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Is iBuumerang A Scam? (The Truth Is Revealed Here!) (2020)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

July 21, 2020

Is iBuumerang A Scam

Hello! Welcome to my "Is iBuumerang A Scam?" review!

Have you been on the search for a way to earn money online or a work from home opportunity? Then you probably stumbled upon iBuumerang and its "opportunity" it has for you!

Well, before you decide on pursuing to have a business with this company, you should read this whole iBuumerang review to learn everything you need to know about it!

Will it be worth it? Or is iBuumerang a scam? Let's find out!

iBuumerang Review Quick Summary

Name: iBuumerang

Website: https://home.ibuumerang.com/

Founder: Holton Buggs

Type: Travel Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $250 to $1,000 one time fee (optional) and $49.95 to $99.95 every month

Rating: 2/5

Recommended? No!

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What is iBuumerang?

Is iBuumerang A Scam website homepage

Let's start this iBuumerang review with its background information. iBuumerang is a multi-level marketing company in the travel industry. Basically, it offers people discounts for their travel bookings!

It has maginificent offers and products that we will go through later on. Apart from these discounts and travel products, iBuumerang provides you a way to earn money with them.

In fact, that is how it got its name, iBuumerang! Look at the picture below.

Is iBuumerang A Scam what it is

It says that you throw something good, and good stuff will come right at you. So basically, it is just like a boomerang, hence the name, iBuumerang! This company gets plus points for creativity.

Anyways, since it is an MLM company, you can earn money by selling its products or recruiting people into the MLM program. We shall discuss this further in the later parts of the review.

Now, let's get to know the person behind iBuumerang.

iBuumerang Founder

The video above is a motivational speech by Holton Buggs, the owner and founder of iBuumerang. If you watched the video, you will notice his impressive charisma. However, there are more to him than that.

Holton Buggs' History

At an early age of 14, Buggs already exposed himself in making money through selling candies and cutting hair. Later on, he had an idea of buying candies in bulk and make this friends sell them to earn profit.

He would even pay them with haircuts for selling the candies. So, as you can see, what he did was already an MLM! Fast forward to the later stages of his life, Holton entered the world of MLMs. His first one was CyberWize.

Another one was Your Travel Biz, also known as YTB International, a travel MLM company. However, it was discovered that it is actually an illegal pyramid scheme! But that's not all of his experiences in illegal stuff.

He joined Organo Gold in 2010 and even made $1.3 million per month in 2013!

By 2018, Organo Gold formed a partnership with a blockchain company, Digital SkyNet, who was linked to a sketchy cryptocurrency MLM company, IQ Chain.

And guess what? Holton was in charge of the blockchain things in the company.

Holton was about to go out in the later months of 2018. However, his reputation was affected. Additionally, he received a hefty lawsuit!

And finally, he started iBuumerang in 2019 and even made a huge amount of sales in the first 6 months, with a total of $20 million!

Phew! That was a rather long journey, isn't it? Having ups and downs, Buggs' found ways to succeed. Now, let's move on and find out what makes iBuumerang different from those pyramid schemes.

How does iBuumerang work?

Is iBuumerang A Scam what it is

With iBuumerang, people can book their travel flights at a discount. If you want to earn money, you simply make your friends, family or just people to go to iGo booking engine, to book their holiday travels. It is run by Xstream Travel.

Once they made their bookings, you get paid! Simple, right? Well, there are still things that you need to consider. You will find out later.

iBuumerang Products

Is iBuumerang A Scam products

The picture above are examples of the discounts that iBuumerang provides. As you can see, it does have great offers and discounts. Moreover, iBuumerang has discounts for flights, homes, hotels, rental cars and many more.

Anyways, let's move on to the juicier part of the review, the "work-from-home opportunity".

Can you earn money with iBuumerang?

Of course you can. HOWEVER, it is very difficult and the chances of losing money, is huge. Studies found out that between 72.5% and 99.9% of all MLM representatives or distributors lose money. iBuumerang is not an exception to that.

Unfortuately, iBuumerang has not released any income disclosure statements unlike most MLMs.

How to earn money with iBuumerang?

In iBuumerang, there are 3 main ways of earning money. Here are they:

  • Selling the iBuumerang discounts
  • Recruiting people and earn from their sales
  • Your referrals who will making bookings

The video below will explain how you can earn money through selling the discounts.

To put it simply, you will only send a code to your friend or customers and make their booking through it. With this code, you will be commissioned after they make their travel bookings.

With this, they can save money from the discounts and at the same time, you can earn money! A great win-win situation. So how can you do this?

How to join iBuumerang?

Is iBuumerang A Scam packages

If you are still interested in joining iBuumerang (at your own risk), here is how to join. You have to purchase one of the three packages shown above. You can see the prices and the benefits that you can get with the package.

Also, take note of the information at the bottom. You have a monthly payment for the package you will buy. $49.95 monthly for the $250 package, while $99.95 for the other two.

The commission that you will receive is higher for each package you purchase. If you watched the video above explaining this opportunity, Denise said that you have a certain limit of Boomerangs that you can send.

If you want to have more Boomerangs, you can get more with these 3 ways:

  • You upgrade your membership level (package you buy)
  • Purcashing more individual Boomerangs (the price is not listed for now)
  • Recruit iBuumerang members

This leads us to iBuumerang iDecide.

iBuumerang iDecide

The iBuumerang iDecide is an online marketing software that differentiates iBuumerang from the other MLM companies out there. How? Well, iDecide lets you do some of these things:

  • Tracking people who are interested and not interested (includes the traffic who watch iBuumerang videos)
  • Sending out information about iBuumerang to a lot of people
  • Adding your contacts to send emails automatically to people who are interested in iBuumerang, both the products and MLM programs

Below is a video explanation of iBuumerang iDecide.

iBuumerang Compensation Plan

To have a better understanding of what you will encounter when you join iBuumerang, let's discuss its compensation plan.

If you are new to MLMs, you should know that most of the time, their compensation plans are difficult to comprehend.

So in this section, I will do my best to simplify iBuumerang's compensation plan.

There are 6 ways for you to get paid in iBuumerang. Here are they.

  1. Referred Travel Bonus - you can get this by directly referring people to Xstream Travel. Furthermore, you will receive 25% commission which serves as a "referral bonus" whenever your referral purchases something from Xstream Travel.
  2. Travel Savings Bonus (TSB) - this is achieved when you send Boomerangs and lead someone to iGo Travel Portal. Here is an example.
    • The normal cost of the travel or trip: $1000
    • iGo offer: $800
    • Total Savings: $200
    • The customer will get to have 50% of the savings. That means that the total cost of the trip is $800 + 50% of $200 = $900
    • If you have the Coach class membership, you will receive 50% of their savings. In this case, 50% of $100, which is $50.
    • Getting the Business/First Class membership will reward you 100% of the savings. In this example, you get to have $100!
  3. Fast Start Bonus (Direct Sales Bonus) - this is what you receive when you recruit people to become part of the iBuumerang distributors. ($20, $40 or $80 for a coach, business or first class recruit)
  4. Dual Team Bonus (Residual Commission) - when you recruit people, you will be building a team since iBuumerang has a "binary" commission structure. This 10% - 20% bonus will be given to you when based on you "weakest leg".
  5. Unilevel Commissions - you will be paid with this commission monthly based on your recruits', that you personally recruited, earnings.
  6. Leadership Development Bonus - when your personally recruited referrals or recruits get to achieve higher rankings, you receive this bonus.

You can check out the full compensation plan here. Or you can watch the video below.

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Quitting iBuumerang

If you wish to cancel iBuumerang, you must follow what is indicated in its Terms and Conditions.

Is iBuumerang A Scam Terms and Conditions

You can also contact them through the iBuumerang website or through email.

Is iBuumerang a pyramid scheme?

This is one of the frequently asked questions regarding iBuumerang. First things first, what is a pyramid scheme? It is business model wherein the only way for you to earn money is through directly recruiting people. There are no products involved.

This is illegal and will not make you earn any money! The only ones who can benefit are the owners or the ones who joined the scheme at its early stages.

Now, is iBuumerang a pyramid scheme? Despite Buggs' experience in illegal pyramid schemes before, iBuumerang is technically not a pyramid scheme since it does have products and you can earn money by selling the discounts.

However, based on the compensation plan, you get to receive more money IF you recruit people. This is a huge red flag of being a pyramid scheme in disguise!

Is iBuumerang a scam?

Another commonly asked question is "Is iBuumerang a scam?" iBuumerang is not a scam. It has legit products and can actually help people save money from booking their flights.

Moreover, it does pay you just like it promised. However, this does not mean that it is the best opportunity for you! The income potential is too low and chances of you losing money is huge!

In the next section, I shall give you the pros and cons of iBuumerang to help you further decide.

iBuumerang Pros

#1 Travelling is popular

People love to travel which means that booking flights and trips happen often. With that, iBuumerang has an edge because of the popular niche.

Finding customers, referrals or recruits will be easier than most MLMs.

#2 Buggs has been in the MLM industry for a long time

You have seen above the history of Holton Buggs, the owner of iBuumerang. He had ups and downs and even experienced being in MLMs.

This confirms that he knows things about running an MLM company.

#3 iBuumerang is still in the early momentum phase

Most MLMs tend to not survive after 10 years. However, this does not apply to iBuumerang as of the moment since it just recently started!

I searched up iBuumerang and compared it to another MLM, Prosperity of Life.

Is iBuumerang A Scam Google Trends

As you can see, iBuumerang is still growing and more people are interested in it.

#4 Offers great discounts

Like I said, travelling is a great niche for an MLM and there is not much competition out there. iBuumerang offers great discounts on travels, flights, hotels and many more.

This is actually very advantageous because you can easily sell them! And it is very rare for travel companies to provide huge discounts.

iBuumerang Cons

#1 Buggs' history with pyramid schemes

Although Buggs have a wide experience in MLMs, he is also tied with previous MLM scams such as YTB International and CyberWize.

Moreover, in 2019, he was found guilty of stealing trade secrets and even distributors from another MLM. With that, he paid $3 million for the damages.

#2 Expensive products

Although travel is a great niche and iBuumerang has good products and discounts, that does not change the fact that travelling is a luxury.

People do not always travel, right? So you might have a hard time meeting your profit and get back on the line from your expenses.

To be honest, your commissions, will not be enough to cover for all of your monthly expenses.

#3 Similar to the previous failed MLMs

Remember that iBuumerang is partnered with Xstream, right? Well, the CEO of that company is linked to other travel MLMs in the past such as Paycation, The Vacation Network and  TraVerus Global.

Can you guess their common denominator? Well, they all vanished and failed.

If you watched the video, you will notice that Paycation sounds similar to iBuumerang!

#4 Negative reviews

There are online forums like Reddit where people who have tried iBuumerang expressed their experiences with the MLM company.

Is iBuumerang A Scam Negative Reviews

As you can see, they are pressured to get their friends to join to earn money. 

#5 Pyramid scheme in disguise

Lastly, iBuumerang is a pyramid scheme in disguise. Most of the ways of earning money, according to its compensation plan, involves recruiting people.

If it is indeed a pyramid scheme, then you are in danger.

Final Verdict

Let's conclude this iBuumerang Review with my final verdict. iBuumerang has great products and it is still getting popular and growing. If you are hardworking and eager to earn money, there is a chance that you can succeed, especially now that it is still in its early momentum phase.

However, if I were you, I would not risk it. iBuumerang's owner and partner has links and history with previous scams. Moreover, your commissions won't be enough to cover for all of your expensive monthly expenses.

If you do wish to look for a better way to work from home, check out my top recommendation in the last section!

Thank you so much for reading my "Is iBuumerang A Scam?" review! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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