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Is Ultimate Paydays a Scam? +$1.3K A Day or Bs?

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By Anis

August 3, 2018

ultimate paydays reviewed

Ultimate Paydays Reviewed!

Did you receive an email from someone trying to sell you the Ultimate Paydays but you think it’s a scam?

Should you trust your guts?

No need to guess! Just read this full review to learn some UGLY reality about this new Clickbank product!

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Ultimate Paydays Quick Review

  • Name: Ultimate Paydays
  • Website:
  • Price: $37 ($17 downsell+ Hidden Costs
  • Owner: Rick Owens
  • Recommended? No

ultimate paydays reviewed

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What is Ultimate Paydays?

Ultimate Paydays is a training platform that is talking about teaching you how to make $1,300- $2000 pretty quickly using their amazing system.

When you land on the ultimate Paydays website the first thing you notice is that big headline promising you to earn +$1.3k every day thanks to some some artificial intelligence software.

The author of this website “Rick Owens” wants to make you think you can just copy, edit and paste his system and you’re ready to go.

If you have watched the Ultimate Paydays sales page then you can see how Rick is talking like making money online is easier thanks to his system.

Unfortunately that’s only empty-talk, BS and psychological techniques to lure you into buying the program Rick promotes.

I’m going to explain below how Ultimate Paydays is only going to make money from you without you getting anything!

Before that, I want you to read some “VERY” similar scams to Ultimate Paydays.

Just click on one of these reviews to see how these scams try to rip people off online.

How the Ultimate Paydays Scam Works!

Ultimate Paydays is basically a Clickbank product.

ultimate paydays is a clickbank scam

Ultimate Paydays is a clickbank product

Clickbank products have a really bad reputation.

Clickbank by the way is an affiliate network where a lot of products are sold in different niches and topics.

Unfortunately, the make money online category is complete garbage.

And Ultimate Paydays happens to be one of those garbage clickbank products.

I’m saying that because I review these products like Ultimate Paydays all the time and I know how bad and low quality they are.

Don’t take my word for it!

Just click and read some of these ugly and scam Clickbank products!

If you have read the above scams that are so identical to Ultimate Paydays now you probably know a bit more about how ugly and useless Ultimate Paydays is!

The biggest problem of this scam is they give you no training or real education to make money.

They usually give you old training in form of PDF’s or PLR products.

Sometimes they sell you some random Youtube videos that you can easily find for free with a quick search!

For example this scam Clickbank product called Tube Profit Sniper has literally sold free Youtube videos to their members as training!

And their sales video presentation promises $2,000 a day LOL!

They point is they are only fooling people to steal their money!

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Ultimate Paydays Ugly Truth & Red Flags!

I’m very confident that Ultimate Paydays is not a legitimate website, I know that’s a big claim.

I can’t just say that a website is a scam, that’s why I want to share with you 3 reasons or red flags on why you should stay away from Ultimate Paydays!

1) Ultimate Paydays is going to Suck Your Money!

Ultimate Paydays just like any Clickbank product I review it is there to suck money from your wallet.

They basically get your email address and start recommending you a new product to purchase on a regular basis.

Just a few months ago I bought this Clickbank product called Kindle Sniper.

This scam promised me thousands of dollars and it was supposed to cost only $37.

But since I purchased it and gave them my email, they started asking me to buy some upsells to earn more.

And I started receiving like 2-3 emails per day with new products to buy!

Here’s what kind of emails I get from Martin Price who is the creator of Kindle Sniper.

ultimate paydays scam

The point is, if you do what Ultimate Paydays tells you will go broke before you even know it!

You will easily waste thousands of dollars if you’re not careful!

2)You’re NOT Going to Make Money!

Ultimate Paydays is NOT going to make you any money.

These kind of scams are created just for their creators to earn some easy money out of innocent people.

They make those hype videos just to make you so excited so you buy their scam without even thinking.

They let you in for only $37, but there are going to be a lot of upsells later.

Just think about it, does it make sense to buy a $37 product that makes $15/week making system?

Of course not, because there is no such thing as that!

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3)Ultimate Paydays is a Get-Rich-Quick Scam!

A Get-Rich-Quick Scam or scheme according to Wikipedia is when a company or a product promises you easy riches for a small fee.

If you click the orange link above, you will read the Wikipedia definition of Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, which is something that a lot of scams use to make people spend money.

That’s exactly what Ultimate Paydays is doing, they are charging you $37 while promising you $15.000 a week!

ultimate paydays easy money bs scam

And needless to say that making money online is not easy!

Is Ultimate Paydays A Scam?

Ultimate Paydays in my opinion and based on what I told you above, it’s a big scam.

There is nothing good about it, you’re not going to make the money they promise you, the training is terrible and the whole website is unethical.

You’re free to buy this scam if you wish, but don’t forget that I warned you.

If you want a legit opportunity that won’t scam you then check out the training I recommend below.

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What do you think about this Ultimate Paydays review?

Do you think it’s a scam too?

Do you have questions or something you want to say?

Just leave your comments below! And please click the buttons below to share this review to help others!

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  • Thanks dear for this review
    A friend once talked to me about Ultimate paydays and how you can make so much money from it that you don’t need to work, but since there is this atom of doubt in me, but after reading this your review I can fully conclude that it is a scam. The problem we normally have now is that so many online business platforms are just there to make you lose your money and it takes wonderful reviews like yours to avoid them. thanks once again

  • Hey Anis
    Hey I appreciate the scam report about ultimate payday. I check out the other scam program you have mention in your article. I will definitely be on the lookout for all of them. I enjoyed reading a post like this one simply because I’m tired of these so call hot money making program making a false claim to people. It is your scam report that helps people make the best buying decision so I personally thank you for a great review

  • Hi… your blog seems to highlight this program as a legitimate offering, but my experience is otherwise. The ultimate payday program is a scam, and so are you.

  • Awesome review Anis! and yeah Ultimate Paydays is a scam, making money online is so real and I make money online but these scammers make it looks so easy and fast just to steal people’s hard earned money.
    I’m glad that you exposed this scam!
    and I think your training is totally newbies friendly because everything is well-explained and easy to understand .keep up the good work!

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