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Facebook Cash Code Review – Biggest Scam!

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By Anis

May 13, 2017

Facebook Cash Code

This is going to be a Facebook Cash Code Review exposing this scam for you so you don’t fall for it, before you spend your hard-earned money you must read this review

Not so long ago I did a review about Facebook Bonanza

It’s funny how it’s very similar if not the same as Facebook Cash Code

Even the Sales Page is Similar to Facebook Bonanza!



Facebook Cash Code Quick Review

Name: Facebook Cash Code


Price: $47 + $70/month + hidden costs

Recommended? NO

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What is Facebook Cash Code?

This is your typical get rich quick scheme that will bring in nothing but disappointment

Facebook Cash Code is one of those scammy sites that don’t even last six months

They suck newbies money and run away

When you try to ask for a refund they will make it a nightmare process

This is exactly what happened to one person with Facebook Bonanza (sister scam)

Facebook Cash Code is a sister scam of Facebook Bonanza

They Try to Fool you with a Fake & Edited News Video!

So this is the video that they edited with some photoshopped Facebook Cash Code logos

[responsive_video type=’custom_url’]


As you can probably tell that’s an edited video, they cut out some scenes from the original news video and only show the scenes they want

Despite that, you won’t hear the news reporters talk about Facebook Cash Code

They Even Show You Some Photoshopped Earnings Proof!

Facebook Cash Code earnings proof scam

This check is photoshopped and I’m tired of seeing it over and over in every link posting scam I come across

The funny thing when you watch the video on the sales page where they try to show you the earning proof in action you will never hear about Facebook Cash Code but another program called the Earn at Home Club.

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How Much Does The Facebook Cash Code Really Cost?

If you’re under the impression that the Facebook Cash Code will cost you only $47 you’re wrong

Now the price is not the problem if the training works then it’s ok to be recompensated for your work and efforts in putting together a valid training

But I’m in trouble when the training does not work in fact The Facebook Cash Code training is just a bunch of rehashed and free information for sale

You will be paying recurring fees that will amount to thousands of dollars

They keep sending you to buy other programs with ridiculously similar names

  • Easy Cash on Demand
  • Home Cash System
  • Secret Facebook Cash System
  • Facebook Cash at Home
  • Success Road Academy (this one looks legit but outdated info inside!)

These guys will try to steal as much money as possible from you so don’t fall for it

They Will Give you Discounts if You Try to Run Away!

If you try to leave the Facebook Cash Code sales page two times you will unlock two discounts Which are the following!

Second discount when you try to leave Facebook Cash code

Facebook Cash Code discounts


That’s a sad attempt that proves how they are desperate in getting money from you and if you pay attention to the screenshots they say get Your Cash at Home Kit looks like the program is no longer called Facebook Cash Code.

Another thing is the positions left, that’s complete BS because it’s obvious that they want as many people as possible they just want to make people act fast.

The Fake Endorsements Again!

A lot of people get fooled by these logos, you need to know that these sites have NO connection with the Facebook Cash Code

In fact, the last one just wants you to trust them

If you check for example CNN or FoxNews sites you won’t find any article talking about the Facebook Cash Code

Fake media sites logos

Facebook Cash Code on Amazon

I have found the Facebook Cash Code on Amazon and there is only one review from someone that purchased it

Needless to say, it was a negative review!

Final Opinion- Facebook Cash Code is a Scam!

Facebook Cash Code is a scam I recommend you to stay away unless you want to waste your hard earned cash.

There are better and honest opportunities online

You just need to accept the fact that there’s not easy money

If you are willing to learn and work hard to make an honest income online I invite you to try Wealthy Affiliate

It’s a great step by step training for newbies!

Have you been scammed by Facebook Cash Code?

Please leave your comments below as heads up for other people!

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  • Wow, never heard of that before, it’s a new one on me. What a scam!! Thanks very much for the great info and advice, I will be staying clear.

  • Hi Anis and thank you for alerting us to this scam! So many people could be taken advantage of that use facebook or think they are one and the same. Your review is thorough and I am going to share this with others so they will not be taken advantage of. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for this review Anis. I was sus on the Facebook Cash code and wasn’t sure if it was a scam.

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a much better way to go and it’s free to join with heaps of cool training videos.


  • Hi Anis

    Thanks for doing a review on this facebook cash code scam. This video was for sure convincing and many a sucker would’ve probably bought into it. I would’ve also fallen for it if I didn’t read this review.

    I think the point is that I want to make here is that people want to get rich quick. In the real world, there is no get rich quick scheme. It takes honest hard work and if you willing to put in the effort, it is worth it. Any sustainable business takes some time but the rewards are long lasting.

  • Hi Anis
    Thank you for your post about this facebook cash code. I think there are many people get deceived with this thing. It seems like real online training. You give you reader clear information so they didn’t fall for it. Thank for sharing this valuable information. Keep it up..

  • Wow, thanks for the great warning on this one. Facebook Cash Code does sound “Schemish” and glad you pointed this all out. It’s always in my nature to do more research on these things and glad you keep pumping out these great scam reviews.


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