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My Residual Profit Scam! [Reviewed]

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By Anis

March 17, 2018

My Residual Profit scam website ad

Is My Residual Profit a scam or legit? Before you buy into this program I invite you to read this very honest review

Don’t buy into My Residual Profit without learning more about it!

What is My Residual Profit?

My Residual Profit is one of the various work from home opportunities online that a lot of people have heard about over the years.

A lot of people are specifically drawn to this website because many of the specific work involved is so easy.

Processing emails is something that many people could practically do in their sleep, and this is supposedly what they will be able to do while working with My Residual Profit.

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The work from home opportunities that most people will try will tend to require them to put in a lot of time and effort.

With My Residual Profit, people will actually be able to process emails and perform a lot of other simple tasks, at least according to all of the associated claims.

This will automatically make the work opportunity appealing to a lot of people, although possibly not appealing enough for it to really work out, given the nature of the business model.

How Does My Residual Profit Work?

With My Residual Profit, people will potentially earn 25 dollars for every single email that they are able to process. They won’t make this amount of money every time, of course.

However, given the amount of time that it takes to process an email in the first place, it would be easy to make a lot of money using a business model like this one in theory. However, My Residual Profit is going to work out differently for a lot of people in practice.

People are essentially promoting the very business they’re working for when they are a part of My Residual Profit. They’re functioning as the marketing department for My Residual Profit.

This makes the business seem strangely circular.

They do not actually produce goods or provide services. They are just interested in offering this one opportunity, and it is clear that only so many people can have it.

Can You Make Money?

Some people will make a little money with My Residual Profit.

In order to make money, the links that people will share have to produce results. People who get other people to sign up with My Residual Profit through the links that they distribute will get 25 dollars.

In fact, they will get the 25 dollars that the other person sent in order to join in the first place.

People who recruit others into the program will get their recruitment fee.

Getting people to actually sign up for anything can be challenging. Many people are nervous about work opportunities like this. My Residual Profit is something that is going to look suspicious to a lot of people.

It’s also possible that a lot of the recruitment materials that people will send out are going to be blocked as spam these days.

This is only going to make it harder for anyone to successfully recruit additional people.

Is My Residual Profit a Scam?

There is a lot of debate and discussion about whether or not My Residual Profit is a scam.

It has its defenders who say that people are able to make money on My Residual Profit, and therefore it cannot be a scam. However, some scams are still capable of generating people a little bit of money.

The claim is that people will be able to earn all of their income with My Residual Profit.

This is clearly not the case. It’s possible that the people at the very top of the company are able to do so.

However, everyone else will struggle to earn almost any money at all with My Residual Profit.

The Scam Signs

The fact that people have to actually spend money in order to use My Residual Profit is a huge issue.

There are some legitimate business opportunities that require a small initial fee.

People need to pay 25 dollars initially to join My Residual Income, which is a relatively small fee.

However, having to pay money initially in order to use any service is rarely ideal.

People need to be confident that they can quickly earn enough money back if they’re already making an investment of sorts.

There are lots of scams similar to My Residual Income like

People are familiar with recruitment scams.

Anyone involved with a scam like this is not actually selling anything. Businesses have to make money through the distribution of goods and services.

They cannot make money just through entrance fees.

People who join the business won’t have anything to do other than try to bring in more people.

They will inevitably run out of them. Since everyone else is also trying to bring in more people, members of the ‘business’ will be competing for the same customers.

My Residual Profit has more in common with pyramid schemes than many of the work from home opportunities that have netted people real money.

It’s important for people to remember that not everyone can be the boss of a company.

Not everyone can be in the marketing department.

When customers become new sources of competition in a business, people will run out of opportunities to even make money.

A business like this can never last. Even leaving aside the issues of ethics involved with online businesses like this, they just don’t work.

Why I Don’t Recommend It

My Residual Profit might make people a little money.

However, at this point in time, too many people are already aware of it.

They’re not going to want to take part in it.

That means that people probably won’t even get their initial 25 dollars back.

Since a business like this can never last, there really is no reason for people to invest a lot of time and money in this.

People will easily face a lot of competition from the very people who they are trying to commute since it only takes 25 dollars to join.

That also means that people have to recruit a lot of individuals in order to make money.

They will run out of ‘customers’ at an accelerated rate.


My Residual Profit just isn’t worth it.

People ask: is my residual profit review a scam? The answer is that it is a scam.

It has all of the signs, and even if people are willing to take the risk, they’re still not going to make much money.

Not every My Residual Profit review will be negative, but that doesn’t mean that people should trust a system like this one.

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  • Anis, Sounds like the product is an email telling others how to use emails to make money. You are absolutely right….very circular. When there essentially is no product, it is essentially a scam. The fact that some make money is by no means a badge of legitimacy. Many made money in Ponzi schemes and bogus MLMs. Thanks for the reminder and the info.

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