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Is Opinion Square a Scam? My Honest Opinion!

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By Anis

December 24, 2016

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OpinionSquare review

Is opinion square a scam? You ask, well it might be, I have written this opinion square review so you can determine whether it’s worth your time or not, you don’t want to work for a scam right?

We all know the internet is full of shady programs that promise you big amounts of money in a short time; nowadays you practically can’t tell if a site is a scam or not, as people are getting better at making their shady programs look real.

Don’t worry because the bad guys never win because there are people that complain and write negative reviews which will stop their ball from rolling.

Without wasting time, let’s dig in in the review

Opinion Square Review

  • Name: Opinion Square
  • Website:
  • Price: FREE
  • Overall Rank: 5 out of 10

What is Opinion Square?


As the name suggests, it’s a site that pays you for your opinions through emails and surveys.

Opinion Square is in the business since 2003 with more than 2 million members now that are making easy bucks filling out surveys.

The site is legit and not a scam, but there are a lot of things that make this site not that good.

We will discuss that in this post.


How Does it Work?


To get started, you need to register and set up your free account.

You will need to fill out your profile with the required information, your name home address and more.

Then they will ask you about your household and to provide information about every single person in your family.

You will have to install software on your computer that will track everything you do on the web; I don’t really like that.

To be honest, I would never let a software track what I do on the web.

The purpose of this software called GRID is to find what you do on the internet so they can send you relevant surveys.

What I don’t like about opinion square is the very low payments, they don’t support PayPal they only pay you with points that you can redeem for gift cards.

You can refer your friends as they have a referral program, if you invite someone you will get entries to their $100,000 sweepstakes which are probably a waste of time.

I am like why don’t you just give me a certain percentage of what my referrals earn? Like other survey sites?

The Good and Bad


These are the cons and pros of opinion Square

The Good

  • Legit site

The Bad

  • You need to install a program that will track everything you do on the web.
  • No Paypal payments few gift cards and a bunch of their products
  • Terrible Affiliate Program
  • Low Payments


Better Alternatives


Inboxdollars and Swagbucks are legit and better alternatives when it comes to taking surveys.

Also, check out the best survey sites on the internet

But if you want to make a full-time income on the internet you can’t miss my #1recommendation you can make money with your passion and it’s free to get started.


Have you ever tried Opinion square? Please share with us your thoughts! 🙂

If you have any questions please drop a comment below and don’t forget to share this review with your friends if you like it! 🙂

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  • My first thought was OpinionSquare is a scam. However, I did some research on Google. I Googled OpinionSquare scam and found lots of complaints. For example on:

    I wouldn’t be a fan of software tracking my every move on the internet. Glad, you wrote them up an honest review.

    • Hi, Garen thanks for stopping by, Opinion Square might not be a scam but it does not pay well, and that’s why it has complaints thanks for sharing the resources and have a great day 🙂

  • Like most of the survey business I encountered, they offer very bad affiliate program with very low return, and doesn’t pay in real money. For some that might be okay but I personally prefer to get paid in real money instead of digital points. Good thing you suggested some alternatives though!

  • Hey Anis,
    I haven’t tried Opinion Square before but I’ve tried InboxDollar. These platforms are legit in the way that they do pay you real money (but very little and troublesome).

    These are the short term fast cash kind of business. And the common problem with these platforms is that you may be bombarded with more and more spam emails and promotions (from my experience). You mentioned that in order to use Opinion Square, you need to install a program that will track everything you do on the web. This is VERY SCARY! Track everything you do on the web!!

    We should stay away from these kind of platforms as it is not worth the time spent just to do surveys and submit opinions. A better short term measure will be to offer services on freelance platforms like

    But, I would really urge everyone who read this join take on a long term measure in your online business if you want to invest time online. Platforms like Wealthy Affiliate is really beneficial to you in the long term.

    Thanks for this great review Anis!


    • Thank you Jerry for your input, I am not a fan of surveys too, lots of spam they send you to your inbox and they pay very little, I have tried all that junk before wasted lots of money collecting pennies until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate thanks for dropping by and have a great day ahead 🙂

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