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9 Ways on How to Get Traffic to Your Blog for Free

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 29, 2018

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Don’t know how to get traffic to your blog for free? You will love the tips mentioned here in this post, crucial ways to drive instant traffic that will surely help you make more sales!

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I know you have always heard that content is the king of a blog or a website and yeah it is true because without

content nobody is going to read your site, but you know that traffic is also an important part of a blog?

You can have the best content ever, but without traffic, you are just losing your time, that’s why in my opinion they should call traffic the queen lol because if the content and traffic get married, they will give birth to money and success.

You as a blogger or website owner should focus on making quality content and get quality traffic as well, so do you want to know how to get traffic to your blog for free?

In this post, we will discuss the various ways you can get traffic and more traffic that will skyrocket your blog and help you to make money blogging

1) Write Quality Content Regularly

You know what Google loves the most from a blog or website? A blog that posts content regularly, you don’t have to write one article per day (if you do it would be great though)

If you are a busy person, you can write one post every Monday or every Saturday it’s up to you but make sure you update your blog on a regular basis,

Because if you do that Google will know that your blog has fresh content added on a regular basis. As a result, it will reward you by sending you visitors to your blog.

2) Use Keywords in Your Posts

Whenever someone wants to look for something on Google or any search engine they type few words, and those words are called keywords,  you as a blogger expecting traffic from Google, you should add keywords to your sites but make sure you don’t use too much of it otherwise you will get penalized! If you want more insights on keywords to make sure you read this post on WealthyAffliate community

You need to find a good keyword that has low competition and lots of traffic make sure you put that particular keyword in the title and somewhere in the first paragraph then write the rest of article naturally.

Don’t know where to find good keywords with small competition that will rank your content in the top pages in Google? I recommend you to try Jaaxy! type a keyword below and see how many competitors you have!

 3) Share Your Posts on Social Networks

After publishing a post on your blog, make sure you share it on every social network, you know the bad boys, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest. Lot’s of people have accounts on those social networks, and you don’t want to miss that big slice of traffic right?

  • TIP: Share your posts on Facebook than on the search bar of the Facebook search for groups related to your niche so you should type in something like: ” Your niche name + Groups” join all the active groups active there and make sure you read their guidelines, so you don’t spam!

4) Add Images to your Blog Posts

Images are critical because they make your articles more attractive, but here we are not talking about how to decorate your blog right? I know.

In your photos you can add a keyword in the image tag, doing that you will boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and that will give you lot’s of extra traffic to your blog.

Make sure you don’t get photos from Google, because other people own those pictures and you risk to violate the copyright, if you want copyright free photos you can use for your blog posts, you can find online sites like Pixabay


5) Add Social Sharing Buttons

At the bottom or the top of every post make sure you add social sharing buttons, so people that visit your blog will share your content with their friends, you can find many plugins that will do this for your posts on WordPress.

6) Invite Guest Writers to Write on Your Blog

If you allow people to write quality guest posts on your blog, you will make sure you update your blog with fresh content that you didn’t have to write yourself,

Also, the guest blogger that is writing the article will share his/her post for exposure which will result in more traffic and exposure for your website as well.

  • TIP: If you want to make sure that you will get only quality guest posts, add a page on your blog with a title like this ”Write for us” and make sure you write on that page strict guidelines that guest posters must respect to provide content that will fit your blog.


 7) Join Forums Related to Your Blog’s Niche

Forums and online communities are the best places to find fellow bloggers and people that may be interested in your posts

Must of these forums allow you to add a signature where you can add your blog’s link. Also, you want other sites to link to yours, so Google knows that your website is helpful and therefore send you visitors

I have joined a couple of forums, but the best forums where you can add your signature for me are WealthyAffiliate and WarriorForums I suggest you join both of them and be active, the more you post, the more you will link to your blog and the more Google will love you!

8) Encourage Your Readers to Comment and Reply to Comments your Posts get

Google loves blogs where people interact and have discussions, so make sure whenever you write a post at the bottom of it encourage your readers to leave a comment and if they do make sure you reply.

Always reply to every comment you get, this way other people will know they can expect a response when they leave a comment, this will lead to more traffic and therefore more success.

9) Make it Easy for Your Readers to Subscribe to Your Blog

Many readers when they visit a site, if they like the content and get impressed by it, in their minds they will say I will come back when they update their blog.

Trust me, so they will never do and will surely forget, but you should make sure that this is not you, don’t lose those visitors and install a subscribe email form or something; I have some WordPress subscribe and follow me plugins for you here.


I hope you have learned how to generate web traffic for your blog without paying a dime, I suggest work hard on your blog and never give up, because I am sure you can make it.

If you are new to the blogging world and want to start your home based business I recommend this for you!

Want to Take Your Site to the Next Level? Check out My #1 Training!

If you have any question you can leave a comment below.

Do you know any other great surefire way to get traffic? if yes please share it with us here so we can all learn!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Hey Anis,
    You have some awesome information here. I follow nearly every step here except the subscribe feature. I know I’m missing out on repeat visitors because of that. I see that you provided a list of plugins for that. Is there one you would recommend?

    Thanks for the post. Very informative.

    • If you want to get into email marketing, I recommend you to check out Aweber, I think it’s the best autoresponder, if you want a great plugin to create beatiful forms that convert, I recommend Thrive Leads, it’s a paid tool, but it’s worth every penny.

  • I know this might sounds a bit odd, but I still have not seen the fruit from my labor to be as social as ever. I set up pinterest, google+, twitter and fb page for my blog, but it still haven’t attract as much traffic as I imagine it will be. Do you have any idea how should I improve this situation though? I admit that FB is a very great place to post our articles, but without a soild base fb followers, then it seems like a waste of time…what is your take on this matter?


    • Hi Habil, the only way to build your social networks in my opinion is to add social icons on your site so people will follow you, there is no harm to ask your fellow bloggers for likes, nobody wants to be the first to like a page.

  • The whole traffic concept of blogging really confuses me at times – although this article has managed to shed some light on what I may have been doing wrong!
    Do you feel that keyword research is the key to proper traffic arriving – traffic that will actually stay on your site for longer than a minute? I think that attracting targeted visitors is key to having a healthy bounce rate – something I struggle to achieve!

    • Hi there, yes you are right you should target good keyword to get targeted traffic, make sure you offer those visitors quality and engaging content and you will be good! Just understand a keyword do your research and build useful content around it! Wish you the best 🙂

  • Man it took me sooo long to get a decent amount of traffic to my website – I can remember sitting there for weeks looking glumly at my analytics reports!
    At the end of the day I should of just been concentrating on writing more and more content – that’s what eventually got my site ranking and got me real visitors every day. How long did it take you to see good traffic?

  • These are all great tips that are needed in order to drive traffic to our website , There is a lot that is involved and when seeking to get traffic. All these steps that you have listed is so important. Since become apart or wealthy affiliate and reading what persons like yourself have to offer, I have been learning a lot. Thanks fro sharing you post is a great read. All the best to you and have a good day.

  • Hi Hilali,

    Nice Blog mate

    I think one question us all bloggers ask is how do we get traffic. I’ve been posting around 4/5 times a week as well as trying to implement low-hanging keywords but I’m still struggling to gain a good amount of traffic

    Although times are tough at the moment I’m going to stick with Wealthy Affiliate and keep working hard as I’m sure the hard work will pay off in time

    How much traffic do you get a day by the way?


  • I do regularly update my website and share them on social media. My website is about 5 months old now but I not happy with traffic, I get kind of 10 visitors a day and I badly need more traffic.
    My website is indexed in google and when I google using the keywords I used for my article, the article I wrote does not show up on the first page of search results but the page on Google+ where I shared my website post does show up on the first page of google. Despite this I don’t get much traffic.
    Do you have any suggestion to what I should do next? Facebook maybe? Or paid advertising? It would be great to hear your opinion on this.

    • Hi Jojo, I think you should focus on keywords that have less competition and more traffic, if you don’t see traffic yet, you should work more on your keyword research, Google is the best and most reliable way to get traffic you should focus on search engine optimization and learn more about it.

      regarding the Google+ profiles, everyone sees their Google + profiles in the top pages.

      Facebook and paid advertising are good options, but you need to get that traffic from Google, work harder for it, focus on SEO and do better SEO research, If you want to learn SEO and enhance your Blogging game you should join this community if you haven’t already.

      I have a post for you to learn about ways to get free traffic for your blog

  • Hey Anis, I love your sentence:”When the content and traffic get married, they will give birth to money and success 🙂

    Yes, you are so right with your statement that quality content and the right keywords are making your website alive and thriving. I have discovered the Jaaxy tool too, and it is simply the best keyword tool ever!

    As you say, images makes things visible, and there are so many free to use infografic and picture programs online. To mention a few, Canva, Piktochart and Fotojet.

    Thank you for the great tips here, Anis
    Kind regards, Loes

    • Hi Eimhier thank you for your input, I’m glad that most of you liked my sentence! Thanks for mentioning extra sites to get free pictures !

      Have a wonderful day ahead! 😀

  • Anis,
    Great tips that you wrote in your article. A person who does want to make $$ with his/her online business needs to take advantage of all of the resources that you mentioned especially with being consistent about adding new content that also involves keyword research done as often as possible.

    And with social media being so crucially important now with the ability to get yourself known to a great number of people who would be interested in the product(s) offered at a site is also paramount to the success of a business.


  • These are all excellent points. I’ve always been confused on which forums to join. How do I find forums related to my niche? I’m in the make money niche and my site focuses on work at home opportunities. I’m already a member at Wealthy Affiliate, and I love it there.

    Also, I’ve heard long tail keywords are the best to use on your blog. How do you choose a long tail keyword?
    Thank you for all the tips and I look forward to your response.

    – Jonathan

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for stopping by, glad you have found my article helpful, If you want to find related forums to your niche just google this ” Your Niche’s name” + Forums ” I will promise you that you will find many, Regarding the keywords you need to learn the alphabet soup technique,if you are a user of Wealthy Affiliate, just type on the top of your dashboard exactly in the search box ” Alphabet soup technique” and then you will know how to pick up the best long tail keywords! 🙂

      Best of luck and have a great day 😀

  • Thanks for this, I definitely need to keep my visitors staying with me, most of them stop by and comment and then I don’t see them again, so I definitely should install that plugin you got in that link! Probably will also look into connecting with other bloggers as well. Gotta get that Traffic!

  • Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. One thing I need to work on is getting on social media more. However, I want to focus on writing my content and I feel that if I am on social media, I tend to get side tracked.

    I am wondering if there’s a plug in that automatically does the social media part for you so that saves me time?


    • Hi Sofia, thanks for stopping, not sure what you are asking, do you want a plugin that will automatically share your posts on social media? If yes, the short is yes! 🙂 I suggest you to install the MicroBlogPoster plugin 😀 wish you a great day! 😀

  • I really enjoyed the great information in your post. I loved how you mentioned that how most say that content is king and how that should make traffic the queen. Their marriage resulting in money and success( brilliant). You offered some helpful ideas to get free traffic to a website. Sometimes using bing or google ads can be effective if used properly. I still say that with continuous quality content and great keyword research you will get quality traffic which will produce better results for you down the road. Thanks again!

    • Glad you liked my article Johnny, Yes Google and Bing ads and also Facebook ads are great ways to get blog traffic for sure thanks for mentioning that, Keep writing content with targeted keywords and never give up! thanks for stopping by! 😀

  • Hello Anis
    A good article on traffic generation but you haven’t actually told of a sure-fire way to get people to come to a website.
    Ok you mention keywords which of course are important and you say to share on social media sites.
    But that’s no guarantee that people will visit your site.
    So what is a guaranteed method of sending people to view a website?
    I’m afraid there isn’t any but the very best way I have used in the past is a traffic generating tool.
    There are lots of them available. Some good and of course some bad but the one thing they have in common is they do send traffic to a site.
    Then Content Is King because whatever you say in your site articles will be the only way you turn the traffic into customers and so earn money from that website.
    I wish you success.
    Robert Allan

    • Hi Robert, thanks for stopping by. No matter how traffic you bring to your site if you dont have content that will keep your readers on your blog you are just losing your time, the surefire way to get traffic is to write great content and use keywords that will bring people to read and love that content! 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback wish you a great day 😀

  • Okay so the first half of these are things I already do but now I need to expand and work on the other ones! I started to set up a newsletter but it’s kind of just sitting there not being used at all.
    Also, if i set up a guest writer section, should people be able to have guest posts on my website for free?

    • Hi Gabriela thanks for stopping by and glad you have found something useful! Yes they should be able to do it for free and have a link back to their site, when You have lot’s of traffic you can add a section for paid posts! hope that helps thanks again for stopping by! 🙂

  • This is private feedback for you…

    Your article lays out some good ways to get traffic for your blog, I like the approach it is clear and easy to follow.
    I like the bun about king, queen and their children…

    However, your sentences are very long. I realise you write in conversational style instead of official like most people, but I would still make several smaller sentences instead of all the sub-sentences.
    Same goes for the use of language. Although majority of people do know what LOL means and it’s certainly OK in the comments, I would never use it in a blog post.

    Hope this feedback helps you! I also left a comment


  • This is very good advice, though this is probably more SEO related. I love traffic and without it I don’t make money. I’m always trying to improve my SEO to get traffic by regularly going over my older posts and checking the meta etc. As Google changes and brings out new rules so our content & site needs to be cleaned up – which can be bummer, but I guess that’s the joy of freedom from a 9-5 job. I definitely love your advice, it helps to keep me/us motivated.

  • As you have mentioned, regardless of how great your website may be, without visitors you will not get very far for making any money if you are missing out on proper traffic.

    Traffic is a crucial part of making an income online, and you have brought up some very excellent ideas and concepts of how to do that for free.

    I will look into some of your suggestions that I have not utilized at this time for my marketing.

  • I’m new to this and the 2 little blogs I’ve created so far seem to be floating alone in the sea – they get a dribble of visitors a day at the best of times!
    I like the advice you have provided here – simple enough and hopefully I will see a turnaround in my online fortunes

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