Instant Payday Tricks Review- Yes it’s a Scam!

insta payday tricks scam reviewed

Instant Payday Tricks Reviewed!

Are you about to buy Instant Payday Tricks but you still feel like this might be a scam?

You should trust your gut! Instant Payday Tricks is a scam in my opinion, this review is going to back up my big claim!

If you want to make money online, you MUST read this review!

Instant Payday Tricks Review

  • Name: Instant Payday Tricks
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 + more costs
  • Owner: Ed Roberts
  • Recommended? No
insta payday tricks scam reviewed

What is Instant Payday Tricks?

Instant Payday Tricks is a newly launched Clickbank product that promises to provide you with different ways to earn from home.

They are promising you $800 an hour which is not a small claim, the best part is you can earn that money easily.

Instant Payday Tricks is basically like a box where you will find tricks to earn instant money.

But unfortunately, when I had a look at the training I found the exact opposite of what they are promising you.

How Instant Payday Tricks Really Works

As I said earlier, what you get when you buy Instant Payday Tricks is different then what you would expect after watching they hype video.

Instant Payday Tricks is just a collection of some random work from home jobs, there are no secrets or any of that no sense.

In the Instant Payday Tricks members area you will find some training on ways to make money online that include:

You will also get ebooks, tutorials on how to create websites and get traffic them.

But the training is completely outdated as it's teaching you stuff that used to work in 2007!

Their ebooks and tutorials are just some rehashed products also known as PLR products

The worst part is, they have Youtube videos in the training but they don't belong to them, they are just using other people Youtube videos!

Because the owners of these videos will never buy Instant Payday Tricks and find out their videos are being used on a paid membership.

This also means that you're buying something that can easily be found on Youtube!

Instant Payday Tricks is a Scam! Here's Why!

Instant Payday Tricks is an obvious scam to me, and below I'm sharing with you how this system works and why it's not going to make you any money!

1- $800 per Hour Fast, Really?

You're not going to earn $800 per hour with Instant Payday Tricks, no one can earn all that money fast, that's too good to be true.

There are many fake websites like Instant Payday Tricks that give such fake promises, below you can find some similar scam examples:

These are all fake websites just like Instant Payday Tricks!

2- Low Quality & Outdated Training

The training is SO outdated and old, they are literally teaching you stuff that used to work in 2007-2010!

For example they are teaching you how to write articles on a blogging communities like Squidoo.

But Squidoo does not exist anymore as it was bought over by Hubpages!

They are also teaching you some old SEO tactics to use on your websites to optimize it for search engines like Google and Bing!

​​​​This is going to be a great waste of time and energy!

3- Instant Payday Tricks is a Clickbank Product!

Instant Payday Tricks is another product from Clickbank, if you don't know, Clickbank sellers love to create these kind of garbage products, they make them a lot of money for sure.

99% of Clickbank products are complete garbage!

Just check out these other Clickbank products to see what I'm talking about.

4- Making Money? Just Forget it!

No one is going to make Money at Instant Payday Tricks because you're getting some old and rehashed training that does not work.

So how are you supposed to make money with such training?

To make money you need a Real Comprehensive Training!

5- $37? Expect More Upsells! 

All Clickbanks products have these ugly hidden costs and follow up upsells to your email inbox!

Instant Payday Tricks is NO exception, the scammers behing this product did not create this shady product just for earning $37's.

They are expecting to earn a lot more from every person that falls into the trap!

If Instant Payday Tricks is a Scam - What do I Recommend?

I think Instant Payday Tricks is a scam because all their promises are fake, they give people fake expectations but only to give them some outdated training about different ways to earn.

At Instant Payday Tricks you're not getting real training but only a collection of ebooks and GPT sites that you can easily find for free online.

This program won't even cost you $37 only, because they will try to make you spend a lot more money!

I used to fall for these half-baked products that promise me $1,000's easily, but less than 2 years ago I came across a REAL training that taught me how to earn a solid income online!

This training is perfect for newbies and it will give you solid training that is easy to comprehend for newbies!

If you want to check it out and see how I made money using it, and how you can benefit from it too, just follow the link below:

What do you think about this Instant Payday Tricks review?

Did I miss anything?

Did you purchase this scam? What do you think?

Your comments will definitely help the next reader!

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