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Complete Profit Code – Biggest Scam of the Year!

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By Anis

May 10, 2017

Complete Profit Code

I’m going to get straight to the point here the Complete Profit Code is a scam and you are risking wasting thousands of dollars for this scam make sure you read this review before you fall for it!

Complete Profit Code Review

Name: Complete Profit Code


Price: $97 + hidden costs!

Owner: Karen Evans (fake name)

Recommended? No

Karen Evans Again?

Just a few days ago I reviewed the Financial Health Reset which is a similar scam with a ridiculous name that seems to be made by Kelly Evans and Mark Cuban (I explained how they illegally used his name)

But who is Karen Evans?

Kelly Evans is a stage name it seems like The Complete Profit code is using that fake name to endorse their scammy program

There is another program called The Total Income Answer that seems to be under Karen Evans

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The Fake News Report (Again)

Complete Profit code fake news report

You will laugh if you knew how many times I come across the exact same fake news report with just a different headline and fake names.

As you can see on the screenshot above they put the name of my city that’s complete BS and I have seen it many times

Chances are you see your city in there as well, everyone will see their city on the fake news report.

Another thing I couldn’t help but notice on the fake news report are the comments

If you scroll down you will see some comments I’m sure they are fake but the funny part some comments talk about smartphones in an article about a mom making tons of money online.

Featured on CNN, FoxNews, USAToday?

They say they have been featured in those big brand sites to make you think it’s legit

So I went to USAToday I used their search box to see if there is an article featuring the Complete Profit code

Nothing found, feel free to click on the link and see for yourself.

The fake logos trick seems to be popular between scammers

Unfortunately the other day a person left this comment on my review of a similar scam and as you can see people do fall for these fake CNN, Forbes… logos

Complete Profit Code victim

The Fake News Video 

Did you notice that the news video barely talks about the Complete Profit Code?

I don’t know why every scam has to use the exact same news video that talks work from home in general but never mention the actual program (in this case the Complete Profit Code)

fake news video

Does The Complete Profit Code Cost only $97?

Now $97 may seem like not a huge price to pay for a training that promises thousands of dollars

But what they don’t tell you is the fact you have to go through series of upsells where you have to spend thousands of dollars

They will try to get as much money as they can from you

That’s the number one reason they create such ridiculous programs just to steal your hard earned money!

Is The Complete Profit Code a Scam? Final Opinion

There is no point in making this review any longer, I could go through all their sales page and tell you all the red flags

But that would be a waste of time as I have already mentioned those red flags on these same scams

Facebook BonanzaHome Wealth RemedyHome Job Source

I don’t understand why they have to keep making these rehashed scams.

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Do you have anything to share with us? What do you think about this scam?

Would you spend $97 on it?

Please leave your comments or questions below!

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  • The cost of this stealmysystem is now 49.00 and stupid me tries to follow it’s protacall and the tell # it offers is boggus and there is no listed and I just lost my 49.00 to these people and I am Furrious about it and if there is something you can do to find and destoy these people from there rip off scam then I would pay the 49.00 to find and put these people in jail where they belong

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