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My Dot Com Business Franchise – Paul Lynch’s Scam?

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By Anis

May 28, 2018

So is My Dot Com Business Franchise a scam?

It's crazy how many people are complaining about this product.

There are also people that love My Dot Com Business Franchise.

This review is going to tell you exactly what this is all about!

How much it costs? What they want to sell you and how it works!

Let's get into it 🙂

my dot come business franchise

My Dot Com Franchise Quick Review

If you're looking for honest My Dot Com Franchise reviews, then you have landed in the right website.

As I said there are many people that have decided to quit this program.

my dot com business franchise complaints

My Dot Com Franchise is a legit opportunity.

I mean you can make money from their teachings but...


In this review I will tell you things that Paul Lynch does not want you to know!

Just keep reading to learn the truth...

  • Name: My Dot Com Business Franchise
  • Website: mydotcombusiness/franchise/
  • Owner: Paul Lynch
  • Price: Lots of hidden costs!
  • Scam? No
  • Recommended? NO

What is My Dot Com Business Franchise?

My Dot Com Business Franchise is a program created by an affiliate marketer called Paul Lynch.

Paul claims that he he will give you a multi-million dollar business.

Which will make you money in day one!

my dot com business franchise sales page

My Dot Com Business Franchise - legit or HYPE?

As you can clearly read above Paul is literally promising you a shortcut to 5-6 figures in a few months.

Let me ask you a question

Do you think it is realistic to make a 7 figure success in a few months?

Maybe you can if you have some special skills that are in demand in the market.

But chances are you're a newbie, you don't have any internet marketing experience.

Come on let's be realistic here, you're a beginner how can you start earning a 7 figure income in a few months?

I've been doing internet marketing for like 2 years and I'm not even close to 7 figures.

I really hate programs like these, they make you so excited but at the end of the day they turn out to be a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT

I'm not saying My Dot Com Business Franchise is a scam but they are very deceptive!

The truth is My Dot Com Business Franchise is not even a real product...

This program has been created just for misleading you into buying the very expensive product called MOBE.

Mobe is crazy expensive & below I'm going to explain how My Dot Com Business Franchise & Mobe work.

I'd like like to mention that there are many programs that sell Mobe like My Dot Com Business Franchise. Here are some examples:

How Does My Dot Com Business Works?

My Dot Com Business Franchise is a website that has no training or any services.

It's just a page where Paul Lynch is trying to sell you My Online Business Education aka MTTB aka MOBE.

I don't think there is a problem with the fact they are selling you a different product.

The big problem is there is no transparency or honesty.

Why not tell people that you're selling them a product that costs up to $30,000?

 My Dot Com Business Franchise - Very Expensive!

My Dot Com Business Franchise will cost you $49 but only at the beginning.

Because then you will have to deal with a different product which is Mobe.

And they are CRAZY EXPENSIVE...

You need to invest $2,400 from day one.

Because Mobe teaches you how to buy & resell high ticket programs.

It's true that you can make thousands of dollars per sale.

But they forgot to mention you will need to buy the upsells mentioned below:

  • $2,449 = Silver Mastermind Training
  • $5,000 = Gold Masterclass
  • $10,000 = Titanium
  • $17,000 = Platinum
  • $30,000 = Diamond
passive paycheck system price
negative comment my dot com business franchise

Mobe is going to teach you how to buy the resell rights of each product mentioned above.

If you manage to sell a product you will earn a commission.

My Dot Com Business Franchise will be very happy if you buy those expensive products, because that's why they make money from naive newbies.

$400 per week on Paid Traffic!

In order to find clients that will buy your products you have to set up a budget of $400 per week.

That budget will be used to buy traffic from websites like Bing Ads and Google Adwords.

It's not a bad idea to buy traffic, but it's very expensive and there is no guarantee that you will make your money back.

That's why I recommend newbies to start getting traffic from the search Engines by using SEO.

Seo are techniques you can learn to attract free traffic from Google and other search engines to your website.

You're reading my My Dot Com Business Franchise review and I did not have to pay a penny to make you visit my site.

Currently over 1,000 visitors per day like you visit my site and I make a full-time income from this traffic.

I learned all of this from My #1 Rated Training for Beginners.

Can You Make Money on Day One?

Well that's just some advertisement hype because no one makes money in the first try.

It's also impossible to make 7 figures in a few months... Especially if you're new to online marketing!

However you can make money with My Dot Com Business Franchise and Mobe, because the latter will offer you training that works.

But in my opinion it's not logical to spend seven figures online in order to make money.

My Dot Com Business Franchise will send you at least on upsell every few weeks.

They will basically try to get as much money as possible from you.

This is just too much for the regular guys like you and me.

In addition to that the majority of Mobe members (62%) make less than $200 per month. 

Who is My Dot Com Business Franchise for?

This is for you if:

  • You can afford to spend $2,400 to $30,000 + $400 per week on traffic.
  • You have experience with online marketing
  • You have an email list or you know how to generate traffic.

If you meet the above requirements then I think My Dot Com Business Franchise is for you.

It's not a scam, you can build a successful online business if you follow what they teach.

On the other hand this system is not for you if.

  • You're a newbie to internet marketing
  • You're on a tight budget
  • You don't know how to drive traffic & convince people to buy My Dot Com Business Franchise.

If you're looking for an alternative to this product that actually works for you

then Give My Favourite Training a Try.

Pros & Cons



  • My Dot Come Business Franchise is a hypebeast
  • Unethical & deceptive
  • Expensive
  • not suitable for newbies
  • hidden costs & upsells
  • 0 honesty

Is My Dot Com Business Franchise a Scam?

No it's not a scam, because you can make money with this if you meet the requirement which Paul does not want you to know.

Mobe offers good training for their members.

There is a lot of hype and big income claims that are not true like the promise to make money in the first day or earn 7 figures in a few months.

I recommend you to join this product if you can afford it just remember it's going to take time to earn (just ignore the hype)

If you can't then there is an alternative that is way better in my opinion.

My Recommended Training can teach you how to build an online business.

You don't have to spend thousands and it comes with lots of help and support!

You can put your hands on it for free (NO CREDIT CARD)

It's Your Turn! What Do You Think?

What is your opinion about this program?

Do you also hate how they are not honest with their advertisement?

If you have purchased or tried this program make sure you share with us your experiences!

Also make sure you share this review to warn others by clicking on the social icons below!

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  • Is Paul in jail yet? His co-partner from MOBE has been shut down…now there are settlements coming to those who fell for it. I did somewhat only $1900.00 worth and My dot com thing I only spent a few hundred.

  • Well i would say that p lynch and my dot com business is a scam 100% the FTC are investigating his underhanded methods of connong people.
    if you buy a franchise that is for life, then after 18 months of using his methods to get traffic to your franchise site that you have paid for, because the program was so flooded initially by himself you get no new customers.
    although you are still ploughing money into ads and making videos you never see a new customer.then because your traffic dries up they MDCB then shut down your franchise.
    That is blatant theft and fraud.
    The whole mdcb franchise was set up on the back of MOBE who the FTC closed down owing millions.

    People like p lynch need to be brought to justice once and for all. if not i think that some one just may take the law into their own hands and i would not blame them.

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