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Fast Lane Lifestyle Review – SCAM!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

July 4, 2017

This is he sales page of the fast lane lifestyle website
This Screenshot is taken from the Fast Lane Lifestyle website

Fast Lane Lifestyle is a newly launched website that claims it’s going to make you $1500 per day

By simply investing $47?

I have been having a closer look at this website

If you are serious about making a full-time income from home

You want to read this whole review and learn about a legit training to earn money along the way!

Fast Lane Lifestyle – Quick Review

  • Name: Fast Lane Lifestyle
  • Website: FastLaneLifestyle.net
  • Price: $47 upfront + hidden costs
  • Owner: Unkown – Maybe an alien?
  • Years in business: Newly released
  • Rating: 1/5

What is Fast Lane Lifestyle Exactly?

After having a closer look at this website it was clear to me what is all about

It’s no different than some websites I have already reviewed

Have a look:

In a few words, Fast Lane Lifestyle is your typical get rich quick scheme

They promise you easy riches, but at the end of the day, they are the only ones banking the big money, not you.

It’s a Cookie Cutter Site

If you have clicked on one of the links above then you have probably noticed how similar those sites are.

They are all cookie cutter and rehashed sites with useless training

After reviewing hundreds of scams like Fast Lane Lifestyle I realized that they are designed to make the people behind them rich

There is no decent training that is going to help you make any earnings online.

How Does Fast Lane Lifestyle Scam People?

As I said before they promise you to earn at least $1,500 per day

All they will charge you at the beginning is $47

Fast Lane Lifestyle is scamming people by getting their email address and selling them useless products
Fast Lane Lifestyle wants your email address to stay in touch with you

This is called email marketing

They get your email address

You confirm your email address

Then you will start receiving emails from them

There is nothing wrong with email marketing

It’s a powerful and reliable way to stay in touch with your audience and sell them your products

However the scammers like Fast Lane Lifestyle and the others I reviewed they do it the scam way.

Essentially they will be promoting you products that you don’t even need

Their goal is to squeeze the most money possible from the email subscribers.

Only $47?

Unfortunately, $47 is not the only amount you will be paying

You will easily spend thousands of dollars on websites like Fast Lane Lifestyle

They will upsell you lots of products that you probably don’t even need

Nothing wrong with selling and promoting products

But at least promote legit products that will add value.

 They Even use Fake Testimonials!

Most of the programs I have reviewed before use fake testimonials

They buy testimonials from a site called Fiverr.com

A testimonial video will cost you only $5

If you have watched the Fast Lane Lifestyle sales page

You probably still remember this lady

This is a picture of a fake Fast Lane Lifestyle testimonials
Fiverr.com paid actor giving Fast Lane Lifestyle a testimonial video for $5

I always see her doing testimonials for other sites

You can see her face again here saying she made a killing with the Easy Cash Code scam.

You Can get Fast Lane Lifestyle for Only $17!

They charge $47 upfront yeah

But did you know if you just refresh the checkout page 4 times you will get a big discount?

Just refresh the Fast Lane Lifestyle check out page 4 times and you will only pay $17!

Fast Lane Lifestyle discount
Refresh the checkout page to get discounts – Typical scammers move!

This only proves that they are so desperate to get your money and your email address to upsell you products.

Fast Lane Lifestyle is a Scam – Final Review

Unfortunately, I have nothing good to say about the Fast Lane Lifestyle

They promise a lot but none of their promises are true

They even use fake testimonials on their sales video

I definitely don’t recommend anyone to get involved with it

If you are looking for a legit training that actually teaches how to make money online

I recommend you to check Wealthy Affiliate it’s Free to Try!! (No Credit Card Required)

Your Turn!

If you have tried or got scammed by Fast Lane Lifestyle we would really appreciate your feedback

Please leave your comments below!


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Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

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  • I think this is absolutely crazy. Fast Lane Lifestyle doesn’t seem to be of benefit to anyone except the person running it.What’s even worse, is that it seems that some people will endorse anything for a price. But is it really worth it putting your reputation on the line like that just for a quick few bucks?

    People should definitely stay far away from this one! There are so many other legitimate work from home opportunities out there, but I think some people just get caught up with wanting to make money quickly, so they fall for these type of things.

    • Hey Vanessa, thanks for stopping by, these guys are putting their reputation on the line for lots of money, those bucks do add up, hope people don’t for it though!


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