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Borderless Income System SCAM [Full Review!]

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December 26, 2017

Borderless income system, Borderless Income System review

Borderlessincomesystem review

Borderless Income System is a new system that claims it can make you earn more than $1,500 per sale in commissions

Is Borderless income System a Scam?

Can you really make money with this system or it’s just another hype get rich quick scheme?

These are some of the burning questions buzzing around the internet

This Borderless Income System review is going to have the right answers you’re looking for 😉

Without any further ado let’s get into it!

Borderless Income System Review

Name: Borderless Income System


Price: $49 + Hidden Costs

Recommended? NO

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Yesterday I was scrolling up and down on Facebook until an email notification came up

That email was an offer which is Borderless Income System

I looked into it and it said that a Super affiliate is revealing a newbie system for making money online

After having a closer look I knew what it’s all about

then I noticed that a lot of people online are looking for Borderless Income System reviews and are wondering if this is legit or not.

That’s pretty much the reason why I put together this review

Before I get into the review I’d like to shed some light on the so-called Super Affiliate that is Called Ewen Chia.

Who is Ewen Chia?

After watching the Borderless Income System I realized that the person voicing the sales video is called Ewen Chia

I’m not familiar with him but I noticed that he has a lot of programs online

I’m sure he makes lots of money online

But I have seen many people complaining about his products being outdated and of low quality

I don’t think he’s a scammer but he definitely has some low quality and hype systems out there.

If you want to learn more about Ewen Chia and his notorious products just watch this video.

With that said let’s get back to our main topic which is Borderless Income System

What is Borderless Income System?

This is a program created by Ewen Chia that focuses on teaching you the ropes of affiliate marketing

To get the access to their basic training you need to pay $49 which will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s a business model that allows you to sell other people stuff for commissions.

There are many great newbies training platforms for newbies that teach you affiliate marketing like Affilorama, Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Mastery Challenge.

Those affiliate marketing training platforms teach you how to sell any product you want and that’s a real online business.

Unlike Borderless Income System which focuses on teaching you how to sell their products only.

That way they can make more money.

This is basically an MLM scheme when a program becomes all about recruiting!

The worst part is that Borderless Income System costs quite a fortune if you want to promote it.

You need to be ready to invest thousands of dollars to be able to promote this and earn those fat commissions Ewen Chia talks about in the video.

On top of that Borderless Income System is not even a training or a real system

It’s simply a website that redirects you to buy different products.

The goal of Borderless Income System is to make you buy the products that they recommend to you.

Looking for a free way to make money online?

That’s how Ewen Chia makes his money.

In a few words Borderless Income System is just funneling you to buy other products so the owner earns commissions

I have seen these funnel websites quite a lot I even had the chance to review some that are no different than the program in question today.

Here are some examples:

How Does Borderless Income System Work?

This system as I said before funnels you to other products

At the time of this writing, it funnels to a system Called MOBE

What is MOBE?


Mobe is a high ticket affiliate marketing training that comes with 21 steps that you need to complete.

Once you access the 21 steps training there will be a personal coach

This coach other than helping you with your questions, it’s known they push members to upgrade to the more expensive memberships

These memberships may cost you more than $40,000.

In the sales page of Borderless Income System, you have heard about earning $1,000′ in commissions

Well, That’s true you can earn even $10,000 in a single sale!

The catch is that you need to deposit $30,000 if you want to earn $10,000 on a single sale

You basically have to buy the resell rights for every product MOBE offers

MOBE products pricing ranges from $3,000-$30,000

You must agree with me if I say they cost a leg and an arm.

To start making money you will need to find people that can comfortably spend more than $30,000

I’m sure that’s something very hard to do, while there are affiliates that do this very well, there are lots of MOBE members that have wasted money and could not find buyers.

Don’t take my word for it.

A person complaining about Mobe

It’s true that that very few people will afford to invest massively.
that’why Borderless Income System (MOBE) have a low success rate



You don’t have to take my word for it again.


MOBE compensation plan

Can You Make Money with Borderless Income System?

Honestly, If you can convince people into buying a system with no value and costs more than $30,000

Then you can make money

People are very skeptical and I can assure you that they are not going to spend that kind of money for a system that is full of hype

There might be some naive people that could believe in this but they are going to be few people for sure.

Is This System for You?

I think if you are a seasoned affiliate marketer that has experience with turning people into leads

Then this system is what you are looking for

If you are a newbie and you join this system it’s like giving away your money for free.

As a newbie, you need a Legit Affiliate Marketing for Newbies that doesn’t break the bank.

Is Borderless Income System a Scam?

I don’t know if I should call this a scam or not

Well, it’s full of lies, hype and hidden costs.

A legit product definitely doesn’t base their training on that.

To make money with this you need to lie to people and make them spend a fortune for an MLM scheme.

To sums things up let me share with you the pros & cons of this system.

Borderless Income System Pros & Cons
  • There is a little chance to earn money
  • It’s not a real training
  • It sells you other expensive products
  • It costs a lot of money
  • Not suitable for newbies even if it says it’s for newbies.
  • Full of hype and lies
  • Risky, you could spend your life savings with this.

Final Recommendation

If you keep believing this get rich quick schemes you will never make money

I have been there and I personally spent serious money for scams like these

But I have learned my lesson.

If you want to earn a living it takes hard work and patience.

If you are interested in the training that allowed me to work from home then

Check out My Recommended Training for Newbies

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