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IncomeMailers & MailingNetwork Review: Legit or Scam?

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March 21, 2017



Yesterday I received an email where someone asked me if and are legitimate or scams so I thought I would do some research and review them because I see lots of people looking for an answer too.

If you are about to sign up on those sites you really need to read this review.


What are & and are two identical websites where you are promised to earn $4 for each brochure you mail out.

Of course, they gave you all the reasons as to why you need to take their offer, you will be making solid money every week, catch up on your bills and all that nice stuff.

But where is the catch?

The catch is it’s too good to be true, you won’t be making $1000 per week mailing out brochures.

The only person that will probably make $1000 is the owner of those two scam websites because victims will be buying their so called home mailer kit.

I have reviewed hundreds if not thousands of scams like these and I can assure you that once they make enough money and get exposed they will close their sites and run away.

Matter of fact these exact two websites ( & they were promising the same but the first one is down while the other one turned into a stock investing website.

With that being said let’s go in detail explaining why and are scams. & Are Scams Here’s Why


1) Technology has Taken Over


Nowadays most people are on the internet, they use social networks and emails to communicate and business owners are aware of that

That’s where Autoresponders and email marketing tools come in to automate the whole system, the best autoresponder costs only $19 per month and you can email thousands of people on autopilot and for a cheap price.

So why would anyone pay you $1000 per week mailing out brochures while they can rely on technology that will do it for them

With that being said there are still jobs that require you to mail brochures because there are still some people that use flip phones and don’t have computers, and business owners need to reach them too.

But these legitimate jobs are very hard to find and they don’t pay well.

2) Nothing Comes Easy


The internet has made our lives easier, nowadays we can easily connect with each other exchange information quickly and easily, everything is done fast thanks to the internet.

There are many people online that think money can be made online easily thanks to the evolution of the internet that’s unfortunately not true

Scams are there waiting for anyone looking for easy online jobs that pay thousands.

There are no free lunches online if you don’t work your tail off you won’t make any money, that’s the truth.

3) They Just Want Your $37


I have seen many mailing brochures scams that once they steal enough money they close their website and build other ones under different names.

These scammers only want you to buy that Home mailing kit, $37 may seem little but imagine if thousands of people give you $37, that’s a lot of money and that’s what and are there for.

There are many identical scams doing this here are a couple of scams I came across during my research for this review:

  • (The same template and layout)

How to Avoid Scams in the Future


There are a lot of scams out there and they are just getting smarter at scamming people, fortunately, there are some things you can do to avoid these type of scams.

I think this is a good video which shows you how to avoid work from home scams and how to report them.

Legit & Reliable Way to Work from Home?


I have tried a lot of online jobs, surveys and all that stuff, I think most of them make you work hard for peanuts regardless of the millions of scams out there.

That’s why I recommend everyone to start a website from their passion

There are a lot of big companies like Clickbank and Amazon with millions of products that you can promote to people that are looking for them.

With a website and thanks to Google (which will give you free targeted traffic) and other search engines, you can target people that are looking for the products you promote.

It’s called Affiliate marketing and it’s a very profitable business, the sky is the limit in terms of earnings because with a website you will be getting lots of targeted traffic from Google that billions of people use to search for info.

That’s profitable but the catch is you need to work very hard to make this work for you if it was easy everybody would be doing it.

If you are a newbie and you have no idea where to start then you need a good affiliate marketing training.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best, I recommend it because it’s NOT an ebook or a bunch of PDF’s but a big community with welcoming members that help and share creative ideas with each other.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great step by step task based training that teaches you affiliate marketing the right way

Here is what WA will teach you in a glance.


You can try Wealthy Affiliate for free (No Credit Card) you will also get 2 free websites, 10 free affiliate marketing lessons to get you started.

Join Wealthy Affiliate it’s $0 

Or read my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more.

Do you have any questions or experiences with & to share with us?

Don’t forget to leave comments below!

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  • I was considering Mailing until I read your article about the website. Have changed me mind. The old saying is ” If it’s too good to be true, it probably is!”

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