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Is Easy Insta Profits a Scam? Or Easy Instagram Money?

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 10, 2018

Is Easy Insta Profits a Scam or can you earn $1,300 per day from your phone?

This program is telling you a bunch of lies, if you want to make money without having to lose money for scams and you're serious about it, just give this review a good read.

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Easy Insta Profits Review

  • Name: Easy Insta Profits
  • Website: easyinstaprofits.com
  • Price: $37 + hidden prices!
  • Owner: Mark Richards (Fake Name)
  • Recommended? No
is easy insta profits a big scam

What is Easy Insta Profits?

Easy Insta Profits is a Clickbank product that wants to teach you how to make $1,300 a day by simply tapping your phone a few times a day.

A few weeks ago, I bought and reviewed another Clickbank product called Kindle Sniper, this one was created by someone called Martin Price.

So since I bought that program, my email inbox was bombared with new make money products to buy.

One of them is Easy Insta Profits, but I was also asked to buy other similar hyped up products like:

Easy Insta Profits is pretty similar to all of the products mentioned above

In fact I have noticed many things in common like:

  • A catchy headline with bold income promises
  • A video in the middle with lots of hype
  • An email optin form (where you have to leave your email address)
  • A small fee to pay like $37

Below you can find screenshots of all the websites that are very similar to Easy Insta Profits.

smart money methods scam review

Smart Money Methods

income quickies scam review

Income Quickies
traffic-laze review


5 minute profit sites scam clickbank product

Five Minute Profit Sites

This is How Easy Insta Profits Actually Works

Easy Insta Profits is going to give you training which comes in 13 videos.

You're going to learn things like:

  • How to set up an Instagram account
  • Create eye catching pictures & posts
  • Add your affiliate links
  • Gain followers &  earn if they purchase through your links you earn

The Easy Insta Profits says that you can make a solid monthly income from Instagram thanks to their training.

But Can You Really Make Money with Easy Insta Profits?

You can make money from Instagram, there are a lot of people that make a killing from it.

However the Easy Insta Profits training is not going to cut it, because it's NOT easy to earn money from Instagram, successful Instagrammers have worked several months if not years to be successful.

Easy Insta Profits is just after your money and below I'm going to show you some surefire proof on why Easy Insta Profits is a complete waste of time.

If you want to learn more about how to get followers from from Instagram you're better off watching this free video rather than spending your money on the Easy Insta Profits scam.

Otherwise Check out My Recommended Training for Newbies

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Easy Insta Profits!

Below I give you 5 red flags & ugly scam signs on why you should NOT invest your cash into the Easy Insta Profits Scam!

This is so important to read, because you will learn how to avoid scams and you will also find a legitimate place to learn & earn.

1 - Too Good to Be True!

Easy Insta Profits are NOT going to make you $1,300 a day by just tapping your phone screen a few times a day.

Deep down you know it too, you know this is too good to be true.

Scammers use hype to get you so excited, they count on the fact that you're a newbie and are desperate about making money.

Easy Insta Profits is only after those newbies that don't know anything about making money online, newbies are going to spend money to try this, and that's what Easy Insta Profits was created for.

That's why the anonymous creator of this product creates so many similar scams!

A member of Easy Insta Profits has bought this for $37 and they did not even have access to the members area because they were asked to buy an additional upsell first, they have even published a video about it. Here's it below

" If It's Too Good to be True, Something's Wrong"

John Allison

2 - The Owner is FAKE & Creates Lots of Similar Scams!

The owner of Easy Insta Profits that calls himself Mark Richards is nothing but a pen name.

The real scammer behind Easy Insta Profits is churning out lots of  hyped up scams left and right.

The goal of these scams is to make a quick buck from desperate people that have lost their jobs and are looking on the internet for an online job.

easy insta profits legal page

SOURCE: http://easyinstaprofits.com/

Even in the Easy Insta Profits website you can read that Mark Richards is a pen name.

3- You Won't Make Money with A Bot!

Easy Insta Profits wants you to use a Bot to grow your instagram account.

While you can get some followers using a bot, the thing is these followers are NOT going to be engaged with your content, therefore you're not going to make money.

To make money from Instagram, you need real followers that are genuinely interested into your posts.

If you buy Easy Insta Profits, you're ONLY going to waste a lot of time creating a following base that is NOT interested on your posts and images.

You may get lots of followers but they are pretty useless since you can't monetize them, the only way to get targeted Instagram followers is through the traditional way ( patience, hard work & real learning)

Plus Instagram is banning these bots and any other tricks to get followers unethically

Here's a legitimate video from a successful Instagrammer where you can learn for FREE how to get Instagram followers and pay attention to what the first tip is!

4- You Will Spend Money for Nothing

Easy Insta Profits is going to send you regular emails about other products to buy, that's how I heard about them.

I bought another scam, I gave them my email, and I'm receiving daily spammy emails about new products that will make me rich.

You can easily waste ten thousands of dollars if you're not careful with scams like Easy Insta Profits.

Because this program was not created with your interest in mind, but quite the opposite it was created just for making money for the owner.

As I am writing this, Easy Insta Profits has an affiliate program that I could sign up for and earn $350 per sale, all I had to do is write a fake review where I say good things about this program!

Trust me there are so many fake reviews that do this!

easy insta profits affiliate program

Source: http://easyinstaprofits.com/jv/

5- The Testimonials are NOT Real

Easy Insta Profits have testimonials in their video presentation, but those are not real because they were paid for the good words they said about Easy Insta Profits.

easy insta profits legal page

I review scams all the time, they all go to a site called Fiverr.com and buy fake video testimonials for cheap.

These fake video testimonials are getting really crazy that even CBC news made a video where they expose them, you can watch it below!

Is Easy Insta Profits A Scam?

Easy Insta Profits is a scam because they are not honest at all, this is just  a cheap product that was created for the owner to make some quick money.

EIP is too good to be true, I'm pretty sure no one is going to make $1.300 daily tapping their phone screen.

I have talked about how the owner is being anonymous while creating a lot of these similar cheap products, I have even included some screenshots of these fake similar scams.

You can't make money with Easy Insta Profits because they use a bot to gain Instagram followerrs, which is something that Instagram will ban you and close your Instagram account for!

If you are NOT careful, you will lose money, so make no mistake and avoid the Easy Insta Profits for good! Below there is a legitimate alternative for you.

Here's a REALISTIC Training to Earn Online

The secret to become successful online is to get trained from a legitimate and well reputable training.

And you need to keep in mind that it's not easy to succeed online, you need a soild training but also the dedication and willingless to work hard.

Nothing comes easy, if you're looking for shortcuts to success, you will only find shady products like Easy Insta Profits on your way.

That's why I'd like to invite you to try this legit training which is going to:

  • Teach you how to start a website from your passion
  • Get traffic from Google, Bing & other search engines
  • Promote legit affiliate products (like Amazon products)
  • Make money & work from home full-time.

If you want to learn all of this I highly recommend you to click on the orange link below where you will learn my story and how I started making money thanks to this same training and also how you will benefit from it!

This is something legitimate & very transparent!

My Top Rated Program for COMPLETE Newbies (FREE TO TRY)

So what do you think about the Easy Insta Profits?

Do you have any questions or comments about this? Just leave them below in the comments section.

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Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

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  • Thanks for the thorough review of Insta Profits. I’m very interested in learning how to make money online and it’s unfortunate but there is way more bad information and scams than legitimate ways to make a living. Thanks to reviews like this one newbies like me can at least skip the blatant scams though so again thank you for taking the time to weed this one out!

    I feel like it would be much more worth a persons time to just learn to grow an instagram following organically than waste time with Insta Profits. There are tons of great free videos and resources that would be better to use.

  • I got an email invitation to check out Easy Insta Profit so I googled and came across your site. I just signed up for Instagram not too long ago and already seen a few ads/people posting invites to try this and that. It’s a bit overwhelming as I am still new to the platform, but glad to come across this review. There are so many hypes nowadays and there’s really no way of knowing the wrong and right unless someone exposed the product like you do.

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