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Myfreeshares Review: Is it Legit or Just Another Massive Scam?

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By Anis

December 1, 2016

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Myfreeshares is a site that allows you to earn money doing a lot of stuff but the question is, is it true that you can earn and get paid? In this post, I am going to walk you through this website and help you to decide whether it’s worth your time or not. 

The following are the topics of today’s article:

  • What is Myfreeshares?
  • Pricing
  • How Can You Make Money with Them?
  • Who is Myfreeshares for?
  • The Good and Bad
  • My Final Opinion 
  • A Better Alternative



Name: Myfreeshares

Website: Myfreeshares.comthisisthemyfreeshares.comlogo

Price: FREE/Paid Membership.

Owner: Multimoneygroup

Overall Rank: 4 out of 10



What is Myfreeshares?


Myfreeshares is a website where you can earn money clicking on ads, reading emails and other stuff like that, this is a legit site unlike others I have recently reviewed which you probably want to ignore, other sites like Bux Inc and PTC Bank are similar to the site we are reviewing right now the only difference is they are scams.

Myfreeshares has paid out their members on time, the payments are very low but they do pay at least.

You can earn cash in various ways (we will talk about that later) and cash out when you earn $10.

They have different payment methods like Payza and Paypal, you can receive your payment 14 days after requesting it.




Well the website is free to join, but they have memberships that are supposed to increase your earnings, they say if you upgrade you will get some benefits like random referrals, for instance when someone registers on their website without being referred by anyone, this person could end up in your downline.

Other benefits of the memberships are more ads and shares

They have three membership levels that are the following:


  • Bronze membership: Costs $10/month or $100/year + two free months.
  • Silver Membership: $25/month or $250/year + two free months.
  • Gold Membership: $50/month or $500/year + two free months.


I wouldn’t really recommend you to buy any membership most of the time you won’t even earn the half of what you paid.

If you go check their payments proof page you will see that the average user withdraws only $10 per month.

You can stay as a free member and get your friends to join under you.

That could be way better as you are not spending any money and under no pressure. 😉

Let’s jump to the other topic which is how can you earn with them!


How to Earn Money With Myfreeshares?


Just for clarity purposes, this website does pay its members. Unfortunately, you won’t make much money as the payments are very low.

You can earn cash and shares that you can withdraw or redeem for advertising services, and these are the ways in which you can make cash and shares.

1) Reading Emails


You can receive paid emails in your inbox to read every email you will earn something like $00.2, as a free member you won’t receive many emails.

The payment for reading emails is very small, but it’s not a fatiguing task.

2) Paid to Click 


You can earn $0.05 per every ad you click; they also have a contest where you can participate and have a chance to win 10 cents and shares

As a free member, you don’t have many clicking opportunities and the possibilities of reaching the $10 cashout are minimal.

3) Paid to Sign up 


You also have the opportunity to earn shares for signing up on other websites.

There are some sites where you need to purchase to earn shares if you do buy an offer you will earn 1400 shares.


4) Refer People


Myfreeshares like any other program gives you the possibility to refer your friends and earn a percentage of their earnings

Here’s how it works:




Who is Myfreeshares for?


Myfreeshares obviously is a site like most PTC sites, with these programs you can’t make much money, programs like this are good for people that just want to spend some time online earning $10 every two months.

If you want to make serious money there are many other ways that are better; I am going to show you a great alternative later in this article.


Myfreeshares: The Good & Bad


Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this program:

The Good

  • Legit and payments are on time.
  • It’s been online for 10 years.
  • Multiple payment methods


The Bad 

  • Very low payments
  • Limited offers for free members
  • Cheaply and ugly looking site.
  • No place where you can ask for support
  • Payments proof page looks fake.
  • Advertisers won’t get the traffic they pay for, as members on Myfreeshares just want to click and earn.



My Final Opinion of Myfreeshares & an Alternative


This site is no scam, but you can’t expect to make good money

If you want to make a living online from your passion I recommend you to read my #1 Recommendation

The best thing about my recommendation is I will personally be there to help you every day with every question you have.

I will assist you until you create an online business that makes money, promise! the best part is you can:

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If you have any type of question feel free to drop a comment below! and don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you like it!

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  • eek! Once again a waste of time. It is so hard to find legit opportunities! I don’t think I will be wasting my time with this one. Thanks for posting such good reviews, and keeping me away from the scams. I look forward to reading your future reviews!

  • This doesn’t sound very good at all! I have actually tried website similar to this where you click adds for $0.04 which I think is a big waste of time! I still can’t understand why people would want to use programs like this! At least it isn’t a scam though! 🙂

  • Thanks for the info Anis. It’s cool that they’re legit but sucks that the pay out is low. And I looked at the site and you’re right, it is ugly. All of that red lol
    I checked out the ones that have been paid (in their ‘been paid’ tab) and they have only paid out a total of $147,745.45 since September of 2013 at the time of this comment. Guess I won’t get rich through them.

  • Well, at least it’s legit and paying, after all they would not have survived the last 10 years if it wasn’t so. There are many such services around and in my opinion they are all rather bad for making any serious amounts of money. Just the thought you need to get more stuff to click on…kinda makes my skin crawl.

  • Good to know! Just because you can’t make much money doesn’t mean it’s a scam. Excellent point! I love learning about all of the opportunities online! Thanks! Joy

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