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How to Make $500 per Day Online as a Newbie!

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September 27, 2022

Make $500 to $1000 per day online
How to Make $500 per day

Are you a complete newbie looking for a reliable way to make $500 per day online? Well, look no further because the solution is here!

Are you struggling to find a legitimate way to make a solid income online?

I used to search all over the internet for ways to make money online; however, most of them pay peanuts or are too good to be true

If you are serious about finally starting to make money, then I recommend you to read every word of this post.

Furthermore, you will learn about a legitimate way to make $500 per day.

However, the catch is it's not easy and it takes time and efforts, it's a learning curve.

But is it Possible for a Newbie to Make $500 per Day Online?

It is possible; however, it takes a lot of time.

There is absolutely no way to make $500 per day overnight as a newbie

Beware of the scammers out there promising free systems to make +$500 per day with a push of a button.

That fairy tale success does not exist, it exists only for them to steal your hard earned money!

What Do you Need to Start Making $500 per Day?


As a complete newbie, you won't be able to make that kind of money, right?

You will need to learn some skills which you will be using to make money online.

Plus, it's a learning curve. So, it takes time and it's not easy but it's simple and not complicated.

There are many ways to make money online. But I believe the best and most reliable one is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing in a few words is when you sell other people's products. You don't have to talk to anyone, you only have to write content, put affiliate links and drive visitors to it.

If you are a newbie you need the following things to make $500 per day with affiliate marketing

  1. Proper Step by Step Training
  2. A Website
  3. Take Action

Here's How I made $500 in one Day

I made $500 in one day, but it was on a good day. The truth is, I don't make $500 every day. I make less than that, but I do make a solid income every month.

Honestly, In the first months, I'd make a couple of dollars here and there. As traffic grows my income would go up very slowly.

Affiliate marketing works but it's very slow, that's why people give up because they don't see immediate results.

When they don't see results, they think it's not for them or it just doesn't work

On the contrary, it just takes time. Lots of it.

Here's what I mean:

How to Make $500 per day Google Analytics website trafic stats

These are the traffic stats of my website. As you can see, the first months have been dry in terms of traffic. However, after 4 months I made my very first sale!

Needless to say how happy I was that day. 6 Months later great things started to happen, I started to make my very first income that is worth my efforts and dedication.

Since then, I started to have my $300 & $500 days.

How Can You Start Aiming for your $500 Days?

If you are ready to put in hard work and give this a good 3-6 months, then you can expect to make money.

However, be realistic and aim for lower figures first then the big figures. You need to learn how to walk before you fly.

You can get started in 3 steps:

1) Join This Affiliate Marketing Training for Newbies

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training where you will find hours of step by step tutorials and video tutorials designed for newbies looking to start an online business from their passion.

It is free to try (No Credit Card Required). If you like the training and think it's for you, then you can upgrade to the premium membership which will cost you $19 the first month,  and $49 thereafter, (if you pay annually it will cost you only $30/month).

With WA you get everything you need, websites, keyword tools, training, mentoring, support, live training and more. I like to tell people upfront that it's not completely free; at the end of the day, nothing is free.

With that said Try Wealthy Affiliate for Free Today, if you think not for you (or whatever reason) you will have only created a free account.

2) Complete Your Profile

Wealthy Affiliate is not a bunch of PDF's or eBooks, it's a community with over 800,000 members. So, it's like a social network where each member has a profile. Plus, people can follow you and you can follow them

With that said, you want to set up your profile (add a picture & description)

3) Start Building Your Online Business

It's time to start working towards your $500 per day goal. First, you want to click on the green tab which will take you to the actual training.

From there you will start your online business, step by step.

Wealthy Affiliate training

Ready To Start Your $500 Days Online Business?

With the Wealthy Affiliate Free to Test training, I think anyone can aim for $500 per day.

Furthermore, the sky is the limit. there are a lot of opportunities online, there are millions of products to promote and millions of people looking for them.

The only missing part is your hard work.

Take action and work hard together because there are NO shortcuts or get rich quick schemes.

Plus, allow yourself to learn, make mistakes, grow, give yourself and your business a good 3-6 months. That's the time frame when people start tasting the online success when they put the hard work.

Do you have any ideas or questions to add to this post?

Don't forget to add your comments below!

I'd love to hear from you!

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About Anis

Anis Chity used to be a struggling university student under debt from Italy, but thanks to this opportunity he managed to earn a 4 figure monthly income at the age of 24. Anis enjoys helping people avoid scams and find legit ways to work from home. He has many other businesses online as well.

In his free time he loves playing football & hanging out with friends.

Quick update: Anis now is 28 earning over $40k a month on average in affiliate commissions! Learn How He exactly did it here.

  • I was definitely a newbie when I started out with affiliate marketing. I learned so much from the Wealthy Affiliate community, and all over the Internet. I found the platform here so simple to use. Now I’m building professional websites for businesses while I get my own website traffic. Where you an absolute computer beginner when you started? Or do you have some website design background?

    • Hi Sunny, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying WA as well, I have joined them and I was a complete newbie, I have learned everything about online business there and I have been doing great!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  • Well done. you have earned your credentials before telling us what to do. I really like the fact you started making money before you promoted this, it makes it so much more credible.
    I found your site an easy read and very positive. Thank you for sharing your experience and insight. You are a great motivator. I am ready to start earning.

  • I have to say I love sites that clean and easy to read, so well done in that department.
    There is a lot to learn to become a competent affiliate marketer, somedays you seem overwhelmed with information, so that step by step training you mentioned is so important to get things into perspective. What would be your number one suggestion to get the money flowing
    Thanks Geoff

    • Glad to hear you liked my stuff Geoff

      Affiliate marketing requires lots of hard work and dedication, if you’re passionate about and patience you can get the money following that’s basically the secret to succeed with affiliate marketing.

  • Great post.
    I started online with Affiliate Marketing about 2 years ago and as you’ve mentioned, it is possible to make money but it is not easy.
    It does take a lot of time.

    However, some people earn money quite quickly because they focus and put a lot of effort into their business.

    I made my first affiliate commission within 3 months of starting so I knew that it works but it just takes time.

    I had to stop for a while due to other workloads but now I’m back on track.

    With Affiliate Marketing do you think it’s OK to ‘take time out’ or is this something you need to work on full-time?

    • Hi Jacqueline, Yes affiliate marketing does take a while but it’s worth it

      Affiliate marketing gives you the freedom to work anywhere you want

      You can definitely do it part time.

      Once you make enough money you can outsource all your work and make money doing virtually nothing!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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