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Avoid the Amazon Cash Websites Scam! [Review]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 22, 2018

amazon cash websites fake news article scam

Amazon Cash Websites scam news article

Amazon Cash Websites is a new work from home program which is making a lot of people wondering if they are a total scam or a real way to work from home through Amazon.

In this review, I'm going to give you solid PROOF on why this is nothing but another misleading scam that is only after your hard earned cash!

Without wasting any further time let's get into business, shall we?

Amazon Cash Websites Review

  • Name: Amazon Cash Websites
  • Website: they create a bunch of fake news articles!
  • Price: $47 then $120 then $321....
  • Owner: Hidden!
  • Recommended? No (below I explain why!)

What is Amazon Cash Websites?

Amazon Cash Websites is a new website that pretends to be a new work from home program released by Amazon.

There are different legit ways to Work from Home with Amazon (I'm going to share with you the best way at the end of this review)

With that said Amazon Cash Websites is 100% fake, they set up different fake news articles with Jeff Bezos that look like a newsletter or a press release by Amazon itself.

I must admit that the news article by Amazon Cash Websites looks legit as it's hard to spot, but I did my research and I'm going to explain why I'm saying this is a total fraud.

First of all, there are many variations of the news article, Amazon Cash Websites looks like is throwing a bunch of similar news articles with some slight changes.

I don't know from which news article you're coming from but I came across two variations of it, I took screenshots, you can see them below:

amazon cash websites fake news article scam
amazon cash websites scam

Can You Trust Amazon Cash Websites? NO! Here's Why!

I have been reviewing a lot of scams on my website, over the time I have learned how to quickly tell if a website is a scam or not.

I did some deep research about Amazon Cash Websites and below I'm going to back up the fact that I called this out a scam!

Amazon Cash Websites is total Hype

There is no such thing as Amazon Cash Websites, even the name of this product is hyped up.

The truth is the scammers behind this product are taking advantage and using the name of Amazon (illegally) to lure you into buying whatever product they sell (I'm going to mention later exactly what they will sell you!)

They use the name of Amazon because many people trust it, if Amazon becomes an internet provider for example, I'm pretty sure many people will abandon their current internet providers and rush to Amazon!

I mean people blindly trust Amazon, because they are a trustworthy company, do you agree with me?

Whoever created Amazon Cash Websites knows this and that's why he/she created a fake news report saying that Amazon has released a work from home program where you can start making money fast!

Now they tell you all type of lies and hype like you can Make $500 per Day from home quickly but only to start selling you some random work from home courses so they make some quick commissions off you!

These are the ONLY Legit Ways to make money from Amazon! Watch the video below!

The News Article is Fake & a Bait!

As I said before the news article is 100% and it's just a bait used to lure people into buying their products which I'm pretty sure won't make you a dime but only waste your time!

Some scammers that prefer to stay anonymous have used the Amazon name to scam you and this is something that happened with Facebook too.

Scammers have ALSO created fake news reports saying that Facebook has created new work at home opportunities for people to make easy money!

But that was not true because these scammers only wanted to steal money from naive people!

Examples of such scams are Facebook on Fire, Facebook Bonanza and Fac ebook Money System.

Karen & Chris (the owners) are Fake!

The Amazon Cash Websites is presented by a family, Karen & Chris claim that they are making tons of money.

They said they are making over $14,000 by simply working less than 3 hours per day, that's some good money.

Karen & Chris Peters look like they are trying to give you proof that they are making money with Amazon Cash Websites.

Unfortunately, their names are invented and don't exist or they are existing names of celebrities used illegally to represent this scam.

I have reviewed products that literally say that Donald Trump recommends it! This scamsters really do whatever it takes to rip people off!

Amazon Cash Websites owners family photo is not real as it's a stock photo that can be bought for photography uses!

Below you can see that it's available on a stock site 🙂

amazon cash websites stock photo
amazon cash websites fake stock photo

Get Ready to Spend TONS of Money

Well, this is where scams are dangerous, Amazon Cash Websites is promising you easy riches.

They do this because they want you to feel what its like to be rich, get very excited and then they put in front of you a product to buy, they assume you will buy it instantly.

This fake news article and this whole scam was created just to lure you into buying a bunch of work from home courses that have the highest prices!

At the time of this writing, Amazon Cash Websites wants you to get into another scam I reviewed a few days ago called Money Sucking Website System aka MSWS, this scam is going to cost you $47 to get started, but you will be added to their email list.

It means you will receive more spam to your inbox and more products to invest in!

amazon cash websites fake and deceptive

The other thing they want to sell you is a work from home package or a kit that will be delivered to your house, they want you to invest in this kit and they say it's going to earn you $14,000.

amazon cash websites fake work from home kit

At the end of day, that's how scams work, that's how they make tons of money from gullible members.

Unfortunately, there are a lot and a lot of scams popping up every day with such fake news reports promising you millions of dollars but you have to buy a work from home kit or this new easy riches course.

We have Amazon Cash Websites, guess what? Here's another clone but with another name, Fast Income Generator.

Just watch the video review of this scam below!

If you keep believing these scammers you will go broke fast! Which is nothing new, many people went broke thanks to such con artists.

Is Amazon Cash Websites a Scam?

I think there is no doubt that Amazon Cash Websites is a scam, everything proves that.

In this review I have explained how they use hype like "making $500 per day with a click of a button" but just to get you very excited into buying their stuff.

They create fake news sites that are well designed and look legit, but if you look closely and do your research you will realize it's all fake and there are many variations and many similar scams creating the same fake news reports.

I have also proved that the owners (that say they make $14,000 doing this) are not real because the scam artist behind Amazon Cash Websites is using a fake stock photo to represent his scam, because he can't show his/her real face in such a disgusting scam!

The last point I talked about in this review is the high costs you have to go through, I know many people that lost a lot of money for scams.

One company called Mobe has been shut down by the FTC because they have received tons of complaints from members wasting tons of money!

a person complaining about mobe

The Real Way to Make Money from Amazon

Amazon Machine Websites is not going to work like they say, they definitely won't help you make money from Amazon.

There is a legit and a very profitable way to earn from Amazon, but let me tell you it's going to require some hard work and consistent learning in order to make it work.

But when you do the hard work everything clicks and the sky is the limit really because it's an internet business where you have no limits to how many visitors you can bring to your site.

Amazon has an affiliate program (which is real) that you can sign up for and use to promote any product that Amazon sells and make commissions.

This business model is very rewarding but it requires some comprehensive training and hard work.

The good news is there is a good training that can teach you all of this in easy step by step lessons and video tutorials that come with massive support.

This training is the same one I've used to build an online business from home.

The good news is you can try it for free! (No Credit Card) below:

Do you have anything to say about Amazon Cash Websites? Did you get scammed or it did it work? Did I miss something in this review?

Don't be shy to leave comments below I respond to every comment! 😉

Also make sure you spread the word and help other people avoid this nasty scam!

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Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

About Anis

Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • Anis, I am very good with computers & wanted to say THANK YOU! I received the advertisement
    on my phone, didn’t have the money to sign right up for the Amazon Cash Websites, (Luckily), so I went to my computer to do some research before I committed myself. Glad I did & do have some computer intelligence! LOL!

    I have a serious question for you Anis? Do you need help? I would LOVE to start knocking out MANY MORE of these scammers because I am truthfully just sick & tired of receiving scammers attempts! Constantly! Even all the sites that lie about : “This is Free” items? Then you click & the site says you only have to pay for shipping & handeling? It’s (False Advertising) & needs to be stopped!!!

    I am actually an Inventer, Had the DRIVERLESS CAR patent pending, but did not understand the whole Invention process, then Google came out with it! So, basically, I had my invention stolen!!! Bad huh?

    I am totally sick of thieves!!! My Great Great Grandfather was the inventor of the first Potato chip EVER! Inventions run throughout my family’s history!!!!! We should have seen royalties from CHIPS but Minorities were not allowed to receive patents in the early days! IE: Indians, Blacks, Hispanic, & so on! My Great, Great Grandfathers name was: George Crum & invented the (SARATOGA CHIP)out of New York in case you would like to see some good history!

    Anyways, Please let me know if you need help (I would love t do what you are doing to help people & make our internet A much better system! Heck! We could be as rich as AMAZON!/GOOGLE!/MICROSOFT? I would;d give 100%. Thank You! Truly

    Charles Crum/ Chuck

    • Hi Charles, I’m happy to hear that you did not make the mistake of falling for Amazon Cash Websites, looks like you live in a great family of smart individuals, I just typed your grandfather’s name on Google and found a whole Wikipedia page about him, that’s impressive. It must be frustrating to have your inventions stolen man… A lot of big dogs do this, unfortunately, and I heard this many times.

      If you want to do what I’m doing I can definitely help you with that Charles 🙂
      (I had to remove your personal info from this comment because it’s public and scammers might see it)
      Please contact me on my contact page and will help you get started 🙂

  • Traffic Laze is also a scam. 5 upgrades at 47.00, 97.00, 197.00, 37.00, etc. The 197.00 is a DFY, done for you upgrade. 97.00 was to own the selling rights to Traffic Laze to get all commision on it’s sale. After all that, I could get no response to my email questions to Jono and the live webinar did not tell you how to do anything but was actually a long pitch to get you to lay out 1600.00 more to really get on the fast track. I did not go that far, but purchased 4 upgrades initially. I was promised a 30 day money back guarantee but think I might not have able to get a response from them until after 30 days, or never. PayPal initiated a dispute and my money was refunded, so hats off to PayPal. DFY was actually just MTFY – Money taken from you. Jono Armstrong lives in Jakarta, allegedly, I still get emails but they are not responses to my questions, just reminders to attend another webinar, and no valid instructions on getting things going. I need to start actually making money online, as opposed to spending it, so I will check out your free training. 19.00 is reasonable but 49.00 a month is only reasonable if more than 49.00 a month is actually coming in. I am willing to try this but I am also ready to see “necessary upgrades” that I have not yet been told I need to purchase and a website and traffic and a funnel and an email service I have to buy in order to get anywhere.

    • Hi, Matthew, this is the first time I hear about Traffic Laze and glad to hear you managed to get a refund! Regarding WA you can earn a lot more than the $49 per month but the catch is it takes time to learn and apply what you learn, so probably you’re going to pay $49 for quite a while but everything will be worth it, I made my first 2 sales after 4 months, that’s when I started covering the membership costs and earning more than I pay.
      Regarding the costs and upsells, they are minimal, you have no sites to buy or traffic, WA teaches you how to get traffic from search engines which is free, of course, you can go with paid traffic as well they have training for that.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment

  • I got a phone call about this Amazon Cash ‘opportunity’. If they are illegally using the Amazon name, then shouldn’t Amazon.com shut them down? From looking at this Amazon Cash website, it has that feel of those phony GNC legal steroids website ads for supplements with sub-par ingredients at best, except they at least disclose the prices. The fact that they did not disclosed this “small fee” upfront was the major red flag for me. Sensing that it is too good to be true, I decided to do a little research on this and I came across your website. I’m glad I found this information out and I will share it. However, why should I trust you? Aren’t you another work from home affiliate trying to get small fees?

    • Hi Rafiq if Amazon catches them they will surely report them, but Amazon doesn’t even know if they exist and yes I will earn money when you buy the training I recommend thatìs true, but I’m a legit affiliate marketer, the training I recommend is FREE to try, the price is all clear and laid out, there are no hidden costs or any catches, just try it out for free (no credit card) and you will see that it’s legitimate.

      Thanks for your comments and I really appreciate you sharing this review with other people!


    • Hi Anthony, first of all, you need to realize there is no free program that is going to show you everything for free, everyone wants to be rewarded for their work.

      But that does not mean you should be surprised with upsells and heavy expensive hidden costs, You can Try My Recommended Training for Newbies it is FREE to join, but you will only get 10 free lessons to try the system so you can see what you’re buying.

      If you like the training, the features and the amazing support and help offered, you can upgrade, the first month will cost you $19, thereafter $49 per month (NO UPSELLS) and you can cancel anytime, you will get websites, incredible training and tons of support, there is a live chat, a help center, that’s EXACTLY how I started making money full time from home, this training I’m sharing with you really works.

      Basically, it taught me how to build websites from my passion that will rank on Google, and this website you’re reading now is the proof, chances are you’re visiting my site from Google, Bing or YouTube, these sources bring me over 1,000 visits per day, a percentage of this traffic clicks and buys using my affiliate links and they buy what I recommend.

      For example, if you join the training I’m recommending you to join, I’ll make money, I have tons of articles written and they reliably bring me a lot of visitors that turn into paid customers.

      I have to say that this is VERY PROFITABLE but requires a lot of work because the website isn’t going to build itself and the articles, pictures, videos etc aren’t going to be written, uploaded and recorded by themselves.

      But the training will teach you everything step by step and teach how to make money using your passion which is amazing!

      If you really want to start making real money the honest way just Try My Recommended Training for free and see what you have been missing.
      I’ll make money if you pay, but I’m going to guide you and help you along the way so you have a profitable website running as fast as possible without doing the mistakes I did 🙂

      Let me know if you have any questions

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