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Is Automated Income Sites A Scam? Hype & Lies!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 23, 2018

automated income sites total scam?

Is Automated Income Sites going to teach you in 7 minutes how to get $1000 per day or it's another obvious scam?

I have done my research and in this review you will find out some ugly red flags that the owner of this product doesn't want you to know about!

To stay safe and learn how to earn without getting scammed all you have to do is read this entire review!

Automated Income Sites Review

When I was reading some emails in my inbox, I specific email spiked my attention, it was titled " Automated Program Makes $1,000 every day, requires only 7 minutes to set up!"

I clicked on the offer out of curiosity, there was a link inside the email that I clicked which took me to the Automated Income Sites website.

You have probably watched this person that says he is a millionaire named Marc Harrison talking.

But is he a real online marketer millionaire or just another professional scam artist?

From my experience, I know how tricky scam artists are and how they can look like real millionaires by renting luxury houses and cars.

Is this the case with Marc Harrison and his Automated Income Sites?

I did an intense research and below you will find some surefire red flags that Mark Harrison is hiding from you!

  • Name: Automated Income Sites (AIS)
  • Website: automatedincomesites.com
  • Price: $97
  • Owner: Marc Harrison
  • Recommended? No

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What is Automated Income Sites?

Automated Income Sites is another get rich quick scheme created by a person called Marc Harrison.

I did some research on the owner of Automated Income Sites and I came up with no results.

Usually, if someone becomes a millionaires thanks to a system or a work from home program it becomes everywhere as everyone will start talking about on social media.

If you Google Marc Harrison, you won't find anything that proves he is a millionaire like he says.

That's a red flag because legitimate millionaires can be easily found online with a simple Google search.

The Automated Income Sites looks like another get rich quick scheme created just for the owner to earn some quick easy cash by pretending to be a millionaire.

I have reviewed many similar get rich quick schemes like Five Minute profit Websites and Amazon Cash Sites which also turned out to be duds.

How Does Automated Income Sites Work?

You're told you can make more than $1000 per day by simply working 30 minutes a day.

So here's how you're going to make money according to Automated Income Sites

  • Set Up your automated Sites
  • Spend 30 minutes per day only
  • Start making $1000 per day automatically

That really sounds amazing, anyone can devote 30 minutes a day especially if it's going to earn you $1000 daily!

The honest truth is you're not going to earn $1000 per day on an autopilot just because you're working on the internet.

Scammers use the internet to mislead people into thinking you can earn money fast, yes you can find thousands of info on the internet fast, you can find the cheapest hotels on the internet fast.

But making money fast? There is no such thing as that online.

The internet has really opened up a lot of profitable work from home opportunities but unfortunately, these scammers are giving it a false picture just to make some easy money from gullible internet users.

Below I'm going to share with you proof on why the Automated Income Sites needs to be avoided at all costs!

Automated Income Sites Concerns & Problems!

If you're about to spend your hard earned cash for the Automated Income System, you really need to wait a minute and read what I have to say below.

This program can really stress you financially and give you tons of headaches, that's why you must read the rest of this review which is also help you avoid online scams forever, because you will know how they operate!

A Millionaire Site for $97?

automated income sites is selling you a milliionaire site for only $97 which does not make sense

If you think about it for a minute you will also realize that what Automated Income Sites claim does not make sense.

You're basically buying a website that will make you $1000's per day automatically but for only $97?

Does it even make sense? This is the perfect example of too good to be true.

Why would Mark Harrison sell out his automated gold mine to random people for such a tiny price?

Maybe he is kind enough and wants to help people? I really doubt it.

An automated website that is going to make money automatically requires tons and tons of hard work and years of trial and error and you will still need to work on it to make you money.

Marc sounds like he has 100's of automated websites that he can just sell to people for $97.

Automated Income Sites was created just to brainwash you with their psychological techniques.

Marc is definitely after that $97, he will earn it from any person that falls into his trap

That's something I've seen over and over because I review scams like this all the time like Your Easy Business and Paid to Send Email.

It's Impossible to Make Money EASILY!

Scams biggest technique to fool newbies is hype and lots of it.

Most people don't want to do what it takes to create a real online business that's why they look on Google for easy ways to make $1000 or $500 per day.

Unfortunately, their searches only lead to programs like Automated Income Sites which make it sound incredibly easy to bank thousands of dollars daily.

At the end of the day, only the scammers win when the newbies end up wasting money on product after product without earning a cent.

A perfect example would be Mobe, this was a very misleading opportunity that was frauding people by promising easy riches.

Most people that trusted them didn't make money but only end up with lots of hard earned cash wasted.

a person complaining about mobe

But lately Mobe was shut down by the FTC and I think the Automated Income Sites might get hammered by the FTC too since they are also very deceptive.

The Free Hosting Catch!

The Automated Income Sites is supposed to be free according to what Marc Harrison said.

But in the second video, you're asked to invest in a hosting company called HostforFree. Marc says that if your site is hosted on a cloud service it will run much faster, therefore, make you money faster.

That's really complete BS because that's just an opportunity for the owner to cash in.

Marc is taking advantage of the fact you have no idea how websites work, but I have been building websites for years and also helping my clients build websites.

First of all, hosting is not going to guarantee you any income or success and spending $97 for a hosting package is ridiculous.

There are many popular hosting companies like Hostgator where people have built millionaire sites.

The hosting wasn't the main cause of their success but hard work and a real online business. Hosting can help you a bit if it's fast and reliable but definitely won't cost you $97

You can do well with a normal hosting because you're not building a huge e-commerce empire with millions of pages or something like that.

The Automated Incomes Sites needs to be just activated by a click of a button to start making money, that's definitely not true!

I have reviewed some scams that also use the Hosting scam trap to get you to fork out your hard earned money some of them include $700 Profit Club and Tube Profit Sniper.

On top of that if you look Hostforfree online you won't find any reviews about it, in fact this is the first time I hear about it.

host for free scam

That's why I decided to research Hostforfree.net to see what is all about.

It turns out to be a TOTALLY fake hosting site.

I used an online tool called Whois.net this service allows you to see when a website was created and where it is really hosted.

I simply put in Hostforfree.net on their search box and it gave me the info you can see below:

automated income sites fake hosting

As you can see above this incredible hosting started in May 2018 so it's less than two months old!

Guess what? It's also hosted by Hostgator which is a real hosting service by the way.

So Hostforfree that is being sold to you for $97 is not a real hosting it's a 2 months old site that is disguised as a hosting company!

It's an UPSELL Galore!

I'm pretty sure that the Automated Income Sites is going to be an upsell galore, that's what all the scams do.

If you gave this site your email address don't be surprised if you start receiving other products to buy that are supposed to increase your or speed up your automated sites to earn money.

Do not spend your hard earned cash because these scammers will just keep milking your money with their cheesy sales pitches!

Fake Income Screenshots

In the Automated Income Sites video, you have probably seen the Paypal or Bank of America payment screenshots being flashed to you.

automated income sites fake Paypal screenshots

Well, that's not a real proof, because we all know that online screenshots can be easily faked and manipulated.

It's very hard to trust these payment screenshots from a website called Automated Income Sites.

automate income sites fake bank of america screenshots

You can't imagine how many scams I reviewed that used fake screenshots to fool new members into thinking they make tons of money!

Fake Paid Testimonials

You have also watched in the video how people happily say how much money they have made, but that's another nasty technique used by online scams to make you believe their systems work.

The truth is testimonials are VERY easy to buy, there is a popular site where all the scammers seem to use to buy these fake testimonials, the site is called Fiverr.com

Testimonials are also very cheap to buy as they cost like $5 to $40 per video.

All you have to do is send a written script to a paid Fiverr actor and they will read it to you over a video.

You can get these actors to say literally anything.

In fact, I have just reviewed two scams called 21 Step Millionaire Coach & Kindle Sniper that use fake testimonials as well.

You can watch this video about fake testimonials to see what I'm talking about!

It's Sold on ClickBetter!

Another thing that I have noticed is the Automated Income Sites is sold on an affiliate network called Clickbetter.

Clickbetter is NOTORIOUS for letting scammers sell whatever product they want, they don't even check the product being sold on their network to see if they are safe for their users or not.

I have published reviews about scams called, Clone My Sites and Desktop Commission System that are sold on Clickbetter.

You can read this review about Clickbetter to see what this affiliate network is all about.

Is Automated Income Sites a Scam?

Remember you have the choice to buy any product you wish, but I don't think the Automated Income Sites is an honest product.

They say you can make a daily automated $1000, that's simply unrealistic, what's more unrealistic is all you need is 47 hours to start earning this money and how much this automated site costs? $97 only!

The whole site does not make any sense.

You're being misled to buy a hosting packaged called Host For Free, which is not even a real hosting company but just a 2 months old website that pretends to be a hosting company.

The Automated Income Sites goal is to get you to spend that $97, that's how they are going to earn money by just forking out $97's from multiple users!

On top of that, they have your email address so they can simply send you more stuff to buy which is how they will make even more money from people!

I've also explained above how their screenshots and paid testimonials are fake, they are also sold on a network called Clickbetter which is notorious for letting scammers sell products without any strict guidelines or controls!

I'd like to conclude this review with the fact I don't recommend Automated Income Sites.

The Real Way to Start a Website!

You can build your own automated website if you wish, but you should forget about all the hype created by Automated Income Sites.

Creating a website is one thing and making it successful is another thing.

You can build a website in 5 seconds but in order to make it make money, it takes time, training and a lot of patience.

I created my website in 2016 and today it's making me a reliable income, I'm not here making millions but I'm earning 4 digits income a month which is something I'm very happy about.

I can automate my site by investing some of my money on writers so I can make money doing nothing but I prefer to write content my self and sometimes I'd outsource some of the content to take some days or months off.

If you want to create a real website from your passion you need a real training that gives you detailed step by step instructions on how to build a reliable site.

And below you can find the training I used to make money reliably online!

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  • Hi Anis! I just spent some time looking at your page about Automated Income Sites and watching the video you provide. This is so interesting and I’m sure its helpful to a lot of people. There was a time when I didn’t now any of these warning signs or red flags and I lost money on several things I believed in.
    I really like the way you break it down and identify the things that one should watch out for in identifying scams of this nature. The writing is easy to read. A couple proofreading things you could have someone look into. Overall the page is easy on the eye and full of important information. The video about fiverr was very interesting and worth seeing.
    I appreciate your in depth research and how you reveal the sources that you used so that the reader can use them for researching other potential scams.
    Great work and thanks for the information!


  • It’s very sad if people actually fall for such schemes. It makes me so mad that internet so-called millionaires like Marc Harrison. It’s always to read article this Automated Income site review. So-called shine object programs are making even harder for legit opportunity to get people to trust in them simply because of a fake program such as this one. Thanks for sharing this awareness about Automated Income sites. Truly grateful.

  • What a joke. I feel for the people who fall for this and related products. This garbage is designed to prey on the people who need their money the most, and they’re so desperate for money that they’re willing to fall for idiotic products such as this to try and get ahead. It really makes me sick.

  • Who doesn’t want to earn $1000 per day for 30 minutes – but that’s just too good to be true. I fell for this type of shinny objects before, but now know better after I wasted $2K on products that don’t work. This Automated Income Sites is just another program that will rip people of their hard earned savings. Stay away from scams like this!

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