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Massive Internet Profits – SCAM WARNING!

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By Anis

May 27, 2017

Massive Internet Profits

Massive Internet Profits is not a legit program where you should invest your money and time, this is a ripoff where you risk to waste thousands of dollars.

Just a few days ago I did a review about the 21 Step Millionaire Coach and The Complete Profit Code

Needless to say, they are big scams

And needless to say, Massive Internet Profits is no different

If you are serious and you want to do a wise investment for yourself you must read this review on it’s entirely

Without no further ado let’s get things rolling.

Massive Internet Profits Quick Review

Name: Massive Internet Profits


Price: $49- $30,000

Verdict: SCAM

Recommended? No

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What is Massive Internet Profits?

Massive Internet Profits is quite familiar to me as I have seen it quite a lot of times with different faces

That news video

The layout

Fake Scarcity tactics

I have reviewed at least 100 scams with those three things in common

Massive Internet Profits product

In a few words

Massive Internet Profits is your typical get rich quick scheme

That will try to sell you as many products as possible so they can earn as much money as possible

I can guarantee you that programs like these will not make you money but only disappointment

How Does Massive Internet Profits Profits Scam Work?

These guys behind this system will start sending you a bunch of products and recommendations

When you give them your email address

In a few words, Massive Internet Profits is designed to make the owners money

In the other hand, you will be spending money buying every product those guys keep recommending you

There is one product that Massive Internet Profits is currently focusing on promoting

This program is called MOBE which is a very expensive MLM scheme

What is MOBE? Is it Worth it?

MOBE is an MLM scheme where you will have to license high ticket products and resell them for profit

I personally don’t like MLM and MOBE but I have to admit that the last one is legit

However, I don’t think it’s a great opportunity for newbies and people on a budget

As you need to spend Literally 5 figures to be all in

I’m not going to make this review all about MOBE as you can learn more about them from these resources

How Much Will Massive Internet Profits Cost You?

As I said before these guys promote every product that will make them the most money

So I can’t calculate how much you will exactly have to pay but rest assured that you risk wasting thousands of dollars with this

At this moment this scam is promoting MOBE so it’s worth mentioning how much this will cost you to be all in.

Massive Internet Profits price

No, it’s not going to cost you $49

They are even hiding from you the real MOBE price which is WAY higher than just $49

These are the 5 Mobe products that you need to license to sell for a profit

  • Silver Mastermind: $2000 + $27/month
  • Gold Masterclass: $5000
  • Titanium Mastermind: $10,000 + $200/month
  • Platinum Mastermind: $16,677 + $300/month
  • Diamond Mastermind: $30,000 + $300/month

Believe it or not MOBE has more products and extra training that you need to spend money for to be all in but it’s optional but in my opinion, it could be included in the main training

Why charge so much?

I saw a lot of people wasting thousands without earning a cent is it worth it?

If you have watched my Massive Internet profits video at the top then you know most MOBE affiliates earn less than $100 per month.

A person complaining about Mobe

Massive Internet Profits & The Deceptive Marketing Tactics

Whenever I see work from home jobs promising the world

but have these red flags (that I am to breakdown for you below)

I put my guard up

I think you should do the same to stay safe

1) Fake Scarcity Tactics

Massive Internet Profits Fake Scarcity

Fake Scarcity Tactics

Massive Internet Profits seems to show ” Only (12) spots remain ” sign for literally everyone

Don’t get fooled by that

It’s just an attempt so they can hopefully push you to spend money

The other one is my city, they show different cities for everyone to play with your mind and trick you into believing this system.

2) Fake Endorsing

Fake Massive Internet Profits Endorsment

I think you can tell that those fake logos are just copied and pasted

Another thing you should pay attention too

They say Work from Home Has been featured on…

NOT Massive Internet Profits Has been featured on

That’s a big difference

They wish you don’t pay attention to that so you can trust them

Fake Facebook Comments

Fake Facebook Comments Massive Internet Profits

Just under the sales page

There are a bunch of rehashed comments praising Massive Internet Profits

This is another tactic to create a sense of engagement and trust

But you can’t leave a comment or even have a look at those Facebook profiles to see if they even exist.

Massive Internet Profits – Final Opinion

If you want to start making money Massive Internet Profits is definitely NOT the way to go

You will be wasting both time and money (thousands of dollars actually)

If you are serious about making money online

I recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate

They have some amazing training for newbies looking to start an online business from their passion!

Were you scammed by Massive Internet profits?

Please share your experiences by dropping comments below so you can warn others!

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  • Hi Anis, thanks for your review and this help many people to stay away from this type of scam that do nothing but to keep on selling you product. The few abnormalities such as Facebook comment that don’t allow any comment or profile viewing, fake endorsement has further prove that the website is not created in the sincere manner. Instead of get rich quick scheme, I will rather go for something which I can learn some internet skill and gradually build up my passive income

  • Hi Anis, I really enjoyed your site, its very insightful, informative and educative. People need to wake up and open their eyes. Because they are so desperate to make quick cash they refuse to conduct the necessary research and they have the patient to start their business at a small pace that is why they do get themselves duped all the time. Thanks a lot for the information and I hope you have more coming.

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