February 9


Classy Results Everyday Review: An Unaffiliated Review

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

February 9, 2017

Is Classy Results Everyday a Scam

This a Classy Results Everyday Review a new program that is just launched, is it a scam or a legitimate opportunity? This is a very unbiased review.

I’m constantly looking for legitimate programs to promote and earn money from.

I just came across a program that is quite promising.

It’s called Classy Results Everyday a product that was launched a few days ago.

This product is meant to make you money by working less than 30 minutes per day.

The earnings seem to be very high.

Is it too good to be true? or Another big scam?

ClassyResults Everydayearn$100perday
Can This Be True????

What is Classy Results Everyday?

Classy Results Everyday is a step by step video training where you are thought to earn more than $100 per day by working less than 30 minutes per day.

There are not many details on the sales page but the owner of this product says that you won’t be using Facebook, Fiverr or anything like that to make money.

But he says you will be using his latest techniques that make him over $1000 in a week.

Here is the Classy Results Everyday promotional video:

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How Much Classy Results Everyday Cost?

This product costs $5-$10 but there are different upsells which are the following:

  • #1 Traffic Tracking ($15)
  • #2 List of High Paying Affiliate Programs ($23)
  • #3 Email Marketing Secret ($197)
  • This is a downsell: 24/7 Skype support ($97)

How Does Classy Results Everyday Work?

The owner claims that after buying the product you will earn $100 in 22 hours.

He doesn’t really explain the business model, all he says is that his technique is the coolest and newbie friendly.

This is the owner explaining how his system works.

Classy Results Everyday3stepsmethod

He says you will get three bonuses if you purchase his product.

The free bonuses are:

  • Free Access to his Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Private Support & Webinar
  • Make $259 per day with his free money making method

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Classy Results Everyday Complaints & Concerns

As I said before this product is promising so much money but it’s not recommended.

Here are different reasons as to why you should NOT  buy this product

1) You can’t Try it for Free

This guy keeps talking about some magic trick to make $100 per day but I would like to try and see what I will get.

2) Get Rich Quick Scheme

He says after 22 hours you will start earning $100 per day by working 30 minutes per day.

3) The Business Idea & Offer are not clear

You can hardly understand what this guy is offering you.

He says you won’t be using Facebook, Youtube or Fiverr but his coolest trick to make $1000 per week.

Is Classy Results Everyday a Scam?

Don’t waste your hard earned cash on bullshit products.

The owner is running a contest, who refers the most clients to this product will win cash.

I’m not promoting a product that is designed to rip off people there are other legitimate ways to make money.

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  • Thanks for the review! I always think that when the program claims that you do not need to work hard and can make money on autopilot mode, that program is a scam.

  • Yet another scam! Way to keep up on the latest and greatest 🙂 I hate when there isn’t a lot of information about the product or the “how” and “why” of their pitch. Sadly, this happens with the majority of online opportunities. Thanks, Anis!

  • Thanks for this review! I didn’t know about this program but I don’t think it’s legit because they promise you to make money fast without telling you how, and you can’t even try it for free. I usually stay away from this kind of programs lol

  • email marketing secret – 197 dollars. That seems like a sure give away this is not a legit company. This is definitely a scam that will only make the owner of this program rich.


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