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Copy My Email System Review (2022) Ugly Scam Exposed Now

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By Anis

September 8, 2022

copy my email system scam

Welcome to my Copy My Email System Review! (Updated 2022)

So, you came across Copy My Email System and you wanted to purchase it. However, a little bird told you to look up for a review in case it might turn out to be a nasty scam?

In any case, you're smart! A lot of people blindly purchase random work at home programs online without doing any research. Therefore, they end up wasting their hard earned money.

Since you landed here you're looking for an honest Copy My Email System! Well, this review reveals the real truth behind this system!

So, let's get into this Copy My Email System review and see what is all about!

Copy My Email System Quick Review

Name:  Copy My Email System

Website: or

Founder: Bobby (Stage Name)

Price: $1 Trial + $97 + Hidden costs

Recommended?  No

copy my email system scam

What Is Copy My Email System?

Copy My Email System is another program that is promising you to start earning around $500 per day. What you're going to do is send emails to a list of subscribers that you don't even have to build yourself.

Bobby the founder of this system claims that you can only devote 10 minutes per day to start earning a full-time income online as soon as today!

So, Bobby is so nice that he's giving you a ''ready & done for you business'' where you only have to spend 10 minutes per day to make $500 day.

Remember That...

Here at, we hate scammers and BS.

So, I can assure you are going to find out the real face of this program in this Copy My Email System review.

On the rest of this review, I am going to prove why Copy My Email System is not a real program and why you should stay away.

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How Does Copy My Email System Work?

When you join this Copy My Email System by paying the $1 trial, you will need to purchase a list of 500 email subscribers. It's going to cost you $29/month.

Your job is going to be sending emails every day to your email list. Furthermore,  every time a subscriber clicks on one of your offers you get paid 20 cents.

They claim that they receive millions of clicks per day. Furthermore, they claim you can easily earn $20 to $100 per day from those 20 cents clicks.

So, if you want to earn more you will need to buy a bigger list of subscribers. They have many options, the bigger the list the more money it's going to cost you.

But the problem is...

You need to know that no one is going to pay you 20 cents per clicks. That's complete BS.

Copy My Email System just want you to keep wasting money on their bogus email list subscribers.

Paying to get a list of subscribers that will already start giving you money is complete BS.

I'm not saying that's it's impossible to buy an email list and start making money with it right away.

The point is it takes lots of hard work to build a reliable email list so no one will give it to you for $29/month.

Anis Chity

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How Much Will Copy My Email System Cost You?

Copy My Email System is just planning to rip you financially, they are not going to make you money, to get started you only pay $1 but that's just a bait to get you in, then the upsells train will come.

There are way too many upsells that I'm not to cover all on this review.

But Let Me Give You an Example...

Copy My Email System has an upsell that offers 5,000 subscribers for $200 and another one which will give you 20 referrals for $300.

They have a lot of other upsells. The point is, they are going to keep asking you for money until you realize they are just sucking your money for nothing.

Red Flags

#1 - It's a Rehashed & Rebranded Scam...

Last year I wrote a full review about this program called GIM System Training.

You can my read review about it here.

This system also pays you to send emails, it's literally the same as Copy My Email System, the only difference is the name.

Gim System Training aka The Guaranteed Income System aka The Guaranteed Email System aka the Email Syndicate, instant email empire and My Email Mentor.

Can You See What's Going On Here?

Copy My Email System they have to change their branding very often.

So why they change their names so often?

They don't do this for the sake of it, their names get a bad reputation, people start to realize they are scammers so they need to hide into a different name every time.

In a few words Copy My Email System is a rehashed system that is just trying to scam people around, and change names everything it gots exposed!

Anis Chity

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#2 - Even the Owner is FAKE!

Let's talk about Bobby now.

The owner that has found this amazing "$500 per day making" opportunity.

the founder of Copy My Email System is not even real.

He's actually a paid actor that has been bought on a website called

Below you can see the proof of Bobby being a paid actor.

bobby the founder of copy my email system
copy my email system fiverr actor

So the real owner that hired this paid actor has to hide, this is a big scam sign as you can see.

#3 - The Testimonials are Paid Actors!

Looks like Bobby is not the only one that has been bought from Fiverr.

Even the testimonials that have said a lot of good things about Copy My Email System are fake.

On the right you can see a screenshot of one of the paid actors that claimed to have made money from this scam.

#4 - Where is the Support Team?

A lot of members report that when they spend money and when they realize they are not seeing any results, they seek for the support team.

But unfortunately, all the links don't lead anywhere as the links become broken and not working.

broken links

This is really bad and a true sign of this system being a complete rip off!

Anis Chity

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I can work from home without any special skills or degree!

#5 - Copy My Email System Got Complaints!

People do complain a lot about this scam.

Lots of people waste thousands without earning a cent.

These guys are going to rip you off financially and run away while leaving you with broken links all disappointed.

As soon as the complaints & negative reviews become numerous, Copy My Emailisstem are going to change their name again and look for new victims!

copy my email system complaints

Here's another CMSlive complaint I found on Ripoff Report

this is a negative review about copy my email system

There are a lot of other scam signs.

But I don't want to make this review any longer.

I think the red flags above are enough to prove that this program is no good.

But if you need more clarification or you have questions just drop a comment below this review and I would love to answer any questions.

Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

Yes Copy My Email System is a scam.

Unfortunately, there is nothing good to say about this program, they are just after your hard earned cash, you are not going to make any money from them.

If you still believe they might be a legitimate program, let me prove why it's a scam.

Final Review

If you're looking for a legit online income opportunity, Copy My Email System is definitely not the right choice.

I have explained how they take advantage of people and make them buy the My Inbox Pro email lists that are not going to make you any money.

This system is only going to rip you financially and make you waste time, I don't think you're interested in that, are you?

I have also gave you proof of this being a scam.

I showed you how they buy paid actors to do video testimonials for them.

Even the owner is a paid actor, so what can you expect from this program?


Start Making Money the Legit Way!

Let me give you a quick piece of advice.

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  • Why is Clickbank taking part in these scams? Why is it that all people who come up with warnings and negative reviews are unable to find a way to shut down these scummy websites? Many people do not review. They only read reviews after having been scammed.

  • I listened to the video and I bought the deal $ 34 for the Email and $ 97 fee which they will return it to the commission which they are suppose to send it to you every month , Suddenly you discover only the Emails coming from them to buy upgrades , But when I sent them Emails they never answer .
    I saw on the Net Mr David Dekel (funnel X) I tried to buy into his program . When
    I started the registration . I found my name is in the system , I decided to sent him
    some Emails , Considering Mr Bobby Jones or Brian Jones as he used to call himself , still has my commission $556 and $ 97 Dollars upgrade I never got . I need to use this
    money with Mr David Dekel program , But to my surprise I found the people in this company including David Dekel , Do not read Emails and when nobody read your emails .
    You will never see your money . Lately I noticed they are operating under new name . Instant Email Empire instead of CMES. If you google CMES . You will get 404 not found . he still send me Emails under the new name , I am asking him to send me the $663 he owe me , After that . I will think about it .

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