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How To Make A Living Working Online (This Is How It Is Done!) (2022)

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis Chity

October 5, 2019

How To Make A Living Working Online

Hello! Welcome to my "How To Make A Living Working Online" article!

Nowadays, things are easier, even earning money. With the creation and innovation of technology, almost everything can be done online.

In this article, I will tell you how to make a living working online. Furthermore, there are 10 ways for you to do it. You better check out the last one.

All of these are legit and will really make you earn a lot of money if you do them properly.

With that being said, let's get down to it!

Things to do

Before we move to the 10 ways to make a living working online, let me give you two tips to be successful at them.

#1 Know what you are good at

The 10 ways on this list vary. However they are all good at making you earn money online.

But, each of them are. To become better at it, you must choose the one that fits your skills, experiences and interest.

In that way, it will be easier for you. Trust me. You won't even feel like you are working.

So, you better check out the list and find the one that fits you.

#2 Be creative and work hard

There are no shortcuts to success. The same thing can be said to making a living online.

These 10 ways require hardwork, time and patience. If you don't have these, chances are you won't make it.

So you better not give up and just keep moving forward. Know what you lack and mistakes and then improve. That is the secret to success.

#1 Freelancer

The first online job that I will be discussing about is being a freelancer. However, this comes in a lot of forms. You can become a writer, designer, editor, and many more.

The thing about being a freelancer is that you have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere. It is perfect as a work at home job!

Furthermore, your options are wide. Surely, you can find freelancing jobs online that are fit for your skills. In that way, you will be making money by doing what you are passionate about!

The pay for freelancers also depend on what type of job you are doing.

Here are some websites wherein you can start looking for freelancing jobs:

#2 Virtual Assistant

The next one on the list is being a virtual assistant. A lot of businesses and companies are in need of someone to do various tasks for them.

That is where a virtual assistance comes to play. Your job will include operational, repetitive and clerical tasks. Usually, you will be making schedules, do date entry, contacting people and many more.

Your tasks will entirely depend on what your client needs. But don't worry. Usually, some companies will provide training if ever you are not experienced in some fields.

Furthermore, these can be done virtually. So you won't even have to go out from your house!

#3 YouTube

If you are on the creative side, like to make videos and is confident enough to be on the internet, then YouTube is fit for you!

Some of you may not know, YouTube is not only a website where you can watch a lot of entertaining videos. People actually earn a lot of money from it! Your favorite YouTubers can vouch for that.

You will basically make a channel, upload videos and that's it! Afterwards, you will have two ways to earn money: get paid through ads or through YouTube itself. The amount of money you can get is limitless!

However, to start, you must have met the required number of views and subscribers to monetize your channel.

#4 Online selling

With the creation of the internet, we can do almost everything online. That includes selling. Nowadays, with just one click, information ill be passed around the world.

That is why online selling is great! There are several ways for you to do it. First, you can sell your items through website marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist.

Second, you can do this on your own website, blog or even your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter!

Online selling depends on your creativity and determination to earn money. There are a lot of ways you can do it. If you exert effort and time on it, surely you will be making a lot.

#5 Podcast

This one is a bit similar to YouTube. Instead of making videos, you will be broadcasting.

What is common between them is that you can earn money because of the ads. Podcasts only rely on that. For that to work, you must have a lot of listeners. The more listeners, the more money you can earn.

Podcasts are perfect for those who are talkative and have a lot of things to share and talk about.

Be sure to be entertaining, informative, friendly and interactive with your listeners.

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#6 Tutoring

Another beauty that is a result of the internet is tutoring. Currently, there are a lot of people around the world who wishes to learn but prefer to do it online.

Furthermore, the range of the clients goes from kids to adults and the elderly.

Most of the time, online tutors today teach different languages, such as English. And it is down through a platform, wherein the tutor and tutee discuss through a call or video call.

This is perfect for people who are good at teaching. Also, some websites and agencies will have high qualifications and requirements for their applicants. Be ready to meet them.

#7 Online Trading

Online trading can be a difficult and risky way to earn money online. You could be successful at it or you would end up broke. But only when you don't have proper knowledge on how to do it.

Forex trading and stock trading are the most common type of online trading. They can be rewarding. However, you must be good at it.

I can only recommend this to people who know what they are doing. If you don't, make sure to learn the area first. 

There are various videos, courses and tutorials online where you can learn how to trade online.

#8 Selling domains

Domains are basically the name or the address of a website. There are a lot of them online.

How this works is that you simply buy a domain. You can decorate it, add more stuff, do some SEO work, etc.

Afterwards, you will look for people who are willing to buy your domain. This can be a long process but you will earn big amounts of money once you do it successfully.

If you want to know more about earning money through selling domains, click here!

#9 Brand ambassador

If you are one of those so-called "influencers" online, then this can be the best way for you.

Being an influencer, you can utilize your great number of followers and your social media presence to earn money. You can become a brand ambassador.

Basically, you will only promote the products of different companies of your choice.

On every post you make on your social media accounts, you must include the product you are promoting. Furthermore, you must attach a link that leads to it.

If you are interested, you can try approaching companies and pitch a partnership with them. The chances of you being accepted will be higher if you are more popular.

#10 Affiliate Marketing

I am saving the best for last which is affiliate marketing. I personally do it and I totally recommend it to you!

Basically, what I do is to promote products of businesses on my website. I will put banners, ads and text links on different web pages.

Whenever my readers and visitors click on them, they will become one of my referrals. The moment they make a purchase, I get to earn an affiliate commission.

What I like about this is the passive income that you can earn. You can simply leave the links there and not check up on your website for months or even years. But it would still make you earn money!

However, it can be challenging. Worry not. Wealthy Affiliates will help you. I will discuss more about this below.

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Bottom Line

Well there you have them! These 10 ways in this list are the best ways to make a living online. However, all of them requires time and effort.

You will not be making money if you won't work hard.

Furthermore, you must make sure that the work you are doing fits your skills and interest. In that way, it won't even appear as a job for you but a hobby!​​

Thank you so much for reading my "How To Make A Living Working Onlinearticle! If you have questions or comments, please leave them on the comment section below!​​

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