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Is Cashcrate a Real Scam or Legit? It’s NO Longer a Survey in 2019!

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By Anis

May 10, 2019

Cash crate app heads up, Is Cashcrate fake?, What is Cashcrate?

Is Cashcrate real? Is it legit or a scam? Before you sign up, I recommend you to read this Cashcrate 2019 review it may save you time and energy.

There are so many GPT sites out there.

Unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate.

Some are built only to steal your hard earned money.

But this is not the case today because Cashcrate is one of those legitimate GPT sites that will reward you.

However, there are a lot of things you must carry with you before you sign up for Cashcrate.

In this Cashcrate 2019 review, I will share with you all the important information, ways to earn and the pros and cons.

Before we get into the review.

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Let’s get back to our main topic of today 🙂

Cashcrate logo

What is Cashcrate?

In 2019, Cashcrate is a website where you find legitimate work from home opportunities to work from home.

It used to be a survey and reward site but in April 2019 they have changed their focus!

Cashcrate is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you can earn money taking offers, watching videos, doing surveys, you can even earn cash back from your online shopping.

Cashcrate is one of the best and trustworthy GPT sites as they have paid out and sent checks to all the eligible members.

You can also refer your friends and earn some extra cash.

However there are some things that I hate about them which forced me to not recommend it, you will read more in the pros and cons section.

2019 Update: Cashcrate is No Longer a Survey!

In 2019 April, Cashcrate is NO Longer a reward site but just an informational site where you can find work from home jobs!

Here’s our 2019 #1 Recommendation to Work from Home!

How Can You Make Money With Cashcrate?

There are multiple ways to make money with Cashcrate which are the following:


Every day you will see different surveys. However, the US and Canada residents may receive more surveys and therefore earn more.

It’s not Cashcrate’s fault it’s the advertisers that focus specifically on those two countries.

Cash Offers

Cash offers are a good and easy way to earn some money, all you have to do is to register on other sites.

Some sites may ask you for your credit card; I would only stick to the free ones.

Because if you forget to unlink your credit card, you may be charged every month.

You will read more heads up/cons on the ”pros and cons” section later in this review.

Cash Back

If you shop online frequently, then this feature may be good for you.

You only have to shop online from Cashcrate linked stores and get some cash back.

I prefer Ibotta and Ebates they are the best cashback sites out there.


You can make money watching videos with Cashcrate. However, they are available only to US residents.

Don’t worry You can get paid to watch videos and listen to music with these sites even from other countries.


You can play games and participates in contests; the winners will win different prizes.

Referral Program

You can’t make $100 or $150 watching videos or taking offers.

Like any good survey site, the referral program is the biggest slice of the cake.

Cashcrate has a good and profitable referral program.

You can invite your friends, but like Cashcrate it selfs suggests, you need a blog to make more than $200 per month from Cashcrate.

With a blog, you can also promote other similar sites or any site with a referral program.

Cashcrate Payment Methods

The minimum cash out limit is $20 you get paid on the 15th of every month.

They only send checks; there are no Paypal payments.

I know it sucks.

Cashcrate App

Heads up

Cashcrate does not have an app for smartphones.

You will see some apps in the play store or app store with the Cashcrate name next to them, but those are not apps made by Cashcrate.

I don’t recommend you to download them; they might belong to scammers.

Who is Cashcrate For?

Cashcrate is for anyone that wants to make some extra cash.

If you are not from the United States or Canada, you will have a hard time to reach the minimum payout requirement.

If you are not from those two countries I recommend you to focus more on the referral program or join Gift Club Hunter is a better alternative for those that live outside The US and Canada.

Cashcrate Pros and Cons

This is what I like and don’t like about this reward site.

The Good

  • Different ways to earn.
  • 67% of positive reviews and 33% of negative reviews according to (BBB) Better Business Bureau
  • Cashcrate is real and legit not fake at all as some say.
  • They have a forum where you can interact with other members.
  • Good referral program

The Bad 

  • They don’t support Paypal: The fastest and most preferred payment method by many.
  • There is a $20 minimum cash out requirement
  • When taking offers you have to sign up for other third-party sites; you will get bombarded with tons of spammy emails.
  • Some call it a scam, there are lots of complaints and unhappy users Read the 32 reviews here on SiteJabber
  • Almost useless for members outside the US and Canada.
  • Some members outside the two preferred countries had to take very long surveys only to be told that they don’t qualify, I think they should not waste people’s time like this, before taking the survey they should clearly tell the person that their country may not make him eligible to take it.
  • If you add your phone number, you may receive lots of spammy calls.

Is Cashcrate Real and Legit?

Cashcrate is real and legit, they have paid out most of their members.

But I don’t like it.

Swagbucks is million times way better in my opinion.

Do you have any experiences with Cashcrate?

Is there anything I missed here in this review?

I will love it if you share your thoughts here.

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  • I did never find any money in surveying. Very bad experience with that. Cashcrete also seems time wasting program. Have you got some money in surveys, Anis?

  • Ive Tried Cashcrate before but don’t really see it as an effective site to make money. Compared to other sites that have a low payout it would take you some time to not only reach the minimal payout but to actually receive aswell. Having said that sites like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel are some of the better sites within this making money area.

  • Hi Anis! I haven’t really heard of Cashcrate before but I really did enjoy reading your review on it. Hope to see you do more of these, especially for websites that are more directed towards the international community, instead of just the major countries like UK and USA =]

  • Hi Anis,
    I’d never heard of Cashcrate before. I think that some of these survey and game sites are ok if you research them first and you don’t expect too much from them. Long term they’re not going to provide you with an alternative income to your full time job. That said, I do use Swagbucks myself, although not really actively, the search function is handy for getting a few points now and then.

    Where I really like to focus my efforts is building my website and growing my online business with affiliate marketing, the best place I found to learn is Wealthy Affiliate.

    All the best with developing your site and growing your business too.

    • Hi, Jenny, these GPT programs aren’t a reliable source of income I would rather stick with something that will generate for me a real income, wealthy affiliate is good, thanks for dropping by.

  • Thanks for the update Anis!
    Referencing the last con about adding your number, I know this from experience. Not from Cashcrate specifically but similar. I used to get MANY spammy calls. Now I don’t give my number out at all. Lesson learned lol
    Great review too. Seems like Cashcrate is very diverse but still small in earnings
    Keep it up!

    • Hi Seth, a lot of Cashcrate members gave out their phone to this site and got too many spammy calls, it’s not Cashcrate’s fault but the third party sites where you take those offers.

  • Hey Anis! Thanks for yet another great review! As always, I’m on the lookout for things that will put extra cash in my pocket and it’s always great to hear your take on it. I liked the part where play games and get paid but not a fan of not being able to get paid through PayPal. I’m a little old-fashioned and still prefer not to give out my information online lol.

    • Hi Amiel thanks for stopping by, well Cashcrate won’t steal your online identity or something but some third party sites may send you spam that you don’t want, and yeah its sucks that they don’t support Paypal! 🙂

  • great review. i am glad that there are people out there like you who does these reviews. Heck I have never even heard of Cash Crates!! Thank you for all you do.

  • I head about Swagbucks but I never heard about this company before. Have you tried it? I know my parents are interested in these kind of companies because they’re always looking for a ways to make some fast cash.

    But I think there are much better ways to make money online like offering a service or something similar. Thanks for writing this review!

  • Thanks for the information Anis.
    I don’t think cashcrate has much to offer me down here in Australia.
    I will however have a look at Swagbucks if you say it’s better.
    Great post and informative site.
    I will visit again.

  • Thank you so much for writing the review on Cashcrate. I have been thinking to join lately. Even though they are legit, I would be wasting my time if I join. It might be ok to those who want to earn pocket money, but it really is not a good program for people who are interested in working towards their financial freedom.
    However, I like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate. I am also a member of WA, and it is an excellent platform where anyone could become successful in an online business.

  • Thanks Anis for that great review of another online survey program for earning extra cash. The internet is a very dangerous place to look for money because it is littered with scammers!!! I was wondering whether you are a registered member of cash crates yourself and if yes have you received any payments from them. May be you can share some payment proofs.
    Thanks a bunch.

    • Hi Caino, I have never used Cashcrate because I don’t like it but it’s legit and it does pay, it has paid out many members, I use Swagbucks and I have already earned money from it, you will see the first gift card I have received from Swagbucks on this post: Make Money through games

  • I think I will have a look at Gift Club Hunter because I don’t live in States. And daily surveys of Gift Club Hunter is quite interesting and what do you think about having better profits in short amount of time? Videos or surveys?

    • Hi Furkan, if you live outside the two countries mentioned in the post, then Gift Club Hunter is a better option, in terms of better profits, I suggest to focus more on referring friends, videos or surveys won’t make you much money.

  • Thank you for the review. I had never heard of cashcrate before. Even tho’ I am not a fan of sites like this, your review was good and I see this as a possibility for those that do like this kind of work from home. Thanks for sharing.

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