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DailySurveys.co Review. (2022) A Quick Money Scheme?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 30, 2022

dailysurveys.co reviewed

dailysurveys.co reviewed

Welcome to my "DailySurveys.co Review". (Updated 2022)

Is DailySurveys.co a real site? Can you make money with it? A Scam?

These are some questions that are probably running into your head right now.

So, if you want a definitive answer, this review is for you!

Without wasting time, let's get into this Dailysurveys.co review!

A Quick Summary

  • Name: Daily Surveys
  • Website: Dailysurveys.co
  • Price: FREE
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Recommended? No
dailysurveys.co reviewed

What is DailySurveys.co?

Dailysurveys.co is a survey aggregator that is going to match you with the highest paying surveys on the internet. At least, that's what they promise you! Furthermore, they also promise a big $125 just for signing up!

That's where I got VERY skeptical.

I have been taking surveys for years and I have never got $125 for just creating an account with a survey site.

On the other hand, I have also came across many scammy surveys like:

These surveys promise too good to be true money from taking surveys; but, at the end of the day they turned out to be duds!

Is this the case with Dailysurveys.co?

Looks like though!

So, keep reading to learn some shocking truth about this little site.

DailySurveys.co is a survey aggregator, it was created by a person like you and me. However, this person makes money if they send you a link and you sign up using it. But, you will receive lots of links from this site pushing you to sign up for different sites.

Does DailySurveys.co Really Work?

Daily Survey as the name suggests is going to match you with new surveys daily; however, that will come with many problems which I'm going to explain in details below.

The first thing I want to talk about is the $125 sign up bonus, that's the first red flag that I noticed.

There is no such thing as $125 as a sign up bonus.

dailysurveys.co sign up bonus

Daily Surveys sign up bonus

Most scams claim to give you these bs promises to entice you into joining or buying their products which at the end of the day turn out to be scam.

So, below I want to talk about 4 RED FLAGS and why I think Dailysurveys.co is a scam.

Before we get into the red flags, make sure you check out these legitimate surveys below that actually pay:

  1. SWAGBUCKS ($5 sign up bonus)
  2. INBOXDOLLARS ($5 Sign up Bonus)
  3. YOUGOV (Earn up to $30 per Survey!)

Red Flags

1) DailySurveys.co is a CLONED Scam...

I have been reviewing quite a lot of surveys lately that are pretty much the same in terms of how they look and how they work.

Furthermore, these scams send you to the same surveys that Dailysurveys.co sends you to!

So, here are the survey scams I am talking about:

  1. Smart Dollars Club
  2. PaidClub.org
  3. Surveybucks.org
  4. Clout Cash Club
  5. DollaPal

Basically these are some cookie cutter sites that promote surveys from a company called Maxbounty.

But on the contrary, the latter is a CPA network that pays affiliates every time they manage to get you to sign up for a survey.

Once you sign up to DailySurveys.co you will be redirected to a link that looks like this "www.mb01.com/?44".

I'm familiar with this link, because I have been promoting and making money with Maxbounty before .

In a few words, DailySurveys.co and all the cookie cutter sites mentioned above are going to try to push you to join as many surveys as possible which will result in the second red flag I want to talk about (below)

DailySurveys is NO different than other scams like Smart Dollars Club & Clout Cash Club, all they do is promote Maxbounty offers regardless of them being legit or scams!

2) Spam, Annoying Calls & Upsells!

This is the biggest and most annoying problem of these sites that match you with surveys.

If you join any survey aggregator, you should expect your personal information like your phone number and email address to be shared with many other marketers.

This will only lead to more survey invitations and even worse tons of spam and annoying calls left and right.

Plus, dodgy websites like DailySurveys.co make money when they share your email address to other marketers.

3) You're NOT going to Earn with DailySurveys.co!

If you signed up to Dailysurveys.co with the hope of making some money, then I'm not happy to tell you that you're only going to waste time.

Plus, Dailysurveys.co owners are probably the only people that will make money.

This site is going to push any survey under the sun your way hoping your will sign up. They don't care, they wil send you to scam and legitimate surveys, they just want to make money.

You're NOT going to earn money using DailySurveys.co because you will spread your efforts thin if you join all the surveys they recommend!

4) Don't Be Fooled by These Logos!

These days many scammers love to paste on their websites some reputable sites and channels logos. However, this is done just to make the clients think that their websites are legit when they are clearly NOT.

dailysurvey.co fake scam logos

Dailysurveys.co has never been seen on Good Morning America or US News. In conclusion, that is just some fake endorsing.

Furthermore, this is something a lot of scammers do.

Read some examples of scams that use fake logos below:

Unfortunately, many people especially newbies, fall for these logos, that's why scammers love using them, don't be fooled, you can visit Good Morning America, do your research, no articles or videos from big channels have actually mentioned DailySurveys.co

Final Verdict

I don't think DailySurveys.co is a legitimate site; plus, I think they are going to sell your personal info. Furthermore, even their design is fake as it has been copied from Inboxdollars old version design. Plus, as of 2022, their website cannot be accessed anymore. So, this is a sure sign that it was a scam.

However, if you want to earn money without risking yourself for scams, then you should give my most recommended program a try!

Affiliate marketing is a legit way of earning money online; plus, you can go to my guide for free! Click the button below to learn more!

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