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Online Flex Job – What a Scam! [Full Review]

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May 20, 2018

online flex job scam - this is the homepage of online flex job

Online Flex Job hompage

Wondering if Online Flex Job is a scam or legitimate? 

Lots of scammers online are waiting for you by promising you easy riches, unfortunately it's not always easy to spot a scam!

If you want to find out the real truth and learn how to earn the HONEST way you want to read this full honest review that says the truth!

Online Flex Job Scam - Quick Overview

Online Flex Job claims that you can earn an incredible $800 every single week but is it true or just complete BS that is planning to just scam you?

Don't worry because my Online Flex Job review includes all the golden information you need to know.

 I will also suggest how you can build a full time income from home!

  • Name: Online Flex Job
  • Website: (net)
  • Price: Free but with hidden costs
  • Owner: Anonymous
  • Launch Date: March 2015
  • Recommended?: No

What is Online Flex Job?

Online flex Job is a website who claims that they create online flexible jobs for individuals looking for a flexible career.

They claim that they work with fortune 500 companies, which means you won't have issues finding a job very soon and start making real money!

There seems to be many processing jobs, but honestly I had a hard time when I was trying to learn what you're going to be processing, they just give you some vague information about how good they are and how easy you could start earning!

But After Having a closer look at Online Flex Job, I knew what is all about and what they are planning to do to scam you!

Before I get into how they want to scam you, I'd like to mention the fact that there are many cookie cutter sites that have similar names to Online Flex Job.

Here are some examples:

How Does the Online Flex Job Scam Works?

Everything will start to scream scam as soon as you want to submit your application to be reviewed.

Normally when you submit your application for any job, you should wait a few business days until you receive a response and see wether you're approved or not.

The problem with Online Flex Job is they are trying to fool you with that application form, because it's fake.

When you fill out the job application form, you will be redirected to join an email list, then you will start receiving some emails with stuff you need to buy.

That's how Online Flex Job wants to make money off you, they just want your email address so they will send you to sites that will make them money once you join them!

online job flex scam review - job application form
Online Flex Jobs only wants you to join ther email list

As you can see above when you complete the Job application form, you will read GetResponse which is an email autoresponder.

This shows that Online Flex Job are planning to send you some preset email messages that contain links to sites, when you join those they get paid.

Online Flex Job - The Antivirus Scam!

After you complete the job application form the next steps are to buy and install some antivirus on your computer.

I can't believe they are asking you to download an antivirus.

Any legitimate company that wants security for their employees should have something like a business licence of the antivirus or any software they need.

Online Flex Job antivirus

When you hover your mouse over the blue "Get Your Software" button you should see a link that starts with

As soon as I saw that link I was like where did I see that link? 

Well, I am a member of a CPA (Cost per Action) network called Maxbounty, I personally make passive income from this company, they are legit and pay on time.

Maxbounty pays you to promote their products, you will earn commissions if you bring in people to their products, they are a CPA network it means you get paid to make other people take action (when they buy or just sign up for other websites, you get paid)

The thing is Online Flex Job wants you to buy that Antivirus from Maxbounty, not for security reasons but because they are going to earn some easy commissions.

Online Flex Job is expecting a lot of people to buy that antivirus for $25 and that's exactly what they want, they want to fool people into buying an antivirus just to earn some quick buck!

They even say that you're going to get a free reimbursement but I can assure you that you're not getting it because Online Flex Job are expecting to earn more from you by sending you emails with more CPA offers!

Online Flex Job Has Paid their Testimonials!

Remember the job application form? Right beside it there are 3 Youtube videos, those are testimonials that are saying good things about Online Flex Job.

Testimonials are really powerful when it comes to giving credibility that's why they are right next to the job application form.

When you see those testimionals you think that the program is legitimate and you must try it.

Does online flex job work? youtube testimonials

Unfortunately those testimonials have been paid to say all the good words about Online Flex Job

As you can see on the screenshot it says that some testimonials for may be provided by paid affiliates.

You can find that sentence if you go the online flex Job terms & conditions page. 

Online Flex Job has paid affiliates to do testimonials


If you watch those paid testimonials on Youtube, it looks like the testimonials are the ones that manage the Online Flex Job Youtube channel.

As you can see on the screenshot, in the description of the video you will find the words written by the testimonial.

That's definitely doesn't sound right, and I don't think you should work with a company that pays fake testimonials to say good things about them, that's clearly a red flag!

online flex job paid testimonials

Negative Online Flex Job Reviews

I have noticed that there are some Online Flex Job reviews made by actual members.

However I  have noticed that the reviews as soon as they pop up they get deleted, but at this moment there are some Online Flex Job reviews that you can read at site called Glassdoor.

As you can see on the screenshot, the person says that Online Flex Job is only after earning that $25.

$25 by the way is the cost of that anti-virus that you need to buy.

online flex job scam reviews


Is Online Flex Job a Scam? Hell Yes!

Online Flex Job is nothing but a clear scam, they don't care about you but only about making money off you.

Their job application form is fake because it's actually an email optin form where you have to put in your email address so they start selling your random products.

They want you to buy an antivirus from Maxbounty, because they will earn lots of money when people buy that antivirus.

They even have fake paid testimonials to fool you into believing that they are a legit company.

But in my opinion any company that has to pay testimonials to say good things is fake, infact I have reviewed a lot of scams like Money Sucking Website System , Secret Society of Millionaires and Fast Earners Club that use fake paid testimonials.

There are lots of legit work from home companies that actually pay, but if you need a reliable way to earn an honest income just keep reading below.

You Need to Learn How to Earn Online!

The truth about making money online is you need some experience to earn, you just can't start making money doing nothing or doing some simple stuff.

For example a mechanic needs to be good at repairing cars in order to make a living, he can't be a mechanic without having the required skills.

The same principle applies to working from home, you need to have the right skills.

If you're a newbie and have no idea where to get started then I recommend you to have a look at My Top Ranked Training for Beginners

It's going to teach you how to make money online by starting a website about your passion, it's a great training to learn how to start a simple profitable online business!

I have personally used that training and now I am making a full time income from home! You can too!

I hope my review has helped you see what a scam Online Flex Job is.

Please don't hesitate to share this review around so you help your friends avoid this scam too.

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  • i just read another review about this company, and it came to the same conclusion. Though yours did go more in depth than the other one. Thanks for the review.

    What was the antivirus they wanted you to buy? Was it a well-known brand? Just curious. I guess I won’t be looking into them any time soon.

  • Online Flex Job has red flags coming out all over! I can’t believe how many of these scams are out there and desperate or very naive people continue to fall for these fake opportunities. I wish there was a way they could be regulated but the internet is the land of the Wild West. Of the programs you mention that actually teach and show people how to earn money on the internet, the only one I’m familiar with is Wealthy Affiliate and I can vouch for them too. They’re the real deal not a pie in the sky.

    • Hi Lynn, yes it’s sad that these scams can almost do whatever they want with people online, hopefully people will start reading more reviews online before they spend their hard earned cash on scams.

      Thanks for commenting on my Online Flex Job review Lynn!

      Wish you a great day!


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