura Hemp is the only CBD company that control 100% of the process of manufacturing the products.

Affiliate program

  • 30% commission rate
  • 10% coupon for the viewers
  • 60-day cookie life

#10 Koi CBD


Koi CBD offers a wide selection of CBD products, including vape juices, making it a great company in the vape niche.

Apart from that, Koi CBD sells gummies and products for your pets too! Most people use these as a daily vitamin or supplement during meals.

Furthermore, all of its products are made in the U.S.

Affiliate Program

Koi CBD Affiliate Program benefits:

  • 15% commission on each sale (can increase if sales volume per month increases)
  • 30-day cookie life

Bottom Line

The CBD industry is continuously growing each day. Furthermore, it has been garnering the attention of different people all over the world.

CBD companies are looking for more ways to utilize CBD in other products to grow.

With that, I can say that the niche is great for affiliate marketing. Currently, commission rates are higher since CBD products are new. I suggest that you take advantage of it.

Apart from that, CBD oils are proven and tested to be effective in helping people with their health.

If ever you want to start affiliate marketing or expand your affiliate business, you can count of the CBD niche!

Thank you so much for reading my "Affiliate Marketing For CBD Oil" article! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them on the comment section below!

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