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Is 30 Day Success a Scam or a Millionaire in 30 Days?

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By Anis

March 23, 2019

30 day success scam reviewed

30 Day Success Reviewed!

Can you really make money in just 30 days with 30 Day Success? Is it just your typical scam?

I have some ugly truth to share with you about this product.

You REALLY need to give this honest review a good read to find out the truth!

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30 Day Success Quick Review

  • Name: 30 Day Success
  • Website:
  • Price: $37
  • A Scam?: No
  • Recommended? No
30 day success scam reviewed

What is 30 Day Success?

30 Day Success is a website that claims it's going to make you money within 30 days.

They say they know a secret system which only 1% of the population knows about and they are going to give it away to you for free.

30 Day Success is going to teach you how to build websites based on Affiliate marketing which is a great business model for newbies.

This program will give you the training and the tools you need to build affiliate websites which should make you money.

But there is a problem with 30 Day Success, if you have watched the above video now you have a clear picture of what affiliate marketing actually is!

30 Day Success are going to help you build websites using affiliate marketing, but they are misleading you so much.

They say that you can make money easily and pretty quickly thanks to their system, but that's not true.

Affiliate marketing, getting traffic takes time to give results, I'm saying this because I have been there.

I have built websites and I know how much it takes to build a website that actually makes money!

30 Days Success give you a nice looking website, that does not mean anything because a website without traffic is useless.

They are basically just taking advantage of newbies that have no idea how website building works!

How Does 30 Day Success Work?

30 Day Success gives you an easy to use software which is going to build for you nice looking websites instantly and they brag about that so much!

The thing is nowadays thanks to technology, you can build a website in 30 seconds anywhere you go, it's SO easy to build websites.

But there is a big difference beetween building a website and building a website that ACTUALLY makes money.

So basically 30 Day Success is banging on the fact you have no idea how to build a website, so they just get you to buy some tools to make money off you then leave you empty handed!

I have found this nice video which walks you through 30 Day Success and shows you how this product is useless.

Is 30 Day Success Recommended? NO Here's WHY!

I had a look at 30 Day Success and below I am going to share with you 4 signs why this product is more like a scam, because they have SO many red flags!

Keep reading below to learn the ugly truths...

 1 - NO Website Visitors = NO Money!

They give you the software to build websites and then they teach you how to promote Clickbank products.

But that's all obvious, because you can learn all that online, the problem is:

  • How you drive traffic
  • How to convert that traffic into sales

These are the most important things that any site owner should master

Guess what?

30 Day Success does not teach you that.

With the kind of websites they give you, you won't be able to get traffic using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You can't even buy traffic from Google Adwords or Bing Ads, because the websites 30 Day Success give you are against their rules as they have no content or value, they are just affiliate promotions!

30 Day Success does teach you some traffic generation methods which are the following!:

  • Posting on Forums
  • Writing articles for other sites (Guest Blogging)
  • Promoting your site on Social Media
  • Making Youtube Videos
  • Commenting on other sites

As I website owner and full-time affiliate marketer I can assure you that the above techniques can get you some traffic but you will be an online slave if you rely on them!

Maybe making Youtube videos is the only reliable way to get traffic but they don't give you training about it and it takes time to make your videos stand out!

Most of the traffic generation techniques they share with you are basically spam and you need to work 24/7 in order to earn some few dollars, it's not really worth it!

I personally make my websites rank on Google and that gets me lots of traffic, chances are you clicked on this review from Google or Bing!

That's how websites should bring traffic! All I have to do is write articles that respect the Google rules and I enjoy traffic that clicks and buys using my affiliate links!

That's something 30 Day Success does not teach you, but if you check out My Recommended Affiliate Training You will learn it all.

2- You Don't EVEN Own Your Website!

The funny part is 30 Day Success have the full control over your site, so you don't own the site and you can't customize it to however you wish or anything.

That's really bad, because if 30 Day Success dies your website and all your hard work will die too.

Products similar to this one tend to live a few months then disappear, because they get exposed as people will start to understand it's useless.

3- You Need to Spend More Money!

30 Day Success charges you 37$ first but the REAL costs are hidden because 37$ is just a bait they use to lure you in.

The kind of scammish products come with tons and tons of upsells designed to make you spend a lot more money.

And later I will show you some similar scams that do the same thing.

In the meantime, I have found some upsells which you must purchase:

  • Autoresponder Integration ($37): This feature allows you to connect an autoresponder like Aweber to send promotional emails to your leads.
  • Build More Sites ($47): This allows you to build more websites, but you can get 10 free sites with My #1 Rated Program!
  • Heatmaps ($47): This software allows you to track your site clicks and what traffic is converting and what is not, this is totally useless, you can't even edit your site!

These are just some of the costs, if you gave 30 Day Success your email address, be prepared to receive spam and more useless upsells!

It's YOUR TYPICAL Low Quality Product!

30 Day Success is a product from an affiliate network called Clickbank. this affiliate network is FULL of these scammy looking sites like 30 Day Success!

Want examples? Just read some of my recent Clickbank products reviews:

You probably can tell by the names how hype and scammy they are, these are just a few, there are a lot more!

After reading this review this far, just re-watch the 30 Day Success sales video and see how cheesy it sounds now! 😀

Is 30 Day Success A Scam?

30 Day Success is not a scam, but it's a VERY low quality product which is not going to give any results.

They give you a nice software which makes it easy to build a website, but the most important thing is traffic!

They want you to randomly post your site on forums and websites which is a waste of time and energy!

You don't even have full control of your site, if 30 Day Success gets shutdown you can say goodbye to your business!

They have so many costs that they don't even tell you in the video presentation!

Because of the reasons I mentioned above, I don't recommend this product.

If you're looking for a legit opportunity just keep reading below.

Legit Training for Building a REAL Site!

I highly encourage you to start a website for making money online, that's the most reliable way to earn from home.

Building a website where you sell other people products is perfect for newbies!

But 30 Day Success training is REALLY aweful and it's not going to help you laverage affiliate marketing.

I have built my affiliate websites thanks to this training that I highly recommend you to try.

This training is FREE to try, you get 10 free lessons. This is the training where I learned how to build websites that make me a full-time income!

If you want to learn more, how you can build a real site, how much I earn and more just click on the link below!

Real Training for Newbies - Start a Money Making Website!

Did you put your hands on 30 Day Success?

Did it work? Or it turned out to be duds?

Let us know what you think in the comments section! 😀

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  • Hey, in short, 30 day success formula, after signing up at $1,000, level 3, paying $599 for, they do, 400pc mailing, paying $799 for 1000pc DIY package to my door, wait 3 months, ONLY to receive NO 200pc, promised mailing, NO 400pc, they do, mailing, NO 1000pc DIY package at my door, NO RESULTS, Advertising 12 page sales letter to millions, per month, for 3 months, while I wait, spending $600, and they fucked up my orders, claiming they didn’t receive $799 from me, ONLY $79, RIPPING ME OFF FOR $720, that equals 2 weeks, NET PAY, 40 hours a week, 80 hours of work/job labor.
    Gets better, asked for refund, they can’t/won’t tell me my refund amount, means they’re gonna try to RIP ME OFF FOR MORE MONEY, LIKELY. My opinion, liars and thieves, stealing 100’s and 1,000’s from 100’s and 1,000’s of people and families.

  • You have no clue what you’re talking about lol

    Your information is inaccurate. You’re the scam

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