January 4


Facebook on Fire Review: Biggest Scam Ever!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 4, 2018

Does Facebook on Fire Work?, Facebook on fire review, FB on Fire SCAM review!, Is Facebook on Fire Legitimate?

This is a review of Facebook on Fire which seems to promise you to earn over $3,000 per day

But is Facebook on Fire legit or another get rich quick scheme?

It would be really amazing to be able to bank $3k per day by simply posting links on Facebook and liking posts

But most of the ”easy work, easy income” turns out to be a big disappointment

Is that the case with Facebook on Fire?

This system claims that you are going to easily start earning money

With that said, before you think about joining Facebook on Fire

Make sure you read this honest review!

Facebook on Fire Review

Name: Facebook on Fire

Website: Fbonfire.com

Price: $47

Owner: Josep Magnum

Recommended? NO

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A few days ago I heard about this system called Facebook on Fire and it seems like their website goes offline sometimes but it comes back at some point

I initially did not want to write a review about it as I thought it’s a program that has been shut down and no longer exists

But’s after having a deeper look I realized it’s just a similar system that is no different than these “Make Money with Facebook sites”

So What is Facebook On Fire Exactly?

Facebook on Fire is another system that has some testimonials that claim this system has made the rich

FB on fire promises that you are going to be rich like them if you buy their system

This program claims to teach you how to make money on Facebook doing some simple things like clicking, liking and posting posts

Joseph the person voicing the video presentation shares with you a weird story of him finding a loophole that allowed him to make money by simply liking and sharing posts

Joseph says that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates had a secret meeting in a restaurant where they talked how they can make more money

Somehow Joseph claims that he managed to hear a secret loophole that can generate thousands of dollars for you

That’s how Facebook on Fire was born which you can easily set up and start profiting from

With this system, you can just use Facebook pretty much the same you usually use it and start banking some serious money.

There is NO Loophole!

What Facebook on Fire promises is all BS

There are no loopholes or anything like that at least in the real world

Making money online is just like the corporate world, it requires investing a lot of your time and sometimes money too

So clicking a few buttons won’t cut it

Facebook on Fire is just planning to lie to you and mislead you with a fake story so you can buy their BS training that obviously won’t work.

Matter of fact Facebook does not have a work from home program

It seems like a lot of programs create fake platform where they promise you to earn easy money

In fact, another program called The Facebook Money System and the Instant income at Home share the same story of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates which is 100% Fake.

Yes you can make money posting links but you need to have a page with lots of followers and that’s something that requires time, hard work and money

I’m not saying that you can’t make money on Facebook

You can, people are making thousands of dollars but that ONLY comes after at least a few months or even years of dedicated hard work and lots of patience.

Maybe after putting it the hard work upfront, they can get paid to post links and post pictures.

In a few words, Facebook on Fire is just another BS system that does not have any real training that is going to earn you money.

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How Much Does Facebook on Fire Cost?

Facebook on Fire will cost you $47 to join

Joseph says he has heard the secret loophole of Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg

He filmed their entire conversation with his phone

Now he knows a money-making loophole but he is willing to share it with you for only $47?

Would you share such secret for a little price of $47?

For me, that doesn’t make sense at all

At the time of this writing, the Facebook on Fire website is on fire is down and there is no way to send an application

But it might come back again

In any case, be safe and don’t give these guys your credit card

Because they are not planning to help you earn money

As I said before Facebook does not hire people  or anything there are no loophole or secret ways to earn money

That’s just a load of BS

Is Facebook on Fire a Scam?

Facebook on Fire is a massive scam

All their claims and promises are pure BS

There is no such thing as a loophole that is going to make you tons of money

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates is obviously fake and made up.

Basically, all their site is fake

They claim that there are limited spots but that’s not true if you reload their page the counter will be reset.

They also promised you a $500 after you watch the video

Chances are you did not get the $500

Facebook on Facebook is another full of BS scam that wants to earn money from naive newbies.

It does not make sense to sell a secret money making loophole for $47, does it?

On top of that, their video page is full of Fiverr actors that did testimonial videos for cash.

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