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Countdown to Profits Review – Legit or Scam?

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By Anis

May 28, 2018

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Countdown to profits

If you’re planning to buy Countdown to profits, you really need to wait a minute and read this honest review

 This is a system that claims you’re going to earn real money within a few weeks.

It’s certainly full of hype and lies, however it’s not entirely a scam

Countdown to profits is going to sell you another program that is legit where you can make money if you take action.

If you want to learn more and make sure this program is legit and real just read my very honest Countdown to profits review!

Without wasting time, let’s get into it!

Countdown to Profits Quick Review

Name: Countdowntoprofits


Owner: Richard Paul

Price: +$97

Countdown to profits

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What is Countdown to Profits?

Countdown to profits is a get rich quick scheme

This program claims that anyone no matter what background they have they can make money easily and quickly within a few weeks.

Richard Paul the person voicing the sales video says that every second of watching the sales video is worth $1.

If you watch the 500 seconds long video you will get $500

Another thing I have noticed is the limited spots tactic

countdown to profits only 8 out 50 spots available

Countdown to profits fake scarcity tactics

Countdown to profits says that where I live (Marrakech) there are only 8 out 50 spots left

But that’s totally fake as this is a code they have on their site that will automatically show your country or city on that page.

They have that fake limited spots thing on their page just to make you act quickly to buy Countdown to Profits.

Many people do fall for these scarcity tactics but now you know that they may be fake.

Another thing is when you give out your email address, phone number and name, these may be sold to third party advertisers

This will result in receiving lots of spammy emails and phone calls

If you really want to try Countdown to Profits make sure you give them a bogus email and phone number

As you can see this system is fake and lying

In a few words, Countdown to Profits is a program that promises a lot but under delivers

If you want a legit opportunity check out

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How Does Countdown to Profits Work?

Countdown to profits has 3 membership levels which are the following:

  1. Gold
  2. Platinum
  3. Platinum Plus

Countdown to profits memberships

Countdown to profits memberships

To get started you will need to invest $97 in another product called Mobe

What is Mobe?

Mobe is a digital marketing learning platform where people learn how to start online businesses from scratch.

In a few words this is an expensive program that requires massive investments upfront.

I’m not going to go deeper in explaining what MOBE is as I have already written a full review on it!

The $97 you pay will give you access to their gold membership where you will learn how to sell digital products and how to start a website

As you go forward with the 21 steps training you will discover more expensive memberships which are the platinum and the platinum plus

These memberships will give you mentors that will give you calls but remember that you may be asked about your budget

These mentors usually try to offer you investments oppurtunities where you will have to invest as much money as possible

looking for a free way to make money online

Needless to say that they just want to get as much money as possible from you.

Programs like Countdown to profits don’t want to help you make money, they want to get richer and richer only.

Here are some programs that operate exactly like Countdown to profits

In a few words, Countdown to Profits is not a real program, it’s planning to sell you another program called MOBE which is extremely expensive

Find a legit work at home training here.

Countdown to Profits is owned by a person called Richard Paul

Who is Richard Paul?

He claims to be a millionaire but there is literally no information about him online.

I’m assuming he’s a paid actor

I have seen him in other scams like Big Profits Plan and Automated Income Method

He also appears in a very dangerous scam called Stark Trading System

Richar Paul Start Trading System scam

Can You Make Money with Countdown to Profits?

Countdown to Profits wants you to invest in another program called MOBE.

It means that you will be using Mobe training to make money

The latter is not a scam program

However it’s a place where you need to spend a lot of money

It’s also a place where 62% of people make less than $800 per year

mobe affiliate disclosure


This does not mean that Mobe doesn’t work or something

Success with this system is based on personal effort

There are people that makes millions with it

I’m assuming the majority of their members make less than $800 per year because of the hype that the affiliates make

Newbies when they join Mobe they think they will make thousands of dollars overnight

After spending lots of money they fail to make money!

With that said with Countdown to Profits you can make money

Just remember you need to put in effort and money while forgetting all the hype and unrealistic income claims.

Is Countdown to Profits a Scam?

I think Countdown to Profits is a scam

It’s essentialy a fake program that sells you a totally different program that is Mobe

Even the owner is fake and associated with other scams that I have linked above on this review.

Here are more scam signs that prove that countdown to profits is a scam.

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Countdown to Profits Scam Signs

1) $500 Money Back Guarantee

Richard Paul promises to give you back $500 if you don’t make money within 30 days.

But the $500 money back is fake and unethical

If you go to the purchase agreement page of the Countdown to Profits site

You will find this.

Countdowntoprofits $500 guarantee


To get the $500 you will need to complete the Mobe 21 Steps training

If you complete the 21 step training and within 30 days you don’t make any money you can ask for the promised $500

You will need to show proof that you have taken the 21 steps training

There is a big catch ​​here!

Within the 21 steps training you are continually asked to buy different memberships and big ticket products

When you complete the training without making money in 30 days you will have spent over $8,000!

You may get $500 back but it’s ridiculous when you have spent over $8k!

Countdown to Profits is not only very expensive it’s also unethical and lying

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2) Countdown to Profits BBB

If you’re a BBB person, Countdown to profits has a terrible BBB Rating

Countdown to profits F rating

They have got 3 complaints and 0 positive reviews

This is a huge scam sign

If Countdown to Profits was a legitimate business they wouldn’t have complaints like this

Countdown to profits complaints

3) Fake Comments & Testimonials

You have probably noticed some facebook comments under the video presentation

fake comments

Countdown to profits fake facebook comments

Maybe you have tried clicking on them but they don’t take you anywhere

Those are fake facebook comments

I have looked up those comments online and I noticed they are fake random comments rehashed from other websites

Fake Scarcity Tactics

If you have noticed many counters that say there are limited spots or the discount will expire within a few hours

You need to know that those are all fake

They just want to put you in hurry mode

Limited Spots counter

If you refresh the page or visit Countdown to profits in an incognito page the counters will be the same

It basically shows everyone that there are limited spots.

4) Hidden Costs

Countdown to Profits is advertised to be for $97 only

However as you go forward with the 21 Steps Mobe training

you will be gradually charged money until you reach $70,000 if you let them!

The worst part is the majority of the MTTB members spend lots of money without even earning it back.

5) Unrealistic Income Claims

Countdown to Profts claims you’re going to earn over $4,000 per day within a few days

Then you’re redirected to buy Mobe

That’s why 62% of Mobe members don’t make money

It’s not because Mobe is bad 

But it’s because of these sales funnels like Countdown to Profits that give a false image of Mobe

There are many Mobe sales funnels like Countdown to Profits 

Here are some examples:

Final Review

I don’t think Countdown to Profits is a legitimate business

If you join you can make money with Mobe because that’s what Countdown to Profits is promoting

In a few words, you can make money with Countdown to Profits if you forget the hype and unrealistic income claims.

With that said, I don’t recommend you to join Countdown to Profits

Because of all the lies and unethical tactics they do.

Start a Real Business Onlin​e

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and you don’t want to invest massive money upfront

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This online business training for newbies is legitimate and does work!

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Do you have any experiences with Countdown to profits?

Your opinions will definitely help the next visitor!

Just leave comments below or share this review with your friends!

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  • Sadly, scams like these are everywhere taking advantage of the uninitiated. Thanks for exposing Count Down To Profits for what it really is.

    I’ve been around long enough to spot programs like these but am still looking for something with a real chance of success.

    What, in your opinion, is a legitimate online business with real potential?

  • Thank you for your honest review. So many people have been ripped by similar programmes that promise people to make them instantly rich.
    The scary bit about Countdown to Profits is the fact it sells clients’ confidential personal information like email address, phone number and name to other advertisers.This is an eye opener!

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