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Is Home Job Source a Scam? Posting Links Really?

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By Anis

March 5, 2017

Home Job Source Review 2017

HomeJobSource website homepage

After reviewing a couple of similar scams I came across this website called Home Job source if you are questioning if it is a scam or not I have the answer and the proof here.

I have written this Home Job Source review because I see lots of people having a hard time to find out if this website is the real deal or not.

I did not purchase or tried this system before but I did a deep research on the web and I don’t mind sharing with you here my findings.

I have reviewed tens of similar sites so I have some strong and valid points that really prove what home Job Source is all about.

So if you are unsure if Home Job Source is the solution to your financial problems just read this whole review

You will see what their site is all about and also learn how to tell and avoid scams in the future.

What is Home Job Source?


Home Job Source is a website where you are told you can earn money easily by simply posting links

Their sales page looks like a website but it’s just a single page with the scope to get you to buy their product

So all they say on their sales page is you are going to make easy money and you are going to live the life of your dreamsHomeJobSourcewebsite

Their goal is to get you to spend that $97 upfront fee

I have seen this scam before

What they basically do is create many scammy websites and send leads to each other.

If you are wondering what those scammy websites are, well I have written reviews on them before

Here are some of them, The Free Money System, Income from home Academy, Copy My websites, the direct Online Income, Cash from Home, Facebook Bonanza, the Easy Marketers Club

There are more than you can imagine

Feel free to click on them and read for yourself how they buy fake actors, buy stock photos to use as testimonials

What are You Actually Buying?


As I said before these scams usually redirect to each other, At the time of this writing Home Job Source redirects to the Ultimate Home Profits.Ultimate Home profits website

It’s also connected with other scams with similar names like Home Job Income source and Home Jobs Now

So all these sites have the same courses that they promote on classified ads or in legitimate employment sites

After reading many customer reviews that are trying to get their money back I know what they exactly teach you on their courses

Their courses are all about link posting which doesn’t work at all unless you like spamming on classified ads and getting people to buy this garbage product.

Their courses are so confusing and you will never understand how you are going to earn money after a few days someone that is supposed to be your mentor will give you a call

These so called mentors call you only because they want to promote to you a business opportunity where you have to invest your money

Needless to say that you are not investing in any business you are simply giving your money to scammers

Home Job Source Red Flags


I have said it’s a scam now it’s time to show you why it’s not legit.

First of all, you need to watch this video from ABC it talks about some common scam signs that Home Job Source relates to.

Another red flag is the fact their profile on BBB has an F so they are not Better Business Bureau accredited.

Have a look their BBB profile and read the complaints they have received

These scammers never rest really, every day they launch new hyped up products.

Their goal is to earn easy money from the upfront fee you pay, that’s all they want from you

When you pay you will be given some pages with poor, put together content.

Other than that link posting is just spam, just do a quick Google search and you will see what is link posting really is.

My Final Opinion & Recommendation


Home Job Source is not a legitimate opportunity it was never seen on CNN or BBC and it teaches you stuff that doesn’t work anymore even worse it teaches spam.

With that said I will never recommend this product

When I was looking for legitimate opportunities to earn some money I was finding only these scams


I was looking for easy ways to make lots of money I refused to hear the fact that it takes time and efforts to earn any decent income.

With that said if you are searching for place where you can really learn how to make money online the honest way I invite you to have a look at wealthy Affiliate

It’s a 500,000 members community where you learn how to start a successful online business with the help of a supportive community and great, task-based, easy to follow tutorials and video tutorials

It’s a newbie friendly community that you can try for free (No Credit Card)


If you have any questions or feedback, just drop comments below!

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  • What else I noticed about the fake comments is it shows, “posted 2hrs ago”” with a few right after each comment also reflecting the same, then it goes to 3hrs, 4hrs. At first it seems convincing but I look for #something out of place and I spotted it as mentioned above. Scammers think they are smart but guaranteed, they tend to mess up somewhere along the way…. thanks for your investigating Cindy.
    BTW, for the record, you are absolutely correct on Wealthy Affiliate. Those guys are genuine, honest, Down home folks that make an honest living and sharing with others how they can too. I tried them before but had too much on my plate but I should move forward and get the ball rolling….

    • Hey Sharon, no matter how much the scammers try to make their products trustworthy there always be a flaw that will expose them, thanks for stopping by and I agree about the WA part, those guys are hardworking, honest and want to teach people how to make money!

  • On a “news story” website about this “company” there is a list of comments at the bottom. Of course all the comments are good, and I wasn’t able to post anything because when I clicked submit, it just opened another page with their baloney on it. All the commenters have what appear to be Facebook profiles but you can’t click on them. Says only registered users can comment but gives no option to become one. Below was what I was trying to post:

    Many Google results show this to be a scam. F rating on BBB. Sounded way too good to be true to me without looking up info on this. Shame because many people like me are out of work and having trouble finding a decent job.

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