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My Optimized Success Plan Review – AVOID!

Anis Founder of Fulltimehomebusiness.com

By Anis

June 4, 2018

my optimized success plan review

It's a good idea that you have clicked on My Optimized Success Plan review before you spend your money.

Smart move!

You're not going to be disappointed.

This review is going to give you NO BS answers and a real opportunity to work from home too!

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My Optimized Success Plan Intro Review

This morning I received an email in my inbox promoting My Optimized Success Plan.

That's why I decided to have a look at it.

I couldn't help but notice the income claims, My Optimized Success Plan wants to help you make money fast.

You don't have to work hard or waste time because this program is going to get you rich without even lifting a finger!

But should you believe their promises or this is an obvious scam?

My Optimized Success Plan is going to make you purchase another training.

They don't any training under their name.

This program they want you to buy is legitimate, however it's not for everyone.

Keep reading if you want to find out what's going on here.

If you are looking for a better option without wasting time have a look at my recommendation below.

  • Name: My Optimized Success Plan
  • Website: myoptimizedsuccessplan.com/myosplan
  • Price: $47 + $2,400 & more upsells.
  • Presented by: Jordan Daniels
  • Do I Recommend it? NO

What is My Optimized Success Plan?

My Optimized Success Plan is an old scam that has changed it's name, because their old name got exposed as a scam by lots of reviews online.

Let me explain.

My Optimized Success Plan used to be named Online Success Plan.

Since the latter has received a lot of negative reviews and complaints online the scam artist behind it (Jordan Daniels) has decided to create a variation of this scam with a slightly different name.

The new scam is called My Optimized Success Plan now.

Have a look below, so similar aren't they?

my optimized success plan scam
Online Success Plan

Online Success Plan has scammed lots of people therefore a lot of them started to realize its a scam and many reviews online have exposed this scam.

Below you will read some complaints about it posted by real members

my optimized success plan negative reviews

This person complains about $97 that she lost on Online Success Plan

my optimized success plan jordan daniels complaints

Jordan Daniels the owner of My Optimized Success Plan owns other scams

Jordan Daniels is the person that has created My Optimized Success plan

But after doing some research I realized that there are other scams that belong to him.

Here are some names of the scams that belong to Jordan Daniels!

  • My AE Success
  • Mo's Success Plan
  • Online Success Plan
  • Xtreme Profit Copier

These scams give you the same BS promises of getting a millionaire website and a brand new Mercedes Benz!

You can Learn more about Jordan Daniels scams here.

How Does My Optimized Success Plan Work?

Now let me tell you what this program is all about.

My Optimized Success Plan is not what it claims to be.

They are not a real product and they don't have a training under their name.

So what the hell it is?

They are a sales funnel website.

That means that they have studied a process where they can trick you that you can make money with them but in reality you're buying a product that has nothing to do with them.

In a few words, if you decide to buy My Optimized Success Plan, you're not going to buy any training or product related to the latter.

But you're sent to another website that offers it's own training which has nothing to do with My Optimized Success Plan.

This website is named Mobe, below I'm going to talk a little bit about it since it's the actual product sold here.

If you're tired of scams have a look at how you can make money below:

What is Mobe? Is it a Scam?

Mobe is what My Optimized Success Plan recommends you to buy and they make money by selling you the Mobe Training.

The latter is a high ticket Affiliate Marketing Training where you learn how to purchase the resell rights of the Mobe products and resell them.

Everytime you sell a Mobe product you will make a very generous commission ($1,500 to $10,000 per sale!)

However there is a catch with this system which My Optimized Success Plan fails to mention.

Mobe requires you to invest like crazy on their products and they are also expecting you to spend lots of money to buy traffic + lots of upsells and hidden costs.

Mobe is not a scam but it's not a cheap product, below I will shed more light on how much this is going to cost you.

I'm not going to make this review about Mobe if you want more info about it, I have already published a full review of it.

My Optimized Success Plan - How Much Does it Cost?

My Optimized Success Plan is advertised to cost only $97

However that's a flat lie because the cost is noticeably a lot higher than what is advertised.

Below in the screenshot you can see how much Mobe costs.

$97 is only to get you through the door.

If you don't have $2,497 + $27 per month to invest right in the beginning then you have no luck to get started with the training.

The first product you buy will make you 50% of commissions if you sell it, but if you want to increase your earnings you have to invest in the more expensive products.

Below you can see how expensive these high ticket products are

They even come with recurring fees!

Internet Funnel System Mobe real costs

SOURCE: https://s3.amazonaws.com/mobecompensation/MOBE-Compensation-Plan.pdf

The costs don't end here because if you want to sell the expensive products you have two options:

  • Buy traffic
  • Promote the Mobe products on your own.

Since you're a newbie and probably have no idea how to market the products you have bought you will be forced to buy traffic.

Needless to say how risky and expensive paid traffic is.

Mobe suggests you to spend $400 per week on traffic!

All these expenses are huge!

Guess what? Jordan Daniels and whoever runs My Optimized Success Plan is going to earn a nice paycheck off you!

The more money you spend on Mobe the more money will go to My Optimized Success Plan because they are the ones that referred you to spend all that cash.

If you don't want to spend all that money but still want to build a successful website then check out My #1 Rated Training for Newbies.

Pros & Cons


  • You can Make Money


  • You don't get any millionaire site

You will get a website, but it's not going to be a millionaire site.

Just think about it who would hand you out a millionaire site for $97?

  • The $500 for watching the video is a lie.

That's complete BS, there is no way that you can get $500 for watching the sales video.

my optimized success plan $500 guarantee

Thousands of people like you are going to watch it, do you think everyone is going to receive $500 after watching the video?

I don't think so.

  • Tricks you into buying Mobe.

My Optimized Success Plan wants you to buy the expensive Mobe and spend lots of money there.

The more you spend the more money they will make off you.

My Optimized Success Plan is a Mobe sales funnel like the Secret Society Of Millionaires, My Hidden Pages, $500 Cash Club, Wifi Millionaire and Cash in on that Passion

  • The owner is a con artist

The owner is a scammer and I have shared with you above the other scams this scam artist owns!

Is My Optimized Success Plan a Scam? Final Review

My Optimized Success Plan is a scam in my opinion because:

  • It's basically a copy of other scams
  • It tricks you into buying another product.
  • It's ridiculously expensive
  • Jordan Daniels (the owner) is behind other scams.
  • It's deceptive & full of BS and fake income claims.

Needless to say that I don't recommend My Optimized Success Plan to anyone.

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Your Turn & What do You Have to Say?

Do you think My Optimized Success Plan a good program or a scam?

Is there anything I have missed in this review?

Let us know what do you think in the comment box below!

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  • Thank you for the review. I know MOBE and I start seeing many affiliates who are using some tactics to promote it. I am not affiliate to MOBE but I know some affiliates, and some are doing fairly well, so I will stay neutral about it here.

    The only one thing I don’t get about this tactic is that if this program only refers to MOBE, why anyone wants to pay $2500 or so to My Optimized Success Plan in addition to MOBE? I really don’t get it… What do we get from this program with $2500, beside training from MOBE (which we have to pay separately)?

  • Man just watching the video and earning 500 dollars claim is just ridiculous. It is never easy to that earn this amount of money by just watching a video. When I read that I just laughed.
    However I want to buy an affiliate site and start one step ahead. Do you have an alternative?

    • Hi Furkan, I’m afraid I can’t help you with buying a website, I never went through the process of buying one. You can look it up on Google, I’m sure you will find some helpful articles.

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