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Is Clout Cash Club Legit? So Spammy!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 14, 2018

clout cash club review legit or scam

So is Clout Cash Club Legit or a total survey scam?

I've personally tried it and I'm going to share with you my honest take in this review.

I'm also going to share with you my best money makers that are probably a lot better than Clout Cash Club

Clout Cash Club Review

Looks like there are no reviews online about Clout Cash Club while there are lots of Google searchers wondering if this survey platform is legitimate or not.

That's why I have put together for you this quick honest review.

I have been making money online full-time since 2016, I have tried any survey under the sun, so I can quickly tell if a survey is legit or a scam just from the first glance.

Keep reading if you want to see what I have to say about Clout Cash Club,  you will find other ways to earn extra cash or to make a solid reliable income online.

  • Name: Clout Cash Club
  • Website: cloutcashclub.com
  • Price: Free
  • Owner: Hidden
  • Recommended?: No

What is Clout Cash Club?

Clout Cash Club call themselves a survey aggregator community where you will find high paying surveys.

Their website was created in December 2017, so it's not an old website.

Just a few days ago I published a review about a similar survey site named Smart Dollars Club, the latter also claims to earn you $70 to $150 for every survey you complete.

I never trust surveys that claim to pay high amounts of money for a survey, because I have been taking surveys for years and what I know is the legit surveys will only give you 50 cents to $10 per survey.

All the surveys that look like Clout Cash Club turn out to be duds, examples of such sites are 

If you read these scam surveys reviews you will see that they have in common the promise of big payouts which is something unrealistic when it comes to the world of surveys.

How Does Clout Cash Club Work?

To get started with Clout Cash Club all you need is your email address.

As soon as you give out your email you will receive your $150 paying survey.

$150 per survey clout cash club

I gave them my email address to see if I can make that money like they say and here's what I received in my inbox.

$350 oer day by sharing your opinion with clout cash club

When I opened the email I read that I can make $350 per day with their survey program, now this is way too good to be true.

$350 per day with Clout Cash Club

It's impossible to make $350 a day doing surveys, I'm smelling rat here.

I clicked on the survey that is supposed to make me $350 today and here's what popped up! (see screenshot below)

clout cash club is spammy

Unfortunately I was sent to a website that seems about betting which has nothing to do with surveys. When I tried clicking on their other surveys I was sent to some dodgy looking websites that are total spam!

I definitely don't think Clout Cash Club is legit after trying it.

If you need help finding a good site to make money I recommend you to forget about the extra cash sites and learn how to build a profitable website which is something My #1 Training Can Teach You.

How Much Doe Clout Cash Club Cost?

Clout Cash Club is free to join, that's how surveys should be really, it should be shocking if a survey asks for money.

However Clout Cash Club sometimes send you to some third party websites where you may have to swipe your credit card.

My advice to you is to NEVER give your credit card details to a website like this, I know many scam surveys that have ripped off people just like this.

Legit surveys never ask for your credit card unless you're completing a paid offer which should be disclosed in the first place.

There are many reward sites that will send you to complete paid offers that come with trials, only give your credit card details if you genuinely want to try the offer and you're sure it's a brand you know, not a spammy offer.

Can You Make Money with Clout Cash Club?

I really don't recommend you Clout Cash Club, you will probably earn a few dollars with this if you're lucky enough to receive a legit survey invitation.

But most of the time you will be invited to spam and cheesy websites that will even ask you for money, for example, I came across a survey before that was asking me to pay $200 to receive a list of surveys that eventually will make me $500 per day!

That's a funny promise, and it was an obvious scam.

You won't make any money with Clout Cash Club, if you're looking for real alternatives I have some for you below.

Any Good Alternatives?

Good news, there are many good alternatives to Clout Cash Club.

Rest assured that they are not going to make you $350 per day because that's not a real thing, surveys don't make much, that's the truth.

Below you can find some good alternatives that can earn you some good extra cash.

While the above surveys are good extra cash makers, there is a better way to make money which is starting a website from your passion.

You can make a lot of money from this, that's how I make more than $2000 every month by working less than 3 hours per day!

Best Training for Making Money Online!

Is Clout Cash Club a Scam?

Clout Cash Club is NOT recommended, you can't make $400 per day with surveys.

This website is planning to take advantage of you to make you join some questionable websites that are going to make them money while you stay disappointed and desperate.

You don't have to stay disappointed because there are many good ways to make money online.

If you want to work from home full-time like me, then you need this great Work from Home Training for Beginners.

Any Thoughts About Clout Cash Club? Leave Your Comments Below!

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