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Is Instant Paypal Club a Scam? It is, in My Opinion

Anis Founder of

By Anis

May 2, 2017

Instant Paypal Club sales page

This short review is going to be about Instant Paypal Club which is a system that is heavily promoted on social media.

Instant Paypal Club Review

Name: Instant Paypal Club


Type: Copy & Paste scam

Price: $47 one time fee

Recommended? No

Legitimate & Realistic opportunities:

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What is Instant Paypal Club?

To be honest, I am really sick and tired of reviewing these lying systems claiming that you will be making money easily

Instant Paypal Club claims that you are going to earn $47 multiple payments on autopilot

That’s complete BS if you ask me

I’m someone that fell for these types of scams and I am going to tell you in a second

what will happen when you buy into Instant Paypal Club or Copy Paste Ads (Similar scam)

How Does it Really Work?

You are promised to earn multiple $47 Paypal Payments quite easily by simply working 30 minutes per day

They claim you are going to only post your ads on Facebook, Craiglist, and similar sites.

What they Don’t Tell You isin order to get $47 per person you have to spam the sites mentioned above and lie to people and sell them the EXACT program you just bought.

Will You Make Easy $47 Paypal Payments?

The simple answer is NO


People need to buy the same program from you in order to make money.

People are skeptical, they don’t trust on hyped up programs like Instant Paypal Club

The proof is you, you are here reading this Instant Paypal Club review because you know this system does not sound legit

They are not going to buy from you, (maybe some will) but it’s going to be very hard.

Another thing is Craiglist and most social networks don’t tolerate spam, so you will be kicked out as soon as you’re caught spamming.

Don’t Waste Your $47

By buying The Instant Paypal Club, you’re only going to waste time and money, rest assured that you are going to be very disappointed

I have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of these programs and I Perfectly know how they scam people

Don’t fall for it!

Legitimate Opportunity!

If you are Serious about finally making something happen for you, I have a great secret that I am going to share with you right now


It’s hard work & dedication, don’t be fooled by those stupid get rich quick schemes

Now if you are looking for a realistic way to make it happen, I recommend you to start your own online business

If you are a newbie, check out Wealthy Affiliate, they teach complete newbies how to start an online business from scratch it’s free to join and try.

If you want an easy way to earn money that requires less work (but very less rewarding than Wealthy Affiliate) check out Swagbucks it’s 100% free

Either way, stay completely away from Instant Paypal Club!

Your Turn!

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  • I do not see where it says the company says anything about guaranteeing anything about how much you will make with the system. Why would payspree offer it as an affiliate program on there page if it was a scam?

  • Good job.I agree with you and I’m glad I checked out for review.Obviously, you have some character and seems that is a rare trait nowadays.Wish you good luck and success in your engagements.

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