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Quick Daily Rewards Review! – Easy Cash Scam?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 13, 2018

Is Daily Rewards a Scam?, Is Daily Rewards Real?

This is a Daily rewards review, it’s a Reward site for Canadians, but is it good enough? Or a complete waste of time and efforts? Are there any alternatives?

Reward sites are a fun way to make extra cash online.

People seem to love them because they don’t require any special skills if you can click two buttons these are pretty much the skills you will need to bring in some extra money.

However, before you sign up for any reward site you need to make sure it’s worth it.

Not every site will reward you for your efforts, some will scam you while some will reward you with pennies.

It’s sucks but it’s the truth don’t worry there are many reviews online just like this one.

So reading a review about any site before you join is always a good idea.dailyrewardsreview

So in this Daily Rewards review, you can expect to read everything you need to know about DR, the good and the bad, how to earn money and more.

Without further ado let’s get rolling.

 Daily Rewards Review

  • Name: Daily Rewards
  • Website: dailyrewards.com
  • Price: Free
  • Owner: Cotter Web Enterprises
  • Recommended? No

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What is Daily Rewards?


Daily Rewards is a Canadian focused reward site where you can earn points that you can redeem for cash.

There are different ways to earn points like watching videos and taking offers.

I’ll cover all the points making methods later in this review.

This online rewards club is owned by InboxDollars (US and worldwide users) which also owns other reward sites called Send Earnings (The US, Canada, and Uk) and InboxPounds (Uk Focused)

Daily Rewards was launched in 2014 it’s free to join.

It’s a legit site that will pay you.

Let’s see how it works and how can you earn cash with it.

How Does Daily Rewards Work?

If you want to get started with Daily Rewards here’s the process in two steps.

1) Sign Up & Grab Your $5 Bonus

Register on Daily Rewards and get your $5 Sign up Bonus

2) Complete The General Profile Survey


Before you start earning points you will have to complete a general profile survey, it’s quick and easy and can be completed in 3 minutes.Generalprofilesurveyquickandeasy

The profile survey will ask for information about your gender, zip code, household and related info.

They need this information to give you targeted surveys and also to see if you qualify for taking surveys.

After you complete the survey you will earn $0.50.


There are other surveys that you can take so you can receive the surveys that actually interest you.

Each one will earn you $0.25.



Now that your account is set up let’s see how you can earn more points.

How to Earn Money With Daily Rewards

You can earn points in different ways which are the following:

1) Offers

After completing the profile survey and the other surveys you should be able to find offers that you may be interested in.

Find an offer of your interest, learn more about it, each offer will give you information to show you how to complete it, how and when you will be credited.

There are different types of offers:


  • Trial Offers: You need to try a new product or service for 10 to 30 days, this type of offers usually ask for your credit, never forget to unlink your card, do it before the trial expires otherwise you will be charged.
  • Free Offers: Complete free offers and earn points.
  • Paid Offers: You need to buy a product or buy a premium membership of a particular product or service in order to get points.
  • Survey Offers:  These offers want your opinion about a product or service.

2) Surveys

These are surveys from the advertisers.

I don’t like to take surveys because they take forever to complete and you usually don’t even qualify for them.

They want to you to take surveys and patiently answer the questions, if you rush the answers you may not receive many surveys in the future.

If you could skip this one it would be a good idea, many surveys are long and after you finish them they will tell you that you don’t qualify and therefore earn nothing!

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3) Complete Tasks

With this one, you earn few cents doing tasks as simple as giving a name to a picture or giving a description to a product.

These tasks cannot be completed efficiently by computers because they require the human intelligence.

These tasks are exactly the same tasks as Amazon Mechanical Turk

4) Cash Games

If you are a fan of online games, with Daily Rewards you can play games for free, choose a game that you are interested in, get good at it then participate in contests and see if you can beat the opponents to win a prize.

Playing games with Daily Rewards is free, in Swagbucks you have to pay to play games.

5) Watch Videos


In your account you will see a tab called videos, click on it and you will see a list of Daily Rewards partners, chose a partner by clicking on it, you will be able to watch videos there.

Each video you watch will earn you a couple of cents.

But this is what most people see when they want to watch a video.



6) Shopping Cash Back

Daily Rewards allows you to save and earn cash back from your online shopping, all you have to do is download the Ownza browser extension and start shopping like you normally do.

When it comes to rebates sites you want to join the best rebate websites this list includes amazing cash back sites like Ebates and Ibotta

7) Refer Your Friends

Simply refer your friends to Daily Rewards and earn 10% of their qualified earnings.

I think Cashcrate and Swagbucks have a more rewarding referral program.

8) Earn More with The Gold Membership



Gold members earn more than normal members, the Gold membership is free, to get in all you have to do is request and receive your first payment.

Gold members get paid faster (every Wednesday), have exclusive access to monthly offers and earn 10% from people that join Daily Rewards directly from the official site without being referred by a member.

How Does Daily Rewards Pay You?

You can request your payments when you reach $30, I think their payout threshold is high.

It’s hard to reach $30 every month, especially if you focus on low rewarding tasks like surveys and watching videos.

You get paid via Paypal.

After you request your first payment you will be considered a gold member, gold members can request payments every week.

Daily Rewards Alternatives

There are some alternatives to Daily Rewards like Daily Survey Panel and Send Earnings

But I think Swagbucks is the best Online Reward site

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Daily Rewards The Good & The Bad

The Good

  • Legit reward site
  • Different ways to earn
  • Fast Payments via Paypal
  • $5 Sign up bonus
  • Easy to use

The Bad

  • Low earnings
  • Hard to qualify for surveys
  • High payout threshold ($30)
  • Available only for Canadians

Daily Rewards Review: a Scam? Is it Worth your Time?

Daily Rewards is definitely not a scam, it’s a legit reward site where you will receive any payments you worked for.

I have review different scam surveys like:

Daily Rewards is NOTHING like them!

It’s a good reward site for Canadians!

Join Daily Rewards Today!

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Did you try Daily Rewards before? Please share with us all your experiences!

Any Comments, Feedback or Questions are welcome just drop a comment below!

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Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • I would not recommend this site to anyone. I have had 4 incidents in the past 10 days where I FULLY COMPLETED a survey and received the message ” invalid obfuscated member id” and did not receive my compensation. I contacted their chat line and was simply told I would be passed up to a supervisor but I have yet to be compensated. The surveys are very low paying {.25-.50} for most surveys and it is hard to qualify. It takes forever to reach the $30 level to receive a payout and then another 10-14 days to have it put into your PayPal account. Also if you don’t keep your account active while awaiting your payout they will not pay you. I have been with them for well over a year now and have only qualified for 2 payouts despite attempting numerous surveys almost EVERY DAY. I am with 304 other survey companies which all pay much higher and provide much better customer service. I do not submit this review lightly as I honestly try my best to do these surveys honestly but it gets very disheartening when you are treated like this. I assume many others doing these surveys are similar to myself–low income people simply trying hard to make a few dollars. I would recommend people not try this site because there are several other sites that are much better.

  • Daily Rewards is very hard site to make money. The payouts are very low and you need to get $30 before you can cash out. When you get over $20 the surveys suddenly become very hard to qualify for and even when you finally do hit $30 it takes FOREVER to get your PayPal acct credited and they refuse to pay you unless you continue to do surveys for them. I would recommend you not cash out at $30 unless you really need the money. Build your payout higher because it will take a long time to receive your payment.

  • Martin
    Customer support
    Chat started
    You — Please update your info
    answered all kinds of questions for the peanut survey and at end of 5 min worth of questions it disqualifies me,twice,this is a rip off where is my compenstation for my time and effort answering those questions
    Martin joined the chat
    scott, welcome to our Live Chat service. While I read the details you provided, can you please add Support@DailyRewards.Zendesk.com to your email addressbook/safe list? This will help future assistance reach you properly.
    What is the name of the Survey Provider you attempted this Survey through?
    OpinionWorld Surveys
    Survey – GSP
    Peanut Labs Surveys
    Opinion Surveys
    Survey SV (Survey #SV…)
    You — Please update your info
    Peanut Labs Surveys
    Thank you
    Can you please tell the reward amount?
    You — Please update your info
    1 was 2 dollars and change other was 70 something cents didnt write it down,didnt think i was going to have to contact support
    Can you please tell me the exact reward amount so that I can assist you further with this?
    You — Please update your info
    guess you didnt read last response
    how convenient the page has been closed so no way to get the price
    but guessing you knew this
    I will request you to please visit your transaction page in order to see the reward amount for both of the Peanut Lab Surveys.
    You — Please update your info
    ok where is this transaction page
    Please go to your surveys page, click on any peanut lab survey and you will be redirected to the their website and on top right side you can see the Transaction link where you can check the reward amount of last 2 surveys.
    You — Please update your info
    ok ty
    You are welcome. Please let me know the reward amount
    You — Please update your info
    cant find a link to peanut
    Please go to the following link in order to see the Peanut lab survey.
    You — Please update your info
    found it
    You — Please update your info
    this is what it says.nothing about the survey price
    Status: Disqualified
    Reward: 0 $
    Date: Nov 14, 2017, 13:02
    Transaction ID: 1097164333
    no price on either one
    Please note that there will be an option to report this. I will request you to please report this and they will assist you further.
    You — Please update your info
    ok what are you here for then
    its your site i signed up to
    Martin is typing…

  • Hi Anis! I’m a vanadian student who as limited time to work, and very irregular schedules. I actually tried daily rewards and found that with some hard work on this site i got minimum wage salary equivalent. The fact that i could chose my schedules helped me but i don’t think that it is a good way of making consistent money, just little extras here and there when no other options showed to me. I hope this will help other decide if it’s a good way for them or not to make extra$
    Have a good one!

  • Hi,
    I was on thiswebsite “earning money” for a year. Now i am quiting. Loking back, how much time i have lost anfd h ($ow much money i have earned ($ 500) it was a bad decision to stay on this website. Lately, it is literaly impossible to get at least one survey in several days (before i would get 4 to 5 per day and i would be payed for them). As a matter of fact, many surveys i would almost finished and suddenly a disconnect happens so all your time and money you should get disappear. I am positiv that that money goes to someone. Before i wax thinking that survey companies are steeling and getting finished and free surveys but now i am definitely sure that the “middleman” (in this case Daily Rewards) is taking their share but also our share as well. They disconect us at the last entry of a survey and that is it.
    My point is don’t go with them…IT IS A HUGE VASTE OF YOUR TIME.

  • Hey Anis,

    I have never heard of making money with reward sites.
    Sounds interesting.
    I think though that one can do a really hard work in order to earn some good cash.
    If I was to go for it, I’d do the watch videos and cash games. Seems interesting for me.
    TYhanks for clarifying some things for me that I wasn’t in aware of.

  • Sounds like a lot of these programs where you spend a lot of time and effort and hard to reach the threshold payment. People need something like Wealthy Affiliate that lasts even when you’re not working on it. Agree?

  • Hello Anis,

    Great article. The amount of earnings that can be gotten from Daily Rewards is kinda low but since they give $5 bonus it should be fine to get some extra bucks. Would you recommend Daily Rewards? Thank You.

  • I really enjoy reading about the various ways you can make money online. Thanks for this review, it’s good to know what is worth pursuing and what to avoid. Cheers!

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