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One Hour Translation Review: Can You Really Earn $30/Hour?

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By Anis

March 30, 2018

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One Hour Translation

This is a One Hour Translation Review; OHT is an online translation service that pays you to translate, can you EARN money translating online with them? Is it worth your time?

Did you hear about One Hour translation and want to make sure if its worth it?

In this review, I am going to cover everything you need to know about it, and I am also going to show you what other people say.

Without wasting time lets get started

Name: One Hour TranslationOne Hour Translation Review


Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

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What is One Hour Translation?

OHT is an online translation service that offers quality translations within an hour, the company it’s legit and paying and it’s been there since 2008.

I did not know about this site until I met one guy after a short conversation we found ourselves talking about making money online.

I was surprised to speak about that subject with an offline friend. Usually, when I bring the make money online subject my friends don’t get it.

This guy told me that he makes money translating texts to different languages online, I asked him where then he mentioned one hour translation.

After doing research on Google, I found out that is a legit site and nowhere am I am writing a review about it because I think if you know at least two languages it could be an excellent way to make a living online 🙂

If you have texts that need to be translated, it might be a good option for you too.


How Does it Work? 

It’s easy to get started; you need to register as a translator, fill out all the required fields, add the languages you speak and upload your CV.

Make sure you upload a good profile picture. As people will look at your profile before ordering any of your services.

To be a verified translator you must choose a payment method; you can get paid by Paypal or have them to mail you a free Payoneer One Hour Translation Master card.

Once you decide how you want to get paid and your card or Paypal gets approved, then you will become a Verified translator.

The verified translator status is not enough to get to work.

Since you have mentioned you speak some particular languages you need to prove that you are actually good at them.

If you show that you really speak those languages, then you will become a certified translator.

To become a certified translator you will have to pass a 60 minutes test; they usually give you a text that you need to translate from a language to another.

Let’s say that you have mentioned you speak Italian and English, in the translation exam you will have to translate a text from Italian to English and vice versa.

After you pass it, then you can upload your language certificates if you have any.

Once you become a certified translator, you get paid 11 cents per word.

They have different badges that you can earn.One Hour Translation badges

For instance, there’s the Bronze translator badge that you can reach if you translate at least 10,000 words.

While the silver and gold badges differ on many parameters like votes likes, the feedback received and more.

Apparently, the translators holding the gold badge, receive more offers and earn more.

One Hour Translation Support and Tools

They have a great support team; that really helps you when you send them a ticket.

One Hour Translation what other people say

They have many tools that will make your translation process easier.

One of the best features of One hour translation is their community, there you will get a lot of support, you can share your thoughts and experiences with other members.

And also grow as a translator.

What do other People Say

Well, there are many happy users there, I have also read a fair amount of one hour translation complaints, but the company remains legit and paying.

One Hour Translation complaints

If you want to read more opinions click here

The Good & Bad

These are the pros and cons of One Hour Translation.

The Good

  • Legit and paying site.
  • Fast Payments via Paypal or Payoneer.
  • Free Payoneer Master Card Delivered to your house.
  • Good Payments
  • Great and helpful community
  • Good support
  • Useful tools

The Bad

  • The site is called one hour translation, some translators take like 48 hours to finish the work. The users are not happy with that, as the service promises that the work will be completed within an hour.
  • It’s good to have the members take a 60 minutes exam to make sure they are good translators, but some members received low-quality translations.
  • While some translators are serious and offer value some other translators offer nothing good and OHT needs to do something.

One hour Translation Review: Final Opinion

One Hour Translation is a good and paying site, if you want to order something there you need to be careful and make sure you order services from translators with gold or silver badges.

If you want to work with them, make sure you do your best and work hard to make the clients happy, this will result in lots of offers, therefore better badges and a steady income.

If you want to become a translator on One Hour translation here is a person to take as an example 😀

You can definitely make $30 per hour if you work hard, your earnings basically will depend on how good your services are.

This site is really good.

JOIN One Hour Translation TODAY!

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Do you have any experiences with One Hour Translation? Please share with us your thoughts

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  • Thank you so much for sharing this detailed review. That's really useful for me as for beginner translator. I will definitely use your tips to earn some extra money. I hope that you will continue sharing this type of content.

  • I am a bilingual (also a doctoral student trying to make ends meet) and they do not pay as quickly as they say they do. I think there is a 2 month gap cos when i put through my credit conversion request in April, it said i would get it end of May.

    Am I missing something?

  • Hey Anis, do you know how long the certification process takes because I’ve been verified for a couple weeks to a month and I’ve taken the 30 minute exams but I havent heard anything back from them.

    • Hi Cayla, One Hour Translation on their site say that certification process may be delayed, to prevent flooding, they also may limit the number of translators as they have many

      If you’re a translator on the following languages pair (below) your process will be delayed 100%
      English to Spanish
      English to Turkish
      English to Portuguese (Brazil)
      English to Arabic
      Hope this helps!

  • What if you have been certified and you have even handled some projects but your profile details is not 100% full like you haven’t uploaded your CV as well as ur profile photo, will you be paid for the projects you have done as well as the ones you are making right away? Plz answer!!

  • Hi Anis 🙂

    I’m Alice and I work at One Hour Translation.

    I’m glad you had a nice experience in working with us, however, there are a few things I may add:
    1. You need to be a native speaker of the target language and be certified as a translator for it:
    2. Our site is now giving customers a 24-hour notice until a project begins, as there are factors outside of our control that influence the start time of a project: translator availability, working hours in their countries of residence and number of projects opened in the same language pair etc.
    3. Also, kindly note that our brand name isn’t a promise to deliver any translation project in one hour; as explained above, there are many factors to consider.

    I hope this was of help, please let us know if you have any other concerns/questions and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, my review was based in many opinions, people really think that the site delivers in one hour nevertheless some members had to wait for than 48 hours.

      But nobody is perfect and your service is great, so your comment so people will read it, I will also update my post.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Hello Anis,

    I never knew about this site until I read your post. I had worked with mturk but they pay very less. If OHT is paying 11 cents per word then it is a very good deal. I can take that up. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  • Thats what i love about Wa you learn something new every day i never knew about a one hour translator on line a normal offline translator charges £££ a day and its take ages to arrange a booking so this is something i would look at using if i ever need a translator good info

  • A good friend of mine, who is a stay at home mum, is using this site to find translator gigs. She fluently speaks and writes 5 languages, works really fast and normally gets around 3000USD worth translator work per month.
    I would say if you are multilingual, this site can give you a nice side income!

  • Sounds like a good site! I don’t know if I’d make any money off it as I am only fluent in English and Gaelic (there’s not much call for the latter). I do know a bit of German however (8 years studying it) so I might check this one again. Great article Anis! The review examples are a good idea – I’d trust this site. Not as much as I trust your opinions though! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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