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Leveraged Breakthrough System Review – $15k per Sale? No, It’s a SCAM!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

April 16, 2019

Leveraged Breakthrough System scam

Does Leveraged Breakthrough System look like a scam? It's healthy to be skeptical, there are tons of scammers online!

If you're not sure if Leveraged Breakthrough System is going to work or not then you should read my review.

It's going to expose and tell you literally everything about this product that costs a lot of money!

Leveraged Breakthrough System Quick Review

Lately, I have been receiving quite a lot of short emails telling me to check out this brand new system which will deposit sweet $3,000 to $10,000 commissions straight to my bank account.

Out of curiosity, I clicked one of the emails and a page where someone that calls himself Coach Ross is saying I can make a lot of money quickly If I sign up to his program LBS!

I was so curious to know what this all about and if there are any catches!

That's why I opened the other similar emails I have received but a similar website to the previous one appeared but it was presented by coach Kevin!

Kevin & Ross websites are the same, maybe the colors and the headlines are a bit different, but when I clicked on their recommendations they both lead me to Leveraged Breakthrough System.

I was also asked to watch this webinar named the Secrets of the Wealthy but it was all about how easy I'm going to make $200,000's paydays!

After doing my diggings, I have found some big red flags and ugly truths that they are not going to tell you!

If you want to learn more, stay safe and learn better ways to start an online business just stick to this review!

  • Name: Leveraged Breakthrough System
  • Website: leveragedbreakthrough.com
  • Price: $3,000 to +$21,000!
  • Owner: Coach Ross or Kevin
  • Can You Earn?: Yes
  • Recommended?: No
Leveraged Breakthrough System scam

What is Leveraged Breakthrough System?

Leveraged Breakthrough System is a plug and play system where you need to put in some big money upfront in order to start making money.

Basically, you have to create a website that promotes Leveraged Breakthrough System, you need to pretend you're a millionaire coach and tell people they will make tons of money fast.

The idea is you have to invest in some high ticket memberships and then promote them to other people.

The catch is you can only promote the membership you're positioned at, there are many memberships offered at Leveraged Breakthrough System (I'm going to shed more light on them later)

The memberships have different pricing, let's say you decide to invest in the cheapest one, then you can only promote the membership you have just bought.

If you promote this membership and someone buys it you will earn commissions, every time you sell this membership to someone you will earn a commission.

But if you invite someone but buys a membership that is higher than the one you're positioned at, then you will lose a big commission, if this happens you will get crazy, therefore you will want to buy the highest membership possible.

At the end of the day that's what Leveraged Breakthrough System wants you to do so they make money.

You can make money with this program but I don't recommend it because if you read the risks and problems with this business model you will surely stay away!

So keep reading before you get into headaches!

How Does Leveraged Breakthrough System Work?

If you decide to join you will have to invest in one of the memberships  Leveraged Breakthrough System offers you.

These are the four memberships & Heres' how much they cost:

  • Gold: $3,000 + ($247 your sponsor's fee) 
  • Platinum:  $7,000 + ($477)
  • Diamond: $14,000 + ($647)
  • Ultra Royal:  $21,000 + ($847)
Leveraged Breakthrough System cost to join

SOURCE: http://leveragedbreakthrough.com/

To make money you have to decide first which membership you want to buy, if you buy the Leveraged Breakthrough System gold membership it's going to cost you $3,000 + $447 which is going to go to your sponsor's pockets (the one that invited you in)

If you buy the gold membership then it's going to be the only membership that you can promote, if you invite someone to buy it you will earn $1,500 per sale.

But if you refer someone but decides to buy the Ultra Royal membership the commission of $10,500 will be rolled out to your sponsor (the person that invited you to join Leveraged Breakthrough System!)

The point is you can only make money and promote the memberships you buy and if your referrals buy a membership that is higher than yours then you will lose tons of commissions!

Below I talk about the dangers and the issues that come with this system so keep reading!

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The Biggest Concerns & Problems of Leveraged Breakthrough System!

You can make money with the Leveraged Breakthrough System, you can earn lots of money, but I still can't recommend it because it comes with tons and tons of problems and risks.

Below you will read why this product needs to be avoided at all costs!

1- It's Too Good to be True!

Leveraged Breakthrough System just like most internet marketing programs out there, it tries to make it look easy to earn money online.

They do this to make the program very appealing but their end goal is to brainwash you to invest in their overpriced memberships

Chances are you will never spend all the money they ask you to invest upfront but that's why they urge you to phone "what they call the success coach hotline"

But in reality, you will be calling a professional salesperson a wordsmith that can sell you all the expensive memberships easily.

2- It's MLM, you're selling what you've bought!

Leveraged Breakthrough System looks like a MLM scheme aka a pyramid scheme which is considered illegal by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

An MLM scheme is when a company relies on recruiting members without offering any valuable products.

MLM companies or Pyramid Scheme can use no value or cheap products and make them expensive just so their affiliates can make big sales and also entice new people to make big commissions by offering them great compensation plans.

That definitely looks like the case with Leveraged Breakthrough System which uses some low-quality products that can be found online for free or for maximum $40!

Below I'm going to share with you exactly what kind of products Leveraged Breakthrough System is trying to sell you for ridiculous prices.

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3- No Value & You're selling PLR Products!

As I have explained above, MLM schemes tend to make cheap products very expensive for their members just to recruit more members to recruit other members.

The members are forced to buy the expensive products not because they need them but just to make money and that is considered illegal in many countries and even the FTC sees is as a scam!

For example, the four memberships of Leveraged Breakthrough System are just package that comes with some PLR products!

PLR aka Private Label Rights products are products that can be bought, rebranded and sold as they are yours.

They are usually VERY CHEAP and most importantly outdated!

Each Leveraged Breakthrough System membership will give you a package with around 10 to 15 generic biz opp ebooks and videos that are worth less than $10 per piece!

I can't show you here their products but I took a screenshot of one of their PLR products called " List Building Renegade'.

So this product is old with other similar products for $21,000! But the PLR products sold are only worth maximum $50 combined!

Below you can see the proof!

Leveraged Breakthrough System plr product scam

Source: http://leveragedbreakthrough.com/index1.php?id=patrickdross&p=products

PLR product by Leveraged Breakthrough System

This product is being sold on a website called PLRproducts.com which sells thousands and thousands of PLR products for less than $10.

All the Leveraged Breakthrough System products which are sold for some funny prices can be found at that website for very cheap prices!

plrproducts.com homepage

4- It's a Risky Opportunity & Might get Shud Down!

Recently two VERY popular MLM schemes called Mobe & Digital Altitude have been completely hammered by the FTC.


Because they used to do EXACTLY what Leveraged Breakthrough System is doing now, selling you high priced items that are not that valuable.

I must admit that Mobe & DA used to have a lot better training and real products but they were killed by the FTC anyway.

Needless to say how many people have lost big money they invested in the expensive memberships.

That's why I really warn you against putting your money on such a risky opportunity, in 2018 the FTC is really looking into these pyramid schemes, they have shut down the two top dogs and now they are looking for others.

I really won't be surprised if the Leveraged Breakthrough System gets hammered by the Federal Trade Commission.

Anis chity

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5- The Testimonials are Fake!

To make things worse, some of the Leveraged Breakthrough System testimonials are completely fake.

They claim this program allowed them to earn tons of money in their first months.

That's not even real, because these people have been paid by Leveraged Breakthrough System to create these fake testimonials.

Paid actors are not expensive because they can be found on this freelancing site called Fiverr.com for cheap ($5 to $40 per video usually)

Leveraged Breakthrough System fake testimonials
Leveraged Breakthrough System fake fiverr actor

This remind of some old scams I reviewed like Kindle SniperFive Minute Profit Sites and Amazon Cash Websites.

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System A Scam?

You have to decide whether you see the Leveraged Breakthrough System as a scam, above I share with you my opinion and it's up to you to decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

But remember the Leveraged Breakthrough System is making things look easier than they actually are.

You shouldn't be fooled by their misleading sales video or phone coach who is a wordsmith that probably can turn even the most frugal or smartest people into paying customers.

This system is an MLM scheme, therefore it's a scam in the FTC eyes, it's really ridiculous to fork out up to $21,000 for some outdated PLR products that cost less than $10 per piece.

They even pay fake actors to film video testimonials to fool you into thinking they are the real deal!

So Do I Recommend Leveraged Breakthrough System? Absolutely not!

Create an Online Business without Wasting Money!

The honest raw truth is if you keep looking for ways to make money fast, you will ONLY end up finding scams.

No one has ever made money fast, behind every success story online or offline there is a VERY hard working person.

I started making money in 2016, but before that, I fell for lots of online scams.

It was when I came across this Legit Training that I learned how to start making money with affiliate marketing which is a legit business model unlike MLM's!

If you want to learn how to start a money making website step by step without getting confused or anything I invite you to try my recommendation below:

Do you have any thoughts on the Leveraged Breakthrough System?

Did you try it?

Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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  • Hi Anis, I just went through a webinar promoting LBS (although they didn’t show the name–they called it Royal Millionaire). Thanks for your review– you really exposed some of the scammy aspects. I didn’t have the money to do it anyway though it sounds tempting.
    It’s a LOT of money for cheap PLR products! It probably will get shut down.

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