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The FTC Shuts Down MOBE! Alternatives Inside!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 12, 2018

mobe shutdown by the ftc

12th June Update

It's official Mobe was hammered by the FTC, The FTC has released an official report about it!

11th June Update

The Mobe website is down not because of maintenance or something like that, it's has been shutdown by the FTC! Matt Lloyd is not allowed to talk about it, Mobe is in trouble again and I think it's going to be shutdown officially just like Digital Altitude.

Nothing official yet, but I don't think the company is going to be alive again after this FTC hammer.

Even the their millionaire affiliates have left it to promote something else!

If you're lost and looking for an alternative place to start your business I think the safest one is Wealthy Affiliate! You can try it for free.

Original Post

Today I had a chat with some other entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers on the Wealthy Affiliate live chat.

The talk was all about Mobe being shut down by the FTC.

I was surprised and a little bit shocked to hear this news because I know people that make a killing with Mobe.

So far there are no Real Proof that Mobe has been shut down by the FTC but the official Mobe and all their other sites have been down.

Which is likely to be the FTC investigating, less than a month ago Digital Altitude which operates like Mobe has been officially knocked down by the FTC.

The Offcial Mobe Site is down for 2 Days!

When I heard people talk about Mobe the first thing I did is head to Mobe's official website "Mobe.com"

I noticed that the site was parked by the domain registrar, there are no notices or maintainance messages you would usually see if a site is down.

the official mobe site


Isitdownrightnow.com is what I used to check for how long Mobe has been down and the screenshot below shows you the results I've got.

mobe is down for 2 days and 12 hours

Source: http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/mobe.com.html

It says that the site has been shutdown for 2 days and 12 hours that's a lot of time for a site to be down.

Especially for a site like Mobe where there are thousands of members and a staff that should fix this kind of issues in a matter of hours if not minutes.

In the screenshot above you should read that is says Mobe.com is either expired or it's listed for sale. It would't say that if the site was simply down because of some error.

The main site is not the only one that is down, all the sites related to Mobe like Matt Lloy's blog or the affiliate support are down

Here the other domains that are also not working.

  • Mobe.tv
  • Homebusinesssummit.com
  • Mobemarketplace.com
  • AskMattLloyd.com

Has Mobe been shut down by the FTC?

At this moment even though the Mobe site has been down for 2 days, the fact that Mobe has been sued by FTC is complete speculation as there is no evidence or an official sentence that says otherwise.

Everyone is saying Mobe has been knocked out by the Federal Trade Commission because of what happened last few months to a very similar high ticket MLM called Digital Altitude.

This company has the same training as Mobe, they also sell high ticket items for their members to purchase and resell.

A lot of people have contacted Mobe for clarifications as many people are missing out on sales and referrals because of the site not working.

Mobe said that they are working on it.

mobe is not working
mobe sued

So far Mobe was NOT shut down by the FTC, but this post is going to be updated if anything happens.

In the meantime the top earners at Mobe Micheal Williams and Micheal Giannulis are leaving the company which strongly indicates that a possible FTC hammer is coming to hit Mobe.

I don't think the top dogs at Mobe that have made millions of dollars just last month would leave just for the sake of it.

Why MOBE Risks a Possbile FTC Knock down?

Mobe has been in hot waters many times, they are headquartered in Malaysia, they used to be located in Australia but they were banned because they are considered to be an illegal MLM scheme

Mobe is considered illegal in a country like the US because it works like a Pyramid scheme.

The only thing that differentiates Mobe from a total pyramid scheme is the fact they sell products.

That's true Mobe sells a lot of products that are very expensive but come with great training, you can learn more about Mobe products here.

But the reason why they might potentially get shutdown is because they kinda force their members to buy their products.

As soon as you join you have to invest $2,470 in silver mastermind which is the first out of the 5 products you have to invest in.

Mobe members do not buy the products because they like them but because they are obligated to buy them that's what puts Mobe at a high risk of getting knocked out.

So far they are headquartered in Malaysia to avoid any possible legal actions, but the FTC might either shut them down or stop the US, Canada, Australian traffic or any country where Mobe is considered illegal) 

If the FTC stops the target audience of Mobe from visiting their site, their business will be dead from day one.

That's why I have never recommended Mobe to anyone although they have good training and can help you build a business that is successful.

The Mobe Affiliates are VERY Unethical

The Affiliates, the people that represent and promote your company say a lot about who you are. But unfortunately the Mobe affiliates are the most unethical lying and deceptive.

Basically the they promote this program under other names.

They set up dodgy looking websites where they say you can make millions fast.

Here are some of the most deceptive websites that promote Mobe:

How Many Names Does Mobe Have?

It's crazy how many names Mobe have, they change their names very often to get away from the legal problems that they have done.

When they change their domain name they kind of escape from the legal persuings.

Here are the different names Mobe had:

  • MTTB
  • My Online Business Education
  • My Online Business Empire
  • My Own Business Education

Trust me there are more names out there of Mobe...

Mobe Crazy Prices & No Transparency

Mobe misleads people with an initial fee of $49 or $97, people when they get into Mobe they are sure that $94/$97 is all they have to pay, but only to find out that they have to invest $2,497 just for the first few modules of the training.

secret society of millionaires

This is definitely not honest, in fact a lot of people have suffered from their unethical advertising.

a person complaining about mobe

With that said, I really would not be surprised if the FTC takes them down.

What to Do Now?

If you're about to join Mobe, then I'd not recommend you to join such a risky business.

Mobe members have to spend thousands of dollars in order to get started, it's very risky to invest that much in a risky website like this.

If you're already promoting Mobe activately then you must have other income streams because this system can disappear anytime soon.

If the FTC closes down Mobe, all your referrals, commissions and business will burn in the first day.

That's why it's important to have different income streams.

If you need another income stream then I highly recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate, you can even try them for free so I don't need to tell you how amazing they are.

What do you think? Can the FTC Kill Mobe like they did with Digital Altitude?

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  • I have been reading so much about Mobe recently and wanted to understand the furour about it.

    I had not realised so many other sites were linked to to it until I read your post. If the top dogs are leaving then it will not be a sound Investment for anyone, shut down or not.
    I very nearly got caught up with Digital Altitude before discovering Wealthy Affiliate.
    It is sites like yours that help everyone considering large investments. So thank you for keeping us informed.


  • it is amazing to me that there are industry leaders being so deceitful.
    i found your article to be very interesting and informative. I personally have never heard of MOBE and glad that I haven’t.
    Your layout of the article in it’s construction seems to be very decisive and laid out for your audience to follow relatively easy.
    Thank You for your insight for those of us that are eagerly looking for a program that is honest, like WA. nicely done.
    Keep up the hard work.
    Only suggestion is to have some testimonials from former MOBE associates that have come to WA.

  • Its interesting to see that it took this long to shut MOBE down.

    I think when they sued Digital Altitude for copying their business they opened the FTC’s eyes to their own pyramid scheme.

    No sense paying $1,000’s when you can learn the same for a lot less money!

    Thankfully I never got sucked into this!

  • after reading so many negative reviews and seeing how high their price ticket was, I’m not surprised that line was shut down.

    It reminded me exactly of empower network wherenuou hoim a program buy some ridiculously peogram for thousands of dollars then try to resell that same program.

    I would much rather stick to a legitimate company that I can not only promote — but also has given me the training and tools to promote ANYTHING. I want.

  • Hi, I saw this the other on the news and wonder what was going on. I never thought highly about Mobe, always found them to be one of those make-money-quick marketers.

    Today is the 12th of June and I did a quick search to see if the site is still down ‘due to technical issue’. Here’s what it says on the screen;

    On Monday, June 4, 2018, the Federal Trade Commission, an agency of the United States of America (“FTC”), filed a civil lawsuit against the following persons and entities;

    MOBE Ltd., d/b/a MOBE, d/b/a My Online Business Education, d/b/a My Own Business Empire (Malaysia)
    MOBETraining Inc. (US)
    ….and the list goes on.

    Looks more like legal trouble to me…

  • Wow so sad to hear I was actually aiming to try MOBE in a near future, ah it let me with a sense of curiosity, glad that I started on Wealthy Affiliate, very unfortunate but that happened when they force you to buy their product at a ridiculous price and sooner later this eventually had to happen.

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