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Is Varsity Tutors A Scam? Underpaid Tutors? (2019 Review)

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May 7, 2019

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Welcome to my Varsity Tutors review!

Did you come across Varsity Tutors and you are wondering whether it's a good place to work in or just a scam?

Before I get started, I want to mention that this Varsity Tutors review is for tutors who are looking to make money with this company, not for students or parents.

I also want to say that I'm not affiliated with Varsity Tutors, I'm just going to give my honest review about this company and show you the pros and cons, and you decide whether is good for you or not. 🙂

Without further ado, let's get into this Varsity Tutors review!

Varsity Tutors Summary Review

Name:  Varsity Tutors


Founder: Charles Cohn.

Recommended? Yes.

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What Is Varsity Tutors?

Varsity Tutors is a platform that connects students with expert tutors like you.

It was founded in 2007, and it's featured by big companies including Fox, Time, and USA Today.

Varsity claims that they helped a lot of students to get better grades they also offer jobs for tutors, and this is what I'm going to talk about in this review.

Tutoring is a good way to make extra money but the opportunities and income potential depend on the location, subjects, and more.

However, below you'll find more details, just keep reading.

Varsity Tutors Jobs

Varsity Tutors offers both online and offline tutoring jobs and the best part about this company is that you can work as a tutor no matter where you are in the US.

Unfortunately, the opportunities are not the same nationwide, the subjects below are the more in demand (click on the screenshot to zoom).

top subjects and locations at varsity tutors

Who Can Join Varsity Tutors?

The good thing about Varsity Tutoring is that you can become a tutor wherever you live in the US.

To become a tutor at Varsity Tutors you need a strong educational background.

You will also need experience in tutoring, pass a background check and a screening process that will look at your academic history.

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How Does Varsity Tutors Work?

To apply as a tutor, you need to provide your personal information, select the area and the subjects desired.

This is how the sign up forum looks like:

how to join varsity tutors

After this, you'll need to enter information about your education history, experience, and a valid teaching license.

After applying you'll need to wait until you get approved.

It may take several weeks to get a response but if you are lucky you can receive responses back after at least a week, you'll be notified via email or phone.

Does Varsity Tutors has an app?

Yes, Varsity Tutors has an app, and it ranked as a top app for kids in 2017 by Educents.

The Varsity Tutors app helps you to participate in video tutoring, manage your account, manage appointments and more.

varsity tutors app

The app is available in Appstore and Playstore, and here are some of its features for tutors:

  • Provide video tutoring via mobile phone or tablet, including instant sessions
  • Get notified of and accept or decline tutoring opportunities
  • Invoice sessions and enter session notes
  • Schedule sessions
  • Instant message with students
  • Online tutoring session support

How Much Can You Earn with Varsity Tutors?

 Varsity Tutors pay is based on the subjects, experience, and the area you live in.

The typical Varsity Tutors tutor salary is $19, tutors can range from $12 to $40 per hour, but according to a lot of reviews the most common pay is $15/h.

And if you tutor live, you'll pay for gas, so I think that $15 isn't much.

To earn more money, you need advanced skills such as the ability to tutor for advanced admissions tests like the LSAT or GRE.

There are a lot of complaints that say that Varsity Tutors underpay their tutors, for example, GRE tutors are paid $33 while the students pay $50-$90 per hour.

Looks like Varsity Tutors takes over 50% as a commission sometimes.

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How Does Varsity Tutors Pay You?

You'll get paid once a month, and you can get paid via Visa, PayPal, or MC.

Varsity Tutors Reviews - What People Are Saying 

Like any website Varsity Tutors has positive and negative reviews.

Most complaints that I found online are about how Varsity Tutors is underpaying their tutors and the lack of opportunities.

Here are some reviews that I found on sites like Glassdoor & Indeed:

Varsity Tutors Complaint
Varsity Tutors Review
varsity tutors complaints
varsity tutors reviews

Varsity Tutors Pros & Cons

What I Liked About Varsity Tutors

#1 You Can Set Your Own Hours

The good thing about Varsity Tutors is a work from home that allows you to work as much or as little as you want.

#2 You Need Special Skills

If you have the required skills and you have a strong educational background in the subjects that are in demand, then you'll get paid well

And if you are going to tutor offline, then you will get a lot of opportunities if you live in the areas that are in demand.

#3 Varsity Tutors is BBB Accredited

Another good thing about Varsity Tutors is the fact that it's BBB accredited with a +A rating since 2010.

That shows that this company is legitimate.

What I Didn't Like About Varsity Tutors

#1 Low Pay Due To the lack of opportunities

Unfortunately, you are not going to get a lot of opportunities, And Varsity Tutors doesn't worth your time if you are not an expert in the subjects that are in demand.

I've also read a lot of complaints that say that some opportunities will pop up and then disappear because they will be taken quickly by the other tutors.

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#2 You May Spend More Than What you Earn

If you are going to tutor live then you are going to pay for gas, so in this case you are going to spend more than what you are going to earn.

 #3 Varsity Tutors pockets between %33 to %63

Another thing that everyone is complaining about is that Varsity Tutors is underpaying their tutors.

For example, the students pay $50 per hour and the Tutor is only paid $19, this is more than %50 commission which in my opinion is not fair.

Varsity Tutors Alternatives

All online tutoring jobs earning potential is based on how much opportunities you get and your experience and subjects.

I think that tutoring can be more profitable if you start your own online business, but if you are looking for some Varsity Tutors alternatives then here you are:

Wyzant: according to a lot of reviews, Wyzant the best alternative to Varsity tutors, but the pay is always based on the difficulty of the subject and how experienced you are. Is another platform where educated people like you can make money tutoring students online, it's similar to Varsity Tutors but the best part about is that it's available in Canada too.

TutorMe: Is also another company that will pay you weekly to help students get better grades.

Is Varsity Tutors A Scam?

Varsity Tutors is a %100 legit platform and it will pay you to work from home as a tutor, I recommend this website if you meet the requirements and if you love seeing students improving.

But if your subject or your area (if you are going to tutor live) are not in demand, then it doesn't worth your time.

I Work from Home without Any Degree!

I hope you enjoyed reading this Varsity Tutors review and I hope that the information that I found about this company was helpful.

If you are looking for a better work from home opportunity with higher income potential, then let me show you how I make 4 digits online at the age of 24 without experience or degree or any damn boss!

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  • Varsity Tutors doesn’t appear to be an outright scam, but the pay rate and what they take should be illegal. They don’t hire tutors, you’re an independent contractor, which means that you’re stuck paying the self-employment taxes. That $20 an hour comes out closer to $15 an hour due to having to pay both sides of both social security and medicare taxes. Combined they come out to nearly 20% of the wages that are paid out.

    Additionally, they don’t seem more interested in test scores than about actual aptitude or experience as there’s an entire page dedicated to that, but there isn’t a single question anywhere in the “application” that deals with experience or your resume.

    Personally, I’m glad that I didn’t get an interview as it appears that they don’t care about quality or experience, they just want people with high scores on certain tests.

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