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Is PayPal Money Adder a Scam? (Get Your PayPal & Money Hijacked?!!)

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May 18, 2019

Paypal Money Adder Review!, Paypal Money Adder Reviews
Paypal Money Adder Scam - free money generator

Paypal Money Adder - Free Money or Scam?

Did you just hear about the Paypal Money Adder and you're wondering if it's a scam or a real free money generator?

Paypal Money Adder looks like a cool, free way to add some easy cash to your Paypal account, but does it really work or it's a total BS?

There are other tools like Paypal Money Adder out there like NewPaypalHack so this review is going in to shed some light and why you should avoid all this stuff for good!

Paypal Money Adder Summary Review

Name: Paypal Money Adder

Website: (there are many variations)

Founder: Unknown

Recommended? No

Is Paypal Money Adder a Scam or Legit? new paypal hack

What is Money Paypal Adder?

Paypal Money Adder aka Paypal Money Generator is a tool that claims it can generate for you easy free money that you can add to your Paypal account with a few clicks of button.

This tool claims that it's going to hack PayPal, they have done all the hard work.

All you have to do is enter the email address where you want to receive the money on or you can download a free software on your computer or even on your Android smartphone.

But before you receive your money you need to complete a survey offer, there are many surveys you can choose from.

Here's how a typical Paypal Money Adder survey looks like:

Paypal Money Adder Scam- paid survey

Paypal Money Adder Survey

If you complete the survey, the requested free Paypal money will be sent to your PayPal, that's what Paypal Money Adder Claims!

But does it work or it's a total scam?

Let's find out the truth!

Does Paypal Money Adder Work?

Unfortunately, Paypal Money Adder does not work, it's a scam, because they are not going to send you any money. 

By using this tool you're putting yourself in a big risk because your identity is at risk with this tool!

Here's how Paypal Money Adder works according to them:

  • Enter your PayPal email address
  • download a software on your computer 
  • Or you can use your Android phone by installing the Paypal Money Adder app
  • Complete the human verification process
  • enter the amount of money you want to generate
  • complete some paid surveys
  • Click the generate button to send money to your Paypal

This tool wants you to add your Paypal email address and install a questionable software on your site, that's really dangerous and can open cans of worms.

Free PaypalMoney? There is No Such Thing as That!

You need to always remember if something is too good to be true, it is, and if someone is giving you something for free there must be a catch.

That's definitely the case with Free Paypal Money Adder, Paypal Money Generator or any tool that promises free money!

Below I'm going to explain why this is a scam and how they are going to make money off you by fooling you into believing you can earn free money.

Anis Chity

Hey I'm Anis!

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Can You Earn with PayPal Money Adder?

I can guarantee you Paypal Money Adder is not going to make you any money, when you give them your email address or download those bogus softwares you will be risking a lot.

The creators of Paypal Money Adder are the one who are going to make money off people who use their tool.

The idea of this tool is to fool you into believing you can earn free money while their real intention is to get you to complete the surveys!

Here is How Paypal Money Adder wants to Scam You!

Paypal Money Adder wants you to:

  • Download the free Software on your PC
  • Take Surveys, Play games or complete offers (this is how Paypal Money Adder makes money!)

Paypal Money Adder is nothing but a scam! Don't fall for it!

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Anis chity

Hey I'm Anis!

I Send $3k to My PayPal Account Every Month!

When you download the program to your computer which is obviously not trustworthy you may regret it because it may damage your computer by spreading viruses.

Or even worse it might hack your personal information or use your identity to do illegal stuff online which might get you in trouble.

Regarding the surveys, Paypal Money Adder wants you to complete some offers, sometimes they get you to play some games or complete offers that ask for your bank account.

Whenever you take a survey or an offer they make money.

The idea of Paypal Money Adder is to make as many people as possible complete surveys so they can earn easy money while you do the work!

In a few words, Paypal Cash Adder is a scam, to stay safe from Paypal Scams read this post about the Common Paypal Scams

I have put together a guide where I show you how to steer clear of any online scams!

PayPal Money Adder is a Scam...

I hope this review has helped you understand what Paypal Money Adder is actually is, a total scam that is only going to harm you.

This program is illegal, if you use it it might get you in trouble.

You should never download unknown software on your computer because this is going to only damage it and steal your identity.

Giving your sensitive information to sites like this is foolish, because these scammers are going to sell your personal information.

Therefore you will start receiving lots of annoying spam calls and email offers.

They get you to complete surveys or play video games just to earn money while you're working for them.

I believe PayPal Money Adder is a scam, I don't recommend to download their software, install their mobile app or complete any of their surveys.

If you want to earn real honest money, I recommend you to read the report below.

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  • Thanks for the review. You’re right that software is 100% scam.
    Tested Paypal Money Adder 2 months ago on a virtual machine and it is full of malware.
    Be aware guys!

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