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Is Affiliate Institute A Scam? (2022) The Simple Truth Here!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

June 23, 2022

Is Affiliate Institute A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is Affiliate Institute A Scam?" review! (Updated for 2022)

If we talk about earning money online, we will always encounter, affiliate marketing. This is because with enough time, effort and patience, you can create your very own stream of passive income online.

However, you can't really do it without help. No man is an island after all, right? That is why there are several affiliate marketing training programs out there.

One of them is Affiliate Institute. However, I have heard a lot of complaints about it which made me interested on checking it out and review it. That's why I am going to share all of the things I learned with you.

This is to make sure that you get to know everything because you invest in this training program. So, is Affiliate Institute a scam? We are about to find out!

Is Affiliate Institute A Scam: Quick Summary

Name: Affiliate Institute

Website: https://affiliateinstitute.com/

Founder: Julian Sherman

Type: Affiliate marketing training program

Price: $99 Level 1 + $2995 Level 2 + High-Ticket Products

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No!

Is Affiliate Institute A Scam logo

What is Affiliate Institute?

Is Affiliate Institute A Scam website homepage

Let's start off this "Is Affiliate Institute a scam?" review by getting to know it. What exactly is it?

Affiliate Institute is an affiliate marketing training program and company whose aim is to help people earn money online through their own affiliate marketing business.

Unfortunately, the information you can find on its website is very limited making it almost impossible to discover the true nature of this company.

I have reviewed a lot of websites, online opportunities and many more in my website. One thing I have learned is that the lack of information and transparency is a red flag. So far, we just know that Affiliate Institute helps people with affiliate marketing.

Still, I have did more research and I found an interesting thing about it. Affiliate Institute is also a high-ticket MLM scheme! We will discuss more about that.

Who owns it?

Is Affiliate Institute A Scam owner

The co-founder of Affiliate Institute is Julian Sherman. He is a 29 year old internet marketer based in Miami. He claims that he has helped a lot of people earn money online; plus, he describes himself as a co-founder, entrepreneur, and a digital marketer.

Julian Sherman was a college dropout at 23; however, he has built a six-figure online business. Plus, he has worked as a personal trainer at LA Fitness before starting his own business.

A lot of people has credited Julian for improving their lives with his money making program. Julian believes that anyone can use the internet to reach their dream lifestyle. In conclusion, this is the reason why he wants to impart his skills and resources to others.

Furthermore, later on when you register, you will meet him.

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How to get started?

The very first step that you must do is of course, to register. You just need to provide your name, email address and other information. Afterwards, you will receive an email from the owner himself.

It will contain two links that lead to freebies. These are the following:

  • Free webinar with Julian Sherman
  • An eBook entitled Affiliate Playbook

The eBook is nothing special to be honest. It is simply a greased up material which won't provide any real-life value. Moreover, it is just an invitation to the webinar.

Speaking of that, this webinar is where you will meet Julian Sherman. He will introduce himself and then invite you to the program. Moreover, he will pitch you the first level membership.

Is Affiliate Institute A Scam: Price

Joining Affiliate Institute is free. Well, at least the greasing part. However, you will be prompted to pay for a membership to gain access to the training program. There are two kinds of membership available. Here are they.

  • Level 1 Membership that costs $99 monthly
  • Level 2 Membership with a one-time fee of $2995
  • Accelerator course - No price specified

You can also try out the training program with its 14-day trial. Basically, when you have purchased a membership, you will be able to start with the program.

You will be able to receive access to step-by-step training, resources and tools that are essential in starting an affiliate marketing business. Moreover, Affiliate Institute will offer you live Q&A sessions, webinar, personal mentoring and many more.

Also, I have found out that one of the main points of this program is to promote a company called Enagic. Another thing is to join the Amazon Associates program. We will discuss this more in the next section.

How does this work?

Affiliate Institute offers an affiliate training program. Moreover, it teaches people how to create their own affiliate marketing business. This is when they earn affiliate commissions through the promotion of services and products.

Once you have purchased a membership, you will gain access to the training center. To be honest, the training program is pretty basic. You will learn about affiliate marketing, social media marketing and the such.

However, I believe that Affiliate Institute wants you to become an affiliate of Enagic and promote its products.

Is Affiliate Institute A Scam Enagic Website

If that is the case, then that means that you will be promoting Enagic's products through affiliate marketing. In fact, you might even need to purchase some of these products to earn higher commissions. That is why it is considered as a high-ticket MLM scheme!

These are the steps of creating a business with Affiliate Institute!

  1. Purchase a membership and join the program
  2. Buy an Enagic product (optional)
  3. Create and start a campaign
  4. Run Facebook Ads
  5. post on Facebook to get free traffic

If you are not interested in promoting Enagic, that's fine since you have another option which is Amazon Associates. It is completely free to join Amazon's affiliate program. You can promote products from Amazon and earn money.

Can you earn money with this?

If we talk about affiliate marketing, of course you can make money with it. There is no doubt about that. You can use the resources and tools you have to create your affiliate marketing business. Moreover, you need to invest time and effort on your business! 

Regarding the MLM side of Affilliate Institute, you will only get high commissions if you purchase an Enagic product. That is of course, still not guaranteed since we don't know much about Affiliate Institute. However, that is pretty much how MLMs work.

Affiliate Institute will offer you a 30% commission on each referral you bring. Personally, that is actually not bad. So yes, you can earn money with this program.

To whom is it for?

To be honest, I believe that Affiliate Institute is for the people out there who are very interested in earning money with high-ticket programs. I highly do not recommend this to beginners.

Moreover, it is very expensive compared to other training programs. Affiliate marketing is for the ones who are patient and hardworking. So if you don't have those qualities, then I suggest that you find another way of earning money online.

Things I like about it

#1  14-day trial

Everyone can try out and see what Affiliate Institute really offers. However, the trial only runs for 14 days.

It is still free, though. So you don't have anything to lose!

#2 Offers affiliate marketing training

Affiliate Institute provides training to start on your own affiliate marketing business. I truly believe that it is an excellent way of earning money!

With it, you will have a passive income and more freedom!

Things I don't like about it

1. Not for newbies

Chances are, majority of the people who want to earn money online do not know a thing or two about affiliate marketing. That is why it is very important for training programs to be beginner-friendly.

However, Affiliate Institute is not. Apart from that, it is a very expensive program! So, I do not recommend this to beginners.

2. Not technically "free"

If you have visited Affiliate Institute's website, you will see that it is free to join. However, it is not technically "free". It is only free up until you get the freebies, which won't really help you.

Yes, there is a 14-day trial but after it expires, you can't access it anymore. If you purchase a membership, expect that there will be more expenses soon!

3. High-ticket MLM

The MLM side of Affiliate Institute is not really disclosed in its website. But with thorough research, I found out that it is!

It promotes a high-ticket program for a company called Enagic. Judging by the company's website, its products are on the expensive side.

Knowing how MLMs work, you are likely required to purchase its products if you want to earn higher commissions.

4. Not transparent

Websites like Affiliate Institute, SHOULD provide essential information about it and what it offers. This is to give people an idea of what they truly are.

In my years of reviewing websites, products, online services etc., not being transparent is not a good thing.

That is one thing that Affiliate Institute has which is something I don't like.

Is Affiliate Institute a scam: Pros and Cons


  • They educate you about affiliate marketing
  • Plus, can be an avenue for you to start an online business
  • Free 14 day trial


  • The program is not made for beginners
  • In addition, it is expensive to upgrade to get full education
  • Paid traffic through Facebook ads can be expensive
  • High Ticket MLM which is expensive
  • Has changed their name from Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) to Affiliate Institute.

Is Affiliate Institute a scam?

To conclude this review, it is time to answer the question, "Is Affiliate Institute a scam?"

Affiliate Institute is not a scam. It is a legitimate website and company that provides education about earning money with affiliate marketing. Apart from that, its business model is legit. The owners are real too. Unlike the scams out there in which the people behind them use fake identities.

Moreover, Affiliate Institute has a history in the industry. But there are just things that you can't really ignore. It is an expensive program. And it also leans toward MLM.

You can always try it out for free. If you have the budget, sure purchase a membership. If not, and if you are a newbie, then follow my advice; do not go for it. There are better programs for you out there.

Thank you so much for reading my "Is Affiliate Institute A Scam?" review! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section!

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