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Home Online Profit Education Scam – Reviewed!

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By Anis

May 31, 2017

Home Online Profit Education

Home Online Profit Education Quick Review

Name: Home Online Profit Education aka HOPE


Price: $97 + Hidden costs & Upsells

Type: Link posting

Owner: Heather Smith & Bobbie Robinson (Stage Names)

Verdict: SCAM

What is Home Online Profit Education?

Home Online Profit Education is another link posting scam where you are promised to make $379 per day by simply posting links

This program was exposed as a scam before it seems like it’s back with different names

These are some of the old names used by Home Online Profit Education

Feel free to click on those links to see the ridiculous similarity between these scams and Home Online Profit Education

In a few words, Home Online Profit Education is a Work at Home scheme aka Get rich quick scheme.

How Does it Scam People?

There are a lot of people that promote Home Online Profit Education because they will get $120 per sale for every newbie that falls for it!

Home Online Profit Education offer vault

I’m not promoting it

because I prefer to get people involved with legitimate online business training opportunities that will actually help you make money.

Home Online Profit Education is 100%  Fake & Unethical!

Home Online Profit Education aka HOPE and Online Income are run by someone named Heathen Smith

I think this name is fake because I see a lot of scams using it and also the photo of the so-called Heathen Smith is a stock photo as you can see here.

Home Online Profit Education Heathen smith's story

Heathen Smith Shutter Stock photo

Shutter Stock is a site where you can buy premium images that you can use on your business

How can you trust a system that uses fake photos as the owner

If Home Online Profit Education is legit why don’t they show face as real people?

They Teach you Affiliate Link Posting!

Home Online Profit Education has some rehashed training that teaches affiliate link posting

Affiliate link posting means posting affiliate links on social media sites or other places so you can make money whenever someone clicks on your link

They claim you will be earning $30 for every link that gets clicked

Isn’t that too good to be true?

Of course, it is

Companies are NOT desperate for people to post links because affiliate link posting is SPAM itself

You will never make money with link posting

Affiliate link posting is a name the scammers invented from the legitimate business called affiliate marketing

which is selling other people products and earning commissions doing that

Affiliate marketing is very profitable and simple but you need a solid training to learn it and make it work for you.

Affiliate link posting, on the other hand, is just spamming and will never make you money.

If Only Making Money Was This Easy!

Home Online Profit Education gives you a calculator to calculate your earning potential

The calculator is not there for the sake of it

They want to get you very excited so you go for it and buy their fake training

Home Online Profit Education Fake Calculator

Think about it

They claim you will be earning $150 per day or $4200 per month posting links

Posting a link will take you less than 1-2 minutes

Post 5 links and you are ready to make $4200/month!

It would be very nice to make such easy money!

But unfortunately, it’s a scam

Pretty sure even the owners of Home Online Profit Education don’t enjoy this fairy tale success.

Can you Make Money with Home Online Profit Education?

I can guarantee you that you will never make a dime with this system

It’s a scam designed to suck as much money as possible from you

On their sales page, they guarantee you to earn $397 per day

Home Online Profit Education Easy and proven way to make $379 per day scam

But when you go to the bottom of the page and click on the disclaimer you will find this

Home Online Profit Education Disclaimer

They Even Use Fake Endorsements

Home Online Profit Education Fake Endorsing

Those logos are not there for the sake of it

That’s how they try to gain your trust

Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of people fall for it

If you have a closer look it says ‘work from home opportunities have been featured on’

They would risk getting sued if they used their program name there

Fake Scarcity Tactics!

12 Positions left fake scarcity

They say there are only limited positions left in your city (they show different cities for everyone as you can see)

There are unlimited positions don’t get fooled by this trick.

How Much Does it Really Cost?

I have reviewed at least 90 link posting scams on this website

Most of them charge $97 or $47 initially

That price is literally just to have a look inside then the upsell series will start

They will usually get you to buy tons of useless products that amount up to $2,000

They will also sell your personal information (email and phone number)

Never give out your personal information to programs like these!

Home Online Profit Education is a Scam – Final Review

Heather Smith and Bobbie Robinson are fake names

They use fake endorsements and scarcity

In a nutshell, there is absolutely nothing good to say about this program

I recommend you to stay away from Home Online Profit Education

Legitimate Opportunities exist!

Nothing is easy, everything that is worth getting requires hard work

Making money is no exception

If you are interested in a legitimate training where you learn how to make money

I invite you to have a look at Wealthy Affiliate

They will give you

  • Step by Step Training (10 free lessons to try)
  • Mentoring
  • 2 free websites and hosting
  • And more!

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate it’s free to Try.

Did you get scammed by Home Online Profit Education?

PLEASE share your experience with us by leaving comments below!

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  • Dear Anis;
    Excellent work by you & your research here about this scam. This one has been around for years with slight changes (very little changes) in the names of the people & the various companies they claim endorse & promote this business–that is according to their claims on their scam site to get people to buy their crap.
    Again, keep up the great work here…you’re a godsend to be there to help others by putting this info about scams out there, for them to see & hopefully, not buy & get burned by those scam sites.

    Keep up the great work here that you’re doing.

    Warm regards & thanks again;

  • Hey Anis,
    Once again I found your review helpful.You’re doing a great job of exposing scams which help many people from burning their hands off.It was detailed review with the proofs which at times show how these fake companies grow like a weed affecting the people’s lives.So it’s our job to get united together to constantly fight against these in guiding people for the right opportunity.That’s how we build a happy society everywhere.Good job, carry on my friend!!!

  • Hi Anis,
    This is a very good review with proof to back up. Many people are looking to make some income online and there are just so many of such programs out there. Many are scams but for newbies, we may not know how to see the signs or go read the details of fine prints. So this post of yours really help to educate us on how to spot them.

    I guess I am lucky cos I found a legitimate one i.e. Wealthy Affiliate. Really am learning a lot from there!

  • I tell you what…even if you hadn’t put “SCAM” all over this, right from the start I picked it. Abbreviating their name to HOPE was not a good move, but I guess that’s all they’re really offering. I hope many, many people read your review before falling for this trash. Thanks for raising awareness again!

  • Well if the owner use a fake picture, that just shows that it is scam. And I have been in this industry for a couple of months now and I can also say that it is not easy and posting link and getting money seems just ridiculous. Thanks for the review man.

  • It seems to me that it probably sucked writing this cause you had to spend so much time dealing with these sleezeballs. Thanks though. I know not what to do. I may check out your recommendation to see what’s good! Take it easy.

  • Thank you for this review! I have looked over many similar scams in the past and even fallen for one. I appreciate you looking out for others and finding what is legitimate online and what isn’t. I will definitely check out your recommendations 🙂

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