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5 Great Part-Time Online Jobs for College Students!

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March 24, 2018

5 best part time online jobs for college students

Are you a college student? Are you looking for part time online jobs for college students to make extra money? This post is for you!

As a college student, you will find yourself with lots of expenses! You probably pay for rent, buy books, food, tuition… These are a lot of expenses.

You probably have lots of expenses to cover or you just want to make extra cash to buy things you like.

Either way, this post is going to show you 5 Amazing Online Jobs that you can do part time, you can make some good money if you pay attention and follow the tips on this post.

Note that I’m a university student and I am making a full time income from home!

You can too! Learn how below!

I Make a Full Time Income from Home as a University Student!

I was a broke college student, I was looking for online jobs like you, but I have managed to make a full time income from home!

LEARN HOW!Quick NavigationI Make a Full Time Income from Home as a University Student!1) Create a Blog Around Your Passion!2) Online Tutoring JobsI Make a Full Time Income from Home as a University Student!3) Get Paid to Write Articles Online4) Get Paid to Test other Websites5) Do Online SurveysMake Money from Your Passion as a College Student?

5 Best Part-Time Online Jobs to Earn Money for College Students

5 Amazing Part-Time Online Jobs to Earn Money from Home for College Students!

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1) Create a Blog Around Your Passion!

If you’re a college student and you want a VERY profitable online job that you can do from home, then you may want to start a blog around your passion!

This is exactly how I work from home and make a full time income, I have started this blog you’re reading right now less than two years ago, I used to fall for make money online scams, in fact I have bought into lots money scams.

I started this blog because I want to help newbies avoid online scams and find legit ways to earn money online


It’s my passion to help newbies avoid those shady online scams

You can make money with a blog using your passion

Any passion can be a full time income from home!

For example if you’re passionate about basketball shoes, you can start a blog about them and start promoting Amazon products related to basketball shoes

People love and trust Amazon, and you can build a full time income from home with a blog that promotes Amazon products.

Here’s How You Can Make Money with a blog (Step by Step)

Quick Tip!

There are thousands and thousands of ways to earn money online

But I can assure you that blogging is the most profitable one

You can do it part time and make lots of money, just remember it takes dedication and hard work.

If you want an honest advice and if I were you, I’d start a blog and ignore any money making opportunity out there.

Blogging is the best!

2) Online Tutoring Jobs

online tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the most reliable ways for college students to earn extra cash online.

Online tutoring has become very popular lately thanks to the internet, it’s a flexible online job and in high demand!

You can earn around $10 to $30 per hour tutoring online about things you have great knowledge about.

There are a lot of great sites where you could do online tutoring some of the best include:


You can read this post, for more online tutoring jobs for college students!

I Make a Full Time Income from Home as a University Student!

I was a broke college student, I was looking for online jobs like you, but I have managed to make a full time income from home!


3) Get Paid to Write Articles Online

Writing is one of the best ways to earn from home, I recommend this money making method to anyone.

Especially to college students that could use some fast extra cash.

You can write about topics that you like and get paid for each article you write

get paid to write

You don’t need to be James Patterson in order to make money writing online so don’t worry.

There are a lot of great freelance writing jobs that you can check out

You can earn anywhere from $10 to $100 per post!

It all depends on how well you can write!

If you want to get started check out these 5 Ways to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Quick Tip!

Writing Articles is one the best best ways to earn money online

It’s reliable and very profitable

However, in order to make money you need to be able to provide articles that webmasters actually want.

I recommend  starting a website where you write articles for yourself, this way you will learn how writing online works and make money along the way!

If you need help, check out This Legitimate Training for Starting a Successful Website

4) Get Paid to Test other Websites

Another great way for high school students to earn on the internet without any experience requirement is testing websites.

Webmasters need to make sure their websites are fully functional and responsive in order to be profitable.

Obviously they can’t figure that out by themselves, that’s why they need the opinion of other people.

That’s where usability testing sites come in.

Usability testing sites connect people like you with webmasters that need opinions about their sites.

The good news is you as a college student all you have to do is:

  • Record your screen (the usability test site will provide you that)
  • Talk and say what you like and what you did not like about the website you’re reviewing

Here are some great usabilty test websites for college students

  • UserTesting
  • Whatusersdo
  • Enroll
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk

5) Do Online Surveys

Paid surveys are another investment free site for college students to earn money online

Here are some benefits of taking online surveys:

  • They are completely free
  • They require no experience
  • They are easy to complete
  • Get paid in cash

Online surveys are great and can make you some good cash every month, but you need to know that they are not going to make you rich.

Paid surveys can earn you an extra $100 or $150 per month.

That’s a realistic income you can target with surveys, anyone telling you can earn a lot more than that with surveys is probably a scammer.

If you want to start making money with surveys, here’s a list that will get you busy!

5 Free High Paying Surveys that Actually Pay!

Final Words

These 5 online jobs for college students are an amazing way to earn extra income. The best part is you don’t need any experience or investment.

What I recommend you do is picking up one online job and focus on it

You definitely don’t want to try every single online job you come across, this will only waste you time, I have tried this first hand, I was addicted to looking for new online jobs and never wanted to stick with one.

When I focused on one method I finally managed to make a living online!

Make Money from Your Passion as a College Student?

If you are a college student and want to make a full time income from home using your passion, I invite you to check out my recommended training for newbies that want to start a profitable website using their passion!

 Click to Learn More!

I hope you have found this post useful, it wasn’t easy to put it together to be honest.

If you have any online job you want to add to this list, feel free to drop comments below

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Thanks for the support!

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  • A very useful articles for students and anyone that wants to earn some extra cash.I really like the idea of writing article for other people and getting paid for it. Tutoring could also be a good option.

    I am not a student but I am sure that I could use my experience n other fields to earn an income in this manner.

  • Great article. Tuition is so expensive now, and it’s such a shame that so many young people get themselves into debt they’ll never be able to pay back when they could be taking proactive steps to pay for their education in the ways you describe here. Obviously it’s not feasible to spend every waking moment working and studying, so the advice you provide here will be very useful to any college student looking to earn a little extra.

    • Hi Jack, I’m a student and I know the struggle of a student very well, I managed to build a full time income from home and I am so grateful for that! The good news is anyone can do the same as long they want to work hard.



  • Those are some great ways to make money on the side for students or anyone else looking for some extra cash.

    I was unaware of sites that pay you to test out websites. I’ve been paid before from Odesk by the owner to test out their site, but I was unaware you could do it for webmasters. That’s a great suggestion for anyone who loves spending time online reading articles. Do yo know how much they generally pay?

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