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Clone My Sites – It’s a Scam! [Warning Review]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 6, 2018

clone my sites scam - sales video

Clone my Sites - $1000/day or total scam?

Is Clone My Sites a Scam? Yes! But you might earn money with them, because they are going to send you to different products which might earn you money!

I'm going to explain everything in this review so keep reading!

Clone My Sites Short Review

Making money online fast is the dream of almost everyone, but unfortunately you can find a lot of websites who try to rob you money. 

Its really seductive that you can make $1.000 a day by almost doing nothing and that's what is Clone My Sites promising you but it seems to good to be real. 

I'm glad that you stopped by my website, now I'm going to give my honest review about Clone My sites and and legit ways to build an income online .

  • Name - Clone My Sites
  • Website - clonemysites.com
  • Price - $37 + hidden costs
  • Owner - Jake (probably a stage name)
  • Recommended? NO

What is Clone My Sites?

I'm assuming you've already watched the videO where Jake talks about your account and how it's already making you money while you're watching.

You're probably like what the hell? My account is making me money? I didn't even lift a finger!

Yes, that's some hype right there!

That's just a bunch of lies to sell you this bag full of air, to make things worse the creator of Clone My Sites even tells you that he's going to show you ''live'' your account while it's making commissions!

clone my sites scam review - your account is making money live

Your Clone my Sites account is making money live, what?

My question is

Why would you sell a system making commissions live for $37?

It does not make sense, does it?

You know the video is not even a live video!

 They are just lying to you, you probably did not think about the video being live or not, because chances are you were focused wondering if Clone My Sites can make you big money or not.

But that live video happens to be just a Youtube video and here is it right in front of your eyes!

The video is full of BS, lies and fake claims. 

They even say that all the hard work has been done for you, your job now is to bring in new leads to the system and you will start enjoying the paychecks coming in every single month!

In summary Clone My Sites claims to be: 

  • A website that wants to teach you how to make $1000 per day
  • They have already built everthing, all you have to do is introduce new people to the system.
  • It only costs $37 
  • You can start making money right now

But unfortunately Clone My Sites is nothing but another get rich quick scheme that is planning to earn commissions from you.

It's a copied scam, it's has been rehashed from other old scams that I have reviewed on my site, here they are in front of you:

But what if I told you, even though Clone My Sites has been rehashed from old scams you can make money from them.

Because they just send you to buy different products that might give you good training which can teach you how to build an online business

Clone My Sites Scam - What You're Actually Buying!

The truth about these scammers is they set up a fake video presentation, they get your email address and start sending you products to buy.

That's literally what they are planning to do.

Every scam I review promotes a different product, sometimes they send you to buy legit products sometimes just garbage.

Clone My Sites is a FAKE Site!

Clone My Sites itself is not a training or a system that is going to make you money, it's just a fake video presentation that has been created in the 26th of April 2018.

clone my sites reviews - published on Apr 26, 2018

Clone My Sites is a new product

Clone My Sites has no training or any information that is going to teach you how to earn $1000 per day.

As I said before they just want to redirect you to a third party training that they are affiliated with.

When you pay $37 on the Clone My Sites checkout page, you're not giving money to the latter, but to the third party product, the latter is going to give a percentage to Clone My Sites because they are the one that sent you to buy the third party program.

Clone My Sites are going to get a tiny commission off the $37, but they did not create their fake site just to earn that little commission.

The truth is they are expecting to earn thousands of dollars off you! Yes you have heard that right!

Clone My Sites is a Sales Funnel Only!

Clone My Sites is just a sales funnel that was created by some anonymous person that calls himself Jake.

Jake just wants to make money off you that's why he has created this fake website.

Who is Jake? Can You Trust Him?

There no information about Jake and he does not show up as a real person, that only proves that this guy does not have good intentions with the Clone My Sites website.

How can you trust a person that does not even show but is promising to get you rich online?

Jake is just an affiliate of a bunch of different make money online products, he has created Clone My Sites just to collect as many email addresses as possible.

Jake is going to use an autoresponder which will send paid products to his email subscribers.

Don't Give out Your Personal Email to Clone My Sites!

If you give out your email address to Clone my Sites you should expect receiving lots of paid offers, if you purchase Jake is going to earn a commission.

Imagine lots of people will receive email offers from Jake, if only a small percentage of these people buy, Jake is going to earn lots of money.

That's why there are a lot of scams online, because that makes them TONS of easy money.

Can Clone My Sites Make You Money?

Well, as I said before Jake is planning to send you a lot of products to buy, scammers usually send you to offers like Mobe, the Commission Machine or Jeff's 6 Figure Business System.

Fraud sites like to promote the above systems because they are very expensive, it means you will pay a lot therefore a bigger paycheck for the scammers.

You can't make money if you're distracted every day or every other day with a different money making offer, you need to stick with one and focus on it.

Maybe you can earn some money but it won't even cover the costs!

Clone My Sites just wants you to buy a bunch of products because that's makes them a lot of money.

That's why I invite you to check out the Training that I used to Earn $2,000/Month

Is Clone My Sites a Scam? Yes! Here's the Proof!

I'm sure Clone My Sites is a scam because no legit product will lie to you the way this program does.

They promise you easy and fast money without even working hard, how is that possible when they are not even a real program?

Clone My Sites is just a one-paged website that is planning to get your email address so they keep recommending you some random online marketing products that might work or not.

$37 is not the real price of this system, you're are going to continually receive products to buy so you can spend thousands of dollars on this if you believe them.

Here is SOLID PROOF that Clone My Sites is a SCAM!

The Typical Purchaser DOES NOT Make Money!

Scam or any website must have a disclaimer or a disclosure at the bottom of their sites for legal purposes otherwise they might get sued.

Usually when you visit the disclaimer of a scam you will see what they really are, obviously Clone My sites does not want you to see their disclaimer.

But in case you you did not see it (I'm sure you did'n't because Clone My Sites has made sure it's not super visible on their site) here is it (see below screenshot)

Does Clone My Sites Work? the typical purchaser does not make any money disclaimer

Clone My Sites - Disclaimer can be found at the bottom of their homepage

The Testimonies are Stock Photos!

Clone My Sites metions some members that are making lots of money using this system, however after I did an image search online I noticed those testimonials are fake!

For example Jay Watkins who has made $500 in a day does not even exist because a lot of websites are using his image on their posts!

Jay Watkins picture (see below) is a stock photo that any one can use on their websites because it's copyright free!

This proves even more that Clone my Sites is a bogus and shady site.

Clone My Sites reviews- fake testimonial

Jay Watkins does not even exist

is clone my sites fake - stock photos used on other sites

Pictures of Jay Watkins are found on other sites

Clone My Sites is Sold on ClickBetter!

ClickBetter is an affiliate network similar to ClickBank that allows people to sell their products or courses, it's is very popular for allowing scams to sell their stuff within the marketplace.

It is also hard sometimes to get a refund.

My friend Jay has created an amazing Clickbetter review in case you want to learn more about it

clone my sites fraud - Clickbetter

Clone My Sites is sold on ClickBetter

Final Review

I hope my review has helped you get an idea of how bad Clone My Sites is, this is an obvious scam.

I have proved why it's a scam by showing how they use fake testimonials and how the income disclaimer page explains that no one makes money using their stuff.

You won't make any money with this product since they don't teach you anything, they only want to milk you out of your hard earned cash!

My final opinion is I don't recommend this site for the reasons mentioned above.

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If you have found this review useful, please click on the buttons below to share it so you can warn your friends, I have worked very hard to put this piece together I hope it was useful to you!

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Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

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  • Hi Anis,

    Thanks a lot for posting. Your article has done a very good job of revealing the characteristics which reveal Clone my sites as a scam.

    Wherever there is money to be made, there will be scammers looking to take advantage of an individual’s ignorance, greed, desperation, etc…you are fulfilling a noble purpose by providing the best antidote: EDUCATION.

    As an aside, it seems that the collection of email addresses is an important part of any online business. Which leads me to the question: which legitimate, ethical means of getting email addresses do you find work best?

    Thanks again for sharing.

    All the best,


    • Hi Norman, you’re right, education is very important, lots of people are just looking for the easy way out, which lets them stay in their same position all the time.

      Building an email list is important and very profitable if done right, in my opinion starting a blog where you offer a lot of value is the the best way to collect email addresses that eventually are going to buy what you recommend as they see you as a trustable person that offers value.

  • Hi there Anis,

    ….or perhaps I should call you scam buster!, Serious, a big thanks and huge kudos or outing such an obvious and absolute scam.

    I mean, I copy a site and that’s it..commissions just roll in!
    ..yeah right!

    Such a site will NEVER rank in google and most likely..ok..highly likely (so likely I can almost guarantee it!) get a google penalty and delisted for duplicate content!

    • That’s right Derek, However Clone My Sites does not use SEO, they use PPC to buy traffic, which can cost you lots of money, it’s very risky if not done right, I’m sure Clone My Sites offers no training on this which makes it a more dangerous product for beginners!

  • In this day and age that we are in, I really appreciate an honest straight forward review that you have published Anis. I was one that was falsely lead into the world of online Hype so many time’s until I ran into the WA platform. Then my knowledge of the truth was reborn simply because of the selling part of this great program, nothing up front, and no buy-in’s thru the program, only great ongoing no-cost support. Once again thank you for the warning’s , and I will only stick to the advice of the WA platform, sincerely, Jack

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