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Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System SCAM [Review]

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

January 5, 2018

Does Jeff's 6 Figure System Work?, Is Jeff's 6 Figure System Legitimate?, Jeff's 6 Figure System Pyramid scheme

jeff's 6 figure business system

This is going to be a review of Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System

This system claims that is going to earn you up to $10,000 per sale

Is this another scam full of BS system or a legitimate affiliate marketing training?

To learn all the truth about Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System simply read this review until the end of it.

Without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System Review

Name: Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System Review

Owner: Jeff Lerner

Price: Very expensive

Recommended? NO

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What is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System?

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is a training platform which teaches people how to make money online

This platform was created by Jeff Lerner who is a digital marketer that has been successful online

Jeff created this system to help newbies make money using his tools and training

However, I’m pretty familiar with Jeff products

I remember reviewing his other products which are

One thing that I always notice about his products is they are usually low quality

They don’t have enough information to make you money and they focus on selling more and more training that can result in investing a huge deal of money.

All Jeff systems are full of hype as they keep promising you how easy it is for you to earn money

At the end of the day, they turn out to be huge disappointments

Looks like that’s exactly the case with Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System

How Does the 6 Figure Business System Work?

If you purchase Jeff’s system you will learn how to market the same program you purchased

Jeff doesn’t teach people how to make money selling other people products

He will teach you how to sell Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System!

As you go forward with the training you will learn how to create fake websites and dodgy sales pages where you promise people to earn six figures even though you haven’t earned a cent yet.

It’s basically a kind of pyramid scheme because the program is all about inviting other members.

That’s why there are many scam sites promoting Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System

When you join this system you will be creating the same scam sites that claim that everything is done for you and you can earn money on an autopilot.

There is nothing such that because you will need to work your butt off as you need to find people that will buy this training.

looking for a free way to make money online

How Much Does it Cost?

To get started with Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System you need to pay $49/month

By paying that monthly fee, you will get some basic training

After you complete this basic training you will have the right to promote it

However, the commissions will be peanuts

That’s when you will be asked to upgrade to the higher memberships

Ok, the higher membership will allow you to earn a whopping $10,000 per sale!

But there is a catch

Before you can earn that much per sale you will need to make an investment

You will need to invest more than $20k upfront!

After you invest that heavy amount you would have bought the right to promote the high ticket system

Whenever someone buys it, you will earn $10,000

But the problem here is it’s VERY hard to convince people to spend around $20k-$30k

There aren’t many people out there that will trust a dodgy looking system like this honestly

Chances are you are reading this review because you’re skeptical about Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System

The worst part about it, is there are more thing you need to invest in

Like you need to buy more tools (landing pages builders, autoresponders, extra training…) and traffic.

In a few words, Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is very expensive!

The Pros & Cons


  • Good Training
  • Money can be made with this


  • So expensive
  • Misleading and full of hype
  • Not honest and transparent about the real price
  • Not many people succeed with this

Is Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System a Scam?

To be honest calling this program a scam is too much

But it’s not even legit

People do get paid if they generate money with Jeff’s system

However, I don’t recommend because it’s shady and unethical

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System trains people to create fake and full of hype sites that target newbies.

Most of Jeff’s affiliates are shady and lie in order to make commissions and that’s a result of Jeff Lerner’s system.

I don’t recommend this training for the following reasons

  • Costs so much money
  • It’s unethical
  • Hard to make money with this training

I joined this Legit Make Money Online training 2 years ago, and I have been making money since then.

I recommend you to check it out if you want to learn how to earn money the honest way.

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